List of best car speakers

List of best car speakers

Are you one of those people that hates driving without music playing? You want to jam out to those sick beats while also enjoying the bass and cranking up the volume when listening to music.

In order for the car’s sound system to function, the manufacturers install a simple one. The owners of cars who are picky about sound quality, however, will not be happy with such a rudimentary sound system. Many car buyers favor powerful bass and excellent sound quality. For bass and sound quality, it is necessary to use external car speakers.

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best car speakers that can give you clean bass and quality sound. Note that this is not a sponsored article, all car speaker products listed here are based on lab tests and professional’s and customer experience.

List of best car speakers

The followings are the factors to be considered when looking for the best car speakers:

  • Material
  • Installation
  • Range of Frequency
  • Sensitivity of the Speaker
  • Power Rating
  • RMS Index
  • Labels


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The speaker’s material is one of many aspects that affect a speaker’s quality, but it is also one of the most crucial ones. Because rubber is rigid, lightweight, long-lasting, and sturdy, rubber-encased speakers are among the best ones now on the market. Due to its exceptional flexibility and capacity to tolerate high temperatures, rubber is another excellent choice.

In comparison to rubber speakers, other materials like foam and cloth can generate a more refined sound, but they are often less expensive and have a shorter lifespan. While some alternatives for speakers may be more expensive than others, the more expensive option will give you the best value in terms of longevity and general quality. Speakers are goods where you get what you pay for.


The protective grill is often removed for installation, and the size of the speaker you can purchase depends on the available area (unless you want to make modifications). The audio quality improves with increased space. The best speakers provide an installation guide to make the procedure simpler.

Range of Frequency

The overall sound quality and how it sounds in your car depends on the frequency range. By changing the frequency of the speakers, for instance, you can enhance the effect of the sound. You’ll need crossovers between the woofer and tweeter to capture otherwise wasted power in order to produce an even frequency distribution.

Sensitivity of the Speaker

The speaker sensitivity rating, which describes how loud the car speaker system is, is a crucial sign to check for. For instance, a louder sound will be produced by a speaker if its decibel rating is higher (dB). The best car speakers will provide clear sound even at high volumes if they have a sensitivity rating of at least 88 decibels, so keep that in mind when shopping.

Power Rating

Consider the maximum wattage (which shows how many watts the speakers can handle) and the power rating when choosing a speaker system. Due to the fact that when people think about speakers, they typically think of the bass, this is the trait that is most flaunted.

If you have a low-powered system, your speakers don’t need to be able to withstand a lot of power. Conversely, a system with strong external amplifiers will require speakers whose power handling is near the output of the amplifiers. 10-15 watts per channel are typically adequate for medium-volume music listening in a car.

RMS Index

A speaker’s power handling capacity and sensitivity rating should be compared if you want your in-car music to be loud but clear. This component is displayed in Watts (or W), with RMS being the most important rating. The maximum continuous power that the speaker can withstand is indicated by this root mean square power rating.


Remember that a single pair of speakers cannot accurately recreate the complete frequency range of sound heard by the human ear, so do not rely on the labels on the box of speakers of dubious provenance (from 20 Hz to 20 kHz). This calls for at least a three-way system that consists of:

  • High-frequency speakers (tweeters) capable of reproducing frequencies ranging from 4 to 20 kHz
  • Speakers in the midrange (500 Hz to 5 kHz)
  • The mid-bass (80 to 1kHz)
  • Woofers (from 30 to 100 hertz) – subwoofers


The sound quality of your vehicle will be substantially impacted by the size of the car speakers you choose. Not all automobile speakers will fit in your vehicle. You might need to adjust the existing speaker ports to match the new replacement speaker if you purchase the incorrect size speaker. Make sure your replacement car speakers will fit in your vehicle when you go shopping for them. This is why it’s crucial to comprehend the many automobile speaker sizes offered today. To choose the appropriate size and make a wise purchase, you must first identify what size speakers are in your car.


