Best Colleges in Albany You Should Apply

It can be challenging for prospective students to find the ideal college, especially when they are looking in a famous city like Albany. To aid in the decision-making process, we’ve produced a list of the top ten universities in Albany, as well as what sets them apart from the competition. Read on if you want to go to college in this location! You might want to look at other lists that focus on different factors, such as academic programs or financial aid opportunities because this list is simply one approach to comparing institutions.

Best colleges in albany

The Best Colleges in Albany offer excellent educational and employment possibilities to students. The university was created in 1985 and currently has 8,422 undergraduate students. About 97 percent of the pupils are from New York. The student-to-faculty ratio is 13:1, and undergraduates can pick from 60 majors. The average acceptance rate is 68 percent, and just 9% of applications are accepted each year, making it one of the most difficult colleges to get into! They feature excellent academic programs, as well as a strong dedication to service learning, which allows you to learn about different cultures around the world and bring back fresh ideas.

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In this fresh article, you will know the best colleges in Albany and why you should apply to them.


Top 10 best colleges in Albany

Albany Medical College

Albany Medical College, located in Albany, New York, is a private, autonomous medical school. It was founded in 1839 as part of Union University and remained a part of Union’s College of Physicians and Surgeons until 1865 when it was separated. U.S. News & World Report ranks it 19th overall for research-oriented medical schools in 2018–19, and 2nd for primary care among allopathic institutions in 2017–18. In addition, U.S. News ranks its neurology program first (tied with three other schools), ophthalmology sixth, otolaryngology thirteenth (tied with one other program), and radiography fourteenth (tied with five other programs), and rheumatology twentieth in the country.

Its sister hospitals are well-known throughout Upstate New York as some of the best health-care facilities available; in 2009, BusinessWeek magazine named St. Peter’s Hospital one of America’s top 25 hospitals, while Samaritan Hospital was placed 26th. Both hospitals were also named on Modern Healthcare magazine’s list of 100 unique healthcare companies nationwide a few months later.

Russell Sage College

Consistently ranked among some of New York’s top institutions for academics, Russell Sage is a small liberal arts college with a student body of just under 1,000 students. The school is located in Troy and its total annual tuition rates (including room and board) are $37,500. The degree completion program at Russell Sage allows undergraduate students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree within five years; it costs $51,300 for in-state students and $59,100 for out-of-state students. Other notable programs at Russell Sage include two pre-health programs: one is specifically geared toward physical therapy while another prepares graduates to become physician assistants.

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The Sage Colleges

The Sage Colleges are a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate college located near Albany, New York’s downtown area. The college’s grounds cover 400 acres of land and are home to over two dozen structures. Margaret Olivia Slocum Sage, a women’s rights activist, created the school under the name The New York Practical Education Society. It first welcomed students in September 1918 under the name Albany Junior College for Women.

Empire State College

Empire State College, which offers both online and on-campus education, is a cost-effective method to earn a degree. Certificate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs are available. Tutoring sessions are easily accessible to online students. They can also go to any of their 14 campuses across New York if they need help with a subject that their teachers don’t touch. Students who complete their degree will be prepared for entry-level jobs or will be able to transfer to another college to continue their education.

University at Albany, SUNY

The State Institution of New York’s University at Albany (SUNY-UAlbany) is a public research university with campuses in Albany and Saratoga Springs, New York. UAlbany is one of the largest comprehensive universities in upstate New York, with over 18,000 students spread throughout four colleges and five schools. The university’s nine colleges provide 64 undergraduate majors and 37 graduate programs. The College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Business Administration, the School of Criminal Justice, the School of Education, the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute, the Eliav Cohen College of Engineering and Applied Science, the Eleanor Roosevelt College for Women, the Owen D. Young School of Management, and the Graduate School are all offering programs.

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The College of Saint Rose

Saint Rose University is a national leader in undergraduate education, known for its innovative approach to freshmen education and commitment to providing students with hands-on learning opportunities. On its 137-acre campus, less than a mile from downtown Albany, the four-year private college enrolls 3,800 undergraduates. Architecture and design, engineering, international relations, social work, and communication arts are among the academic degrees available. More than 40 master’s degree programs are available through Saint Rose’s four schools: School of Engineering & Computer Science, School of Education, Bernard J. Lonergan Institute, and College of Arts & Sciences. Genomic/bioinformatics and environmental science/ecology are two of the department’s research strengths. Saint Rose spends more than $26 million on research each year.

