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Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Scholarships deadline

The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Scholarships (AISRF Scholarships) are a progressive and innovative program that highlights the strengthening of bilateral relations between Australia and India. These scholarships serve as a symbol of a common dedication to encouraging cooperation, creativity, and knowledge sharing in the fields of academics and research. The AISRF Scholarships are vital to the advancement of science, technology, and innovation worldwide as well as the bilateral relationship between Australia and India. They do this by promoting the interchange of academics and funding innovative research initiatives.

Here is what you need to know about Australia-India Strategic Research Fund Scholarships:



The primary aim of the AISRF Scholarships is to encourage high-achieving postgraduate students, researchers, and professionals from both Australia and India to engage in research projects that are of mutual interest and benefit to both nations. These scholarships facilitate academic and research collaborations, fostering innovation and knowledge sharing.


The scholarships provide financial support to recipients, covering various aspects of their research projects, such as travel expenses, living allowances, and research costs. The funding enables scholars to work on their projects in both countries, facilitating collaboration and enhancing the overall quality of research.


The eligibility criteria for these scholarships may vary from year to year, but they typically target students, researchers, and professionals at different stages of their careers. Applicants should demonstrate their commitment to pursuing research that aligns with the strategic priorities of the AISRF.

Research Focus

The AISRF Scholarships encompass a wide range of research areas, including science and technology, health, agriculture, and social sciences. Projects often address critical issues of global significance, such as climate change, healthcare innovations, sustainable agriculture, and more. Collaboration is a key feature, with scholars working closely with experts from both countries.


The duration of AISRF Scholarships varies depending on the specific terms and conditions of each scholarship program. Scholarships may range from short-term opportunities for research visits to longer-term programs, depending on the project’s requirements and goals.


Besides financial support, AISRF Scholarships offer scholars the chance to gain international research experience, build valuable connections with experts in their field, and contribute to solving pressing global challenges. This experience can be highly beneficial for their career development.

Application Process

Interested applicants typically need to submit detailed research proposals and meet the specific requirements outlined by the scholarship program. An independent panel or committee assesses the proposals and selects recipients based on their potential to contribute to the strategic objectives of the AISRF.


The AISRF Scholarships have made a significant impact in strengthening the research and innovation ecosystem in both Australia and India. By facilitating collaborations, these scholarships have contributed to breakthroughs in various fields and have furthered the overall diplomatic and research partnership between the two nations.

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