A car speaker system can be moved in two different ways. You may easily adjust the speakers on a speaker system with swiveling tweeters to direct the sound in different directions at you or your passengers. These can be a lifesaver, for instance, if you have to install the speakers in a confined space or a challenging location in order to access them. One method to address this issue is via component speaker systems. However, if you own more than one vehicle or want to be able to quickly remove your speakers if you purchase a new car, you may discover that installing a detachable tweeter in a separate modular system is simple.

Let’s dive in!

Best car speakers

The followings are the list of best car speakers you should opt for:

  • JBL Premium Co-Axial Speaker
  • DS18 Audio Door Speakers for Car
  • Rockford Fosgate Coaxial Speaker
  • BOSS Audio Systems Car Speakers
  • Pyle Mid Bass Speaker System
  • Kicker Speakers
  • Skar Audio Elite Coaxial Car Speakers
  • Pioneer G-Series Coaxial Car Stereo Speakers

JBL Premium Co-Axial Speaker

JBL Premium Co-Axial Speaker

One of the most well-known speaker brands is JBL, and everyone is aware of how excellent its speakers sound. The JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker is the company’s top vehicle speaker in terms of sound quality and deep bass. The carbon-injected speakers have bigger cones for greater bass yet have the standard 6.5-inch dimension.

For realistic sounds, the stereo output mode is used. Furthermore, for clear output, the improved crossover components provide high and low sound notes to the speaker. The speakers’ non-magnetic, carbon-composite construction ensures their endurance even in challenging conditions. For improved stability, the speakers have a 2-inch mounting depth, 5-1/16-inch cutoff diameters, and 6-1/4-inch external diameters.

No matter where the speakers are placed, the realistic sound quality is achieved by the revolutionary UniPivot tweeter, which directs sound waves in the direction of your ears. Additionally, you can customize the tweeter’s dual-level volume settings to your liking for greater sound quality. The speaker has a 3-ohm impedance, and a lower impedance smoothly gives more bass. The speaker’s highest output power of 180 watts produces powerful audio.

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DS18 Audio Door Speakers for Car

DS18 Audio Door Speakers for Car

DS18 is a company with a focus on creating audio equipment for automobiles. The best-rated automobile speakers from the manufacturer are the DS18 6.5′′ Audio Door Speakers. The speakers can effectively create stereo surround sound effects.

The midrange speaker, which produces excellent vocal and musical reproduction, is the most crucial component of the speakers. The driver is also in charge of creating crystal-clear audio for various sound wave spectral ranges. The speakers can effectively cover a wide range of audio because they feature 480W peak power and 140W RMS power.

The speakers’ 1.5-inch Kapton voice coil can resist high temperatures, and the bullet dust cover increases their toughness. The sensitivity is 95dB, and the frequency range is 85Hz to 6kHz. The cone’s bullet resonator improves the output quality of the sound. A black stamp steel basket is also included for the speakers’ protection after mounting.

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Rockford Fosgate Coaxial Speaker

Rockford Fosgate Coaxial Speaker

A well-known name in the speaker manufacturing industry is Rockford Fosgate. The business is well known for its cutting-edge audio equipment that gives customers a high-quality listening experience. The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 car speaker is a full-range vehicle speaker that comes with all required parts.

Being a 3-way vehicle speaker, it uses a woofer, midrange driver, and silk dome tweeter to produce sound in separate ways. Compared to your car’s OEM speakers, this guarantees a high-quality audio experience. For a car speaker, the nominal impedance of 4 ohms is relatively typical. The 90-watt peak output is excellent for managing brief bursts without blowing.

The speaker is pretty potent considering its RMS power handling of 45 watts. The 6.5-inch speaker’s sensitivity is 91 dB, which amplifies the volume. Two speakers and grills for durability and protection are included in the kit. Additionally, the speakers have a 2.15-inch mounting depth and you will receive mounting gear. Low distortion is guaranteed by the polypropylene cones, and the speaker is an excellent alternative for factory speakers.