Sage Graduate School of Management

I ranked Sage Graduate School of Management #1 after spending over 30 hours researching, reviewing, and visiting these universities in Albany, NY (which is ranked as one of the best cities to live in New York). The university offers both masters and doctoral degrees. There are 12 distinct programs to choose from, including accounting, healthcare administration, human resource management, and many others. AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business—accredits Sage completely.

Skidmore College

Skidmore has a reputation for academic quality and is consistently regarded as one of the best private liberal arts universities in New York State. It’s less than an hour from New York City, so it’s quite accessible while still feeling like a tiny institution (currently 2,500 students). It was founded on September 17, 1892, by Mary Minnie Skidmore Scribner and Henry Noble MacCracken after they both graduated from college at around the age of 23 (she obtained her A.B. degree at 24). The school is proud of its diverse student body, which includes students from over 25 countries and more than half of all undergraduates from outside New York State, including 16% international students and 33% racial or ethnic minorities.

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Union Graduate College

Union Graduate College offers a variety of academic programs to students of various ages. Many students pick Union Graduate College because of the college’s association with Schenectady County Community College, which allows students to obtain actual business experience while pursuing their degree. They stand out from many other colleges in New York State because of their small class numbers and skilled faculty. In addition, Union Graduate College offers low-cost tuition to students who qualify. Union Graduate College also has a campus in Troy, making it even easier for people of upstate New York to finish their studies.

Hudson Valley Community College

HVCC, or Hudson Valley Community College, is a community college in Troy, New York. Hudson Valley Junior College was formed by local government bodies to act as a junior college for secondary school students. Hudson Valley Community College established a separate organization in 1972. It is still one of New York’s leading community colleges, with about 14,000 students enrolled each year. The health sciences and liberal arts departments are well-known, and courses are small, with an average student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1. After completing their two years at HVCC, graduates get an Associate degree, and many continue on to four-year universities and colleges.

The Cost of Attending Albany’s Best Colleges

In Albany, tuition, room and board, fees, and other expenses can add up to $33,104 for a private institution and $21,223 for a public school. On-campus students pay roughly twice as much (with prices for tuition usually higher than those for public schools). The cost of attendance is mostly driven by room and board. Consider the following scenario: Harvard University’s on-campus housing costs about $11,456 per year or almost $700 per month. That’s what you’d expect to pay for a one-bedroom apartment close to the college. Accommodation isn’t free, but it’s also not compulsory; some students choose to live off-campus, saving thousands of dollars every year on housing.

Are There Scholarships For The Best Colleges In Albany?

Until it’s too late, most students are unaware of potential scholarships. Scholarships are only one of the many options available to students looking to pay for education. Scholarships are available from a range of public and private sources. The most significant distinction between scholarships and student loans is that a scholarship is unrestricted funding, whereas a loan must be repaid-with interest. Fill out a FAFSA form at to start looking for scholarships. On your FAFSA application, you’ll be asked about possible resources including community and religious organizations, local companies, professional associations, and more. Scholarships may be available through these resources to assist pay for your education fees; however, you will have to seek them on your own.

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How Are Scholarships Paid Out In The Best Colleges In Albany?

Scholarship amounts are determined by your college of choice’s academic achievement, extracurricular activities, financial need, and other criteria. For a thorough explanation of how they give prizes, go to their websites. Scholarship applications are often due in January or early February. To discover if you qualify for need-based aid, go to each school’s financial aid page (e.g., loans, grants). If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for a scholarship, ask! The worst-case scenario is that your award letter contains more money than you anticipated. Money that is given to you for free is money that is given to you for free!

What Is The Best Way To Find Scholarships For The Best Colleges In Albany?

It’s straightforward. For students attending college in Albany, there are numerous scholarship possibilities. All you need to do is know where to look and be willing to put in some effort. Finding all of your scholarship choices is the first step. Most public and private schools, as well as organizations such as your church or professional associations to which you belong, provide their own scholarships (you can find a list of eligible organizations on FinAid). Also, inquire with local businesses that you enjoy; they may give scholarships as well! It takes effort, just like anything else worth having.

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