Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Scholarships 2023/24

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Scholarships are aimed at supporting and advancing women and underrepresented minorities in the field of mathematics. AWM, a professional organization dedicated to promoting women in mathematics, offers several scholarships to help students pursue their mathematical education and research aspirations. Here’s a comprehensive overview of AWM Scholarships:

association for women in mathematics (awm) scholarships


About the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)


AWM’s mission is to promote and support women and underrepresented minorities in mathematics by fostering research, mentorship, and opportunities in the field.

Advocacy and Support:

AWM advocates for gender equity and diversity in mathematics and offers a supportive network for individuals at all stages of their mathematical careers.

Types of Scholarships

Milton and Rosalind Chang Pema Scholarships:

These scholarships support female undergraduate students who are pursuing degrees in mathematics or a related field. They encourage and empower women to excel in mathematical studies.

Alice T. Schafer Mathematics Prize:

This prestigious award recognizes outstanding female undergraduate students for their exceptional mathematical achievements. It aims to inspire and celebrate women’s contributions to mathematics.

Mahnaz Mahdavi Scholarship:

Named in honor of a pioneering woman in mathematics, this scholarship assists undergraduate women studying mathematics, encouraging their continued academic pursuits.

Student Chapters Grants and Awards:

AWM provides grants and awards to student chapters that promote mathematical learning, leadership, and community involvement among students.

Eligibility and Application Process

Diverse Applicants:

AWM scholarships are open to a diverse group of applicants, including women and underrepresented minorities, in recognition of the need to increase diversity in mathematical fields.

Academic Excellence:

Applicants typically need to demonstrate strong academic performance, including an interest in and passion for mathematics.

Letters of Recommendation:

The application process often requires letters of recommendation, highlighting the applicant’s academic potential and dedication to mathematics.

Application Submission:

Applications are typically submitted online, with specific requirements varying based on the scholarship.

Impact and Significance:

Financial Support:

AWM scholarships help offset the financial burdens of pursuing a degree in mathematics, covering educational expenses like tuition, books, and research materials.

Inspiration and Encouragement:

AWM Scholarships inspire and encourage more women and underrepresented minorities to consider mathematics as a viable and rewarding career path.

Mentorship and Networking:

Scholarship recipients often become part of a supportive network of mathematicians and researchers, gaining access to mentorship and professional development opportunities.

Advancing Research and Innovation:

AWM scholarships contribute to advancing mathematical research and innovation by supporting individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Community Building and Engagement:

Student Chapters:

AWM fosters a sense of community through its student chapters, where like-minded individuals can connect, collaborate, and share their love for mathematics.

Leadership and Advocacy:

AWM encourages scholarship recipients to become leaders and advocates for gender equity and diversity in mathematics, promoting positive change within the field.

Inspiration for Future Leaders

Trailblazers and Role Models:

AWM Scholarships celebrate the achievements of women in mathematics and empower future generations to become trailblazers and role models themselves.

Equity in Mathematics:

By supporting women and underrepresented minorities, AWM aims to create a more equitable and inclusive mathematical community, where all individuals have equal opportunities to excel.

Mentorship and Professional Development

Mentorship Opportunities:

AWM scholarships often come with mentorship components, connecting scholarship recipients with experienced mathematicians who provide guidance, advice, and career support.

Leadership Development:

AWM encourages scholarship recipients to take on leadership roles within the organization, fostering a sense of responsibility and engagement within the mathematical community.

Professional Networks:

Scholarship recipients gain access to valuable networks and collaborations with fellow mathematicians, leading to research partnerships and opportunities for academic and career growth.

Advancing Mathematical Research

Diverse Perspectives:

AWM scholarships promote diversity of thought, encouraging innovative and multifaceted approaches to mathematical research and problem-solving.

Research Contributions:

Scholarship recipients often go on to make significant contributions to various mathematical fields, thereby enriching the overall body of mathematical knowledge.

Educational Outreach

Inspiring Future Generations:

AWM scholarship recipients often become role models who inspire young women to pursue careers in mathematics. They participate in educational outreach activities to encourage and support the next generation.

Community Engagement:

AWM is involved in community outreach programs, schools, and universities to promote mathematics and highlight the importance of diversity in the field.

Addressing Gender Disparities

Championing Gender Equity:

AWM plays a pivotal role in addressing gender disparities in mathematics, advocating for equitable opportunities for women in all aspects of mathematical education and research.

Awareness and Advocacy:

AWM sponsors conferences, workshops, and awareness campaigns to address issues related to gender bias, inclusivity, and women’s contributions to mathematics.

Intersectionality and Inclusivity

Recognizing Intersectionality:

AWM acknowledges that gender equity is just one facet of diversity. It strives to be inclusive of all women, including those from underrepresented minority backgrounds.

Empowering All Women:

AWM’s scholarships aim to empower women regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, nationalities, or ethnicities, ensuring equal access to mathematical opportunities.

Global Impact

International Reach:

AWM’s influence extends globally, as it collaborates with international organizations and supports initiatives to advance the participation of women in mathematics worldwide.

Changing Perceptions:

AWM’s work challenges stereotypes and preconceived notions about women’s capabilities in mathematics, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse mathematical community on a global scale.

News from the AMS

Faye Jackson to Receive 2024 AMS-MAA-SIAM Morgan Prize
October 10, 2023

Faye Jackson
Credit: Faye Ruby Jackson

Faye Jackson will receive the 2024 AMS-MAA-SIAM Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student for her work as a mathematics major at the University of Michigan. The prize is made jointly by the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).

According to the prize citation, Jackson worked on a wide range of topics in combinatorics and number theory. In particular, she discovered and theoretically explained several new and unexpected phenomena in analytic number theory. She has coauthored eight research papers, four of which have already been published or accepted in journals such as the Journal of Number Theory, Discrete and Computational Geometry, and The Fibonacci Quarterly.

Jackson worked as a mentor and instructor for the Ypsilanti Math Corps in Ann Arbor and has helped run a Polymath Jr research group that provides research opportunities to many students. She received a Goldwater Scholarship in 2022 and the Alice T. Schafer Prize from the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) in 2023. Jackson currently is pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics at the University of Chicago.


Since its founding in 1971 by a small but passionate group of women mathematicians, the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) has grown into the leading national society for women in the mathematical sciences and is one of the 16 societies comprising the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences. AWM’s programs not only support those who participate in them directly but also help influence the mathematics culture more generally so that young women entering the field today encounter an environment that is more nurturing than that of the 1970s and 1980s. AWM has played a critical role in increasing the presence and visibility of women in the mathematical sciences.

In summary, the Association for Women in Mathematics Scholarships not only provides financial assistance but also fosters mentorship, leadership, research contributions, and a commitment to addressing gender disparities and promoting diversity in mathematics. AWM’s influence reaches beyond scholarships to inspire, empower, and advocate for women in mathematics, ultimately reshaping the field and encouraging more women to excel as mathematicians, educators, and leaders.

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