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BOSS Audio Systems Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems Car Speakers

BOSS is a premium audio speaker company that offers a variety of speakers, amps, and automotive radio systems. The BOSS 4-inch Audio Systems Car Speakers, despite being very small, provide loud sounds.

Polyurethane cones are used in BOSS speakers because they improve longevity and generate excellent sound. The better voice coil is heat resistant and maintains its characteristics for continuously outstanding output for continuously extended playtime. Additionally, the surround rubber design improves longevity and sound transmission. Without a crossover, the better piezoelectric tweeter can handle overloads.

The speakers’ baskets have been stamped to make them robust and produce audio waves that are free from distortion. The impedance is 4 ohms, and the frequency range is 100Hz to 18kHz. In terms of peak power, it has a respectable 225 watts of output power at its highest. For those who buy the speakers from Amazon online, a 3-year guarantee is included.

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Pyle Mid Bass Speaker System

Pyle Mid Bass Speaker System

Another well-known name in the production of audio systems is Pyle. The business has been providing excellent vehicle and home audio products. The Pyle 6.5 Inch Mid Bass Speaker System is the greatest car speaker system from Pyle if you want bass.

The speaker system is a member of the GEARX line, which features cutting-edge speakers created for exceptional output. A larger range of frequencies, from 60 to 20 kHz, is covered by the mid-bass woofer. It can provide loud but detailed notes for a seamless and crystal-clear audio experience. The speaker’s maximum power output is 300 watts, and its impedance is 4 ohms.

The 1-inch aluminum voice coil keeps the structure’s integrity while withstanding intense heat. Additionally, it guarantees a rich sound output and little distortion. Cadmium Polypropylene is used in the speaker system’s cone for rigidity. For longevity, the speakers also have a rubber surround cover. Additionally, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the item.

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Kicker Speakers

Kicker Speakers

For more than 40 years, Kicker has been manufacturing premium car audio systems and speakers. Kicker’s 6.75′′ 600W and 69′′ 900W speakers are the finest choices if you’re seeking automobile speakers that can create surround sound. You can choose between 900W and 600W speaker pairs in the two speaker pair options.

The 6.75′′ 600W speakers are 2-way speakers with a 6-3/4-inch woofer and a 12-inch tweeter for the best possible sound. High bass is guaranteed by the 300-watt peak power, and all notes are reproduced with crystal-clear sound waves in the 40Hz to 20kHz frequency range. Grills with speakers are available for stability and endurance in challenging locations.

Regarding the mounting measurements, the top and bottom depths are 3/15 inches and 1-13/16 inches, respectively, and the hole diameter is 5.5 inches.

The 69′′ 900w speakers have a 69-inch woofer, a 2-inch midrange, and a 1/x-inch tweeter. They are 3-way speakers. The RMS power is 150 watts, and the peak output is 450 watts. The frequency range is between 30Hz and 20kHz, and the sensitivity is 92dB. These parameters show exceptional sound output across the board. In addition to the polyether imide tweeter dome’s ability to minimize distortion, grills are provided for protection.

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Skar Audio Elite Coaxial Car Speakers

Skar Audio Elite Coaxial Car Speakers

Skar Audio is an exclusive brand of car sound systems, including speakers and amplifiers. Skar Audio 6.5′′ Elite Coaxial Car Speakers can replace OEM speakers in your vehicle if you want powerful bass. The users of the 2-way speakers can enjoy a surround sound experience.

The speakers’ sensitivity is 89dB, which is a little lower than the typical 90dB for automobile speakers. The enhanced performance and increased lifespan of the 1-1/4-inch copper voice coil. For precise and accurate sound reproduction, the speakers contain a ferrite motor and a glass fiber cone.

The speakers’ 45Hz to 20kHz frequency range offers accurate sound reproduction for all sound notes. For continuous transmission of incredible sound, the peak power is 200 watts and the RMS power is 100 watts. A higher spectrum of sounds is successfully produced by the 1-inch silk dome tweeter.

