Best Daily Planner Apps to Increase your Productivity

It is impossible in today’s fast-paced world to remember your daily schedule in the hopes of not missing a significant event. The days of using post-it notes to keep tasks in sight are long gone. We are fortunate to have countless digital daily planner apps today. They simplify our lives and help us to remain organized and productive.

It’s time to start using one right away if you aren’t already. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 daily planner apps so you can choose from them if you’re unsure which one would work best for you. There are various good reasons why these particular apps were picked. They not only increase your productivity but also greatly simplify your day-to-day activities.

daily planer apps to help you stay more productive

There are a few significant factors that must be taken into consideration. It’s crucial to match the app with your preferences and expectations. The following are a few important criteria that must be taken into consideration to get the best daily planner apps:

  • Focus
  • Habits
  • Organization


Having focus is essential for getting things done. It is essential for time-saving management that is effective and efficient. This is the first factor we will consider while deciding which daily planner app is ideal for us.


Developing better habits is a requirement for increasing productivity. To stay on track and accomplish our goals, it is crucial to hold ourselves accountable.


The basic objective of the majority of daily planner apps is to keep you organized. And it’s the main factor motivating us to download the app in the first place.

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5 best Daily Planner Apps to Increase your Productivity

You can find the best 5 daily planner apps in the list below. Give them a try. Choose the option that best suits your requirements and preferences. The order of these apps is not important to note. They are all excellent at what they do. My goal is to make it clearer to you how each of them can meet your needs and increase productivity. The following are the best 5 daily planner apps:

  • Serene
  • Todoist
  • Things 3
  • do
  • Trello



When it comes to laser focus, Serene is a clear winner because it works to block out distractions. It keeps its word by not allowing distractions to slow you down. Serene has 10 deep work hours for free and charges $4 per month for its subscription service.

You can improve attention to accomplish more in less time with the help of the distraction blocking tool. It’s made to help you focus and accomplish tasks more quickly. It not only keeps you organized but also develops habits that help you pay attention to detail. It keeps you on track without letting you get sidetracked by activities that don’t advance your one daily goal thanks to its one daily goal strategy. Serene is one of the best daily planner apps which runs only on macOS

The following are key features of Serene:

  • Focus Session timer
  • Website and App blocker
  • Activities tracker
  • Daily Planner
  • Focus music
  • Phone silencer


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Focus Session timer

intervals of concentrated effort that are precisely defined, with a timer that displays the timing. You are more motivated to complete activities when you are aware of how much time is left.

Website and App blocker

You can maintain attention by blocking access to websites. It will be easier to concentrate if you are aware of the apps that highly distract you. Staying on target without needless interruptions is possible when focus sessions are productive.

Activities tracker

Tracking your activities is made much easier by being aware of your productive hours. While identifying your primary sources of distraction is crucial for developing better behaviors.

Daily Planner

A smart approach to keeping organized is to build out your daily planner with one main objective. With more focused attention and a clearer aim, more can be accomplished.

Focus music

To stay motivated and concentrated, background music can be a really useful tool.

Phone silencer

Distractions are automatically eliