About us

Studentlesson is an educational platform designed for professionals, technical and vocational student. It is a broad learning site of different fields including: mechanical engineer, agriculture, metalwork, woodwork, automobile, electrical electronic, building construction (civil engineering) and others. Apart from the technical courses, learners around the world get content they need to stay update with industrial trends, technology, education, business, finance, loan and insurance, scholarship, etc.

The goal of studentlesson is to enlighten and create better engineers and technologist to make the world a better place to live and so that engineering and technology can improve when there is a better source of knowledge sharing. Student Lesson also taught DIY users how to fix things as knowledge is passed in this aspect

Studentlesson is designed for both professionals, tertiary and secondary student around the glove. It offers knowledge using different instructional aid like, articles, guide, books, software manuals, text video, infographics and many more.

The knowledge is shared by articles, guides and testing method leaving the leave to practicalize them.

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