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Pioneer G-Series Coaxial Car Stereo Speakers

Pioneer G-Series Coaxial Car Stereo Speakers

One of the top audio speaker manufacturers in the world, Pioneer constantly creates high-performance speakers. The best vehicle speakers to choose from are Pioneer 6-1/2′′ G-Series Coaxial Car Stereo Speakers if you want high-quality sound output. The speakers fall within the stereo and full-range output categories.

For brief bursts, each speaker’s max power of 300 watts is sufficient. The RMS power for each speaker is 40 watts, which is not particularly noteworthy for amplified output. The polypropylene cone has little deformation and does not absorb moisture. Additionally, the speakers are durable thanks to their rubber-coated surface.

The frequency range, which spans a wider audio spectrum and generates accurate sound waves, is 31Hz to 18kHz. The card speaker industry standard for impedance is 4 ohms. The sensitivity of 89dB is slightly less than that of the majority of its rivals. However, the exclusive Spider suspension technology improves audio reproduction and provides better sound quality. You’ll find a set of Alphasonic earphones in the box.

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Car Speakers FAQs

How to Install Car Speakers?

It’s not a Herculean task to install speakers in your car. However, a person of average intellect can still set up the speakers by themselves. Here is a step-by-step guide on mounting speakers:

  • To begin with, you need to unplug the power supply batteries.
  • Then, take apart the doors where you wish to put the speakers.
  • Take away the built-in speakers.
  • To access the speaker mounting location, the internal boards of the dash or back shelf must also be removed.

What is a Good Wattage for Car Speakers?

Each car has its own optimal wattage or output for the speakers. For instance, speakers with a top RMS rating of at least 50 watts RMS to the amp are adequate if you drive a hatchback or tiny car. However, if you want to drive a large pickup or an SUV, search for a system that has at least 75 watts RMS per channel. A difference of 5 or 10 watts won’t make a difference in either situation. The maximum RMS rating of the matched speakers must be 75 watts RMS or above.

Find an amp with 100 watts RMS or more per channel if you want to go any higher. However, because prolonged exposure to such loud sounds can damage your ears, we do not advise doing so.

What car speakers have the best Bass? How do I increase the bass on my car speakers?

A subwoofer and aftermarket amplifier are the only surefire ways to add the powerful, assured bass you’re desiring. Different speakers will fulfill different needs. Start by replacing your factory speakers with an aftermarket set known to offer reasonable bass response if an aftermarket subwoofer isn’t in your budget.

In general, the bigger the woofer, the better the bass response, therefore keep in mind that larger speakers can typically fit with little modification. If the mid-range response on your car radio can be adjusted, try lowering it to emphasize the highs and lows of the bass and treble settings.

Can I install aftermarket car stereo speakers myself?

Installing in-door speakers is now simpler than ever thanks to video installation guidelines made for specific car models. Get a set of Metra quick-connect speaker harnesses made for your particular car to simplify installation. (For example, here is a set for particular Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep models.) Component speakers that have separate tweeters are a little more difficult to install, and a professional in-car audio should be hired to install an aftermarket amplifier or radio head unit in a recent vehicle.

Why should I replace my car speakers?

It’s straightforward: you upgrade your car speakers to improve the audio quality of your music. When it comes to automobile speakers, auto manufacturers cut corners, while aftermarket speakers employ better materials and superior workmanship to offer greater sound. A cheap approach to improve the sound in your automobile is to replace outdated speakers.

Is it hard to install new car speakers?

In order to replace your car’s speakers, you often need to remove interior panels (doors, the dash, the rear dash, etc.), unbolt the original speakers, install replacement speakers using a bracket and wiring harness, and then put your panels back in place. You will gain from our free, vehicle-specific instructions, free wiring harnesses that do away with splicing, and our helpful, toll-free technical support as a Crutchfield customer.

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