15 car interior parts: Basic parts inside your car

Numerous products are included in car interior parts, as well as the interior accessories for Chevy, Mopar, and Ford trucks. The steering wheel, automobile seat, carpet, headliner, door panels, dashboard, and electrical components are typical interior car parts. The majority of these components can be updated by adding tactical seat covers, current gauges, custom LED lighting options, and gadgets to improve the interior of your car or make driving more pleasurable.

In this article, I’ll be discussing the 15 basic parts inside your car, that is, your car’s interior parts.

car interior parts

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Parts of car interior

The followings are the basic parts of your car interior and their diagram:

  • Floor Carpet
  • Hardwood Floor
  • Tibia Pad
  • Headliner
  • Door Trim
  • Door Opening Trim
  • Door Weather Strip
  • Scuff Plate Ornament
  • Injection Molded Baffle
  • Assist Grip
  • Sun Visor
  • Seat Fabric
  • Tonneau Cover
  • Luggage Trim
  • Rear Shelf
  • Tool Box
  • Box for Under Floor Storage
  • Dashboard Silencer


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Floor Carpet

Moreover, dirt from our shoes may accumulate inside of the vehicle, leading to an unsanitary environment and unpleasant odor. One can avoid interior dust and water gathering by installing quality flooring.

Hardwood Floor

a flooring product that was made by substituting hardwood for traditional carpeting. This product is successful in bringing home comforts to the cabin.

Tibia Pad

This polystyrene resin product is put in place between the carpet and the vehicle floor. The product functions as an energy-absorbing body during a collision to lessen the force felt by the vehicle occupants’ legs. Some tibial pads now additionally feature noise reduction and absorption capabilities.


A headliner is a cover used to protect a car’s ceiling. This component (of a vehicle) has recently been modularized and outfitted with a variety of features.

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Door Trim

an internal element that fastens to the door’s interior. This item does more than just make the interior of the car seem better. Instead, it is a crucial module part that provides a wealth of amenities and features to make the interior more pleasant.

Door Opening Trim

This item has several purposes, including improving appearance, sealing the interior, and shock absorption, and is affixed to the outside of the car body at the door region.

Door Weather Strip

This product stops rainwater from entering when the window is rolled up and down and is connected to both sides of the door window (the photo on the left shows a strip for the inside). Additionally, it stops the window from vibrating while you’re driving.

Scuff Plate Ornament

a plastic molding that protects the step area’s steel plating. This part’s design has evolved in recent years and now includes elements like vehicle name illumination.

Injection Molded Baffle

The foam material is used to fill pillars and other hollow spaces in vehicles to absorb sound and make the interior quieter.

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Assist Grip

This equipment, which is attached to locations other than the driver’s seat, assists passengers by providing a handhold when getting in and out of the car and during jolts.

Sun Visor

In recent years, certain items have included the capacity to absorb noise in addition to their typical use as sun visors. This contributes to the calm interior of the car.

Seat Fabric

Your car’s fabric seats are typically made of nylon or polyester. Nylon is widely used because it is strong and affordable and has a fabric-like appearance. If you have children or animals that can be tough on a car inside, this is excellent news.

Tonneau Cover

You can prevent low gas mileage, misplaced or damaged cargo, and theft with a tonneau cover. Additionally, it will safeguard your truck’s bed and aid in avoiding significant harm that would necessitate repairs. However, the bed will hold up far better when you sell your truck than it would if it were uncovered.

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Luggage Trim

A cover for the sides of the luggage area.

Rear Shelf

a tray that is typically located in passenger vehicles between the back seats and the back windshield. In rare instances, the tray is equipped with audio speakers.

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Tool Box

Toolbox made of molded plastic that effectively utilizes the space on the sides of the luggage compartment.

Box for Under Floor Storage

The space beneath the luggage mat was prepared with a plastic storage box that had been formed. The box serves as a cover for the spare tire in addition to carrying tools and other minor goods.

Dashboard Silencer

Between the dashboard and the body’s steel plate, this item is mounted. It performs functions like vibration mitigation, heat insulation, and noise reduction.


What are the interior parts of a car called?

Car Interior Parts Name:
1. Floor Carpet.
2. Hardwood Floor.
3. Tibia Pad.
4. Headliner.
5. Door Trim.
6. Door Opening Trim.
7. Door Weather Strip.
8. Scuff Plate Ornament.

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What is an interior panel in a car?

More than only acting as a door covering, interior car panels also shield windows from damage when they are folded down and cover electrical wiring and motors for windows and door locks.

What is the top inside of a car called?

The cloth that covers a car’s ceiling is called a headliner, and it does more than just cover the exposed metal with plush, color-coordinated fabric. Headliners shield against heat and noise while also being able to conceal the wiring and hardware for antennae, electrical parts, and other accessories.

What is a dashboard in a car?

One interior component of an automobile that is typically located up front is the dashboard. It serves as a separator between the front of the automobile and the driver as well as housing several indication panels for each component of the vehicle.

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What is the interior of a car?

Lightweight seats, instrument panels, sturdy upholstery, sound-absorbing materials, headliner, dash, and door panels are just a few of the contemporary automobile interior components manufactured of polymer.

What are the different types of car interiors?

4 Various Car Interiors

  • Synthetic upholstery. One of the two types of inner fabric is nylon. It is also among the most typical.
  • Fabric made of polyester. The second kind of inner fabric is polyester.
  • Vinyl furniture. Our first non-fabric interior, vinyl, is still widely used today.
  • Upholstery in leather. the supreme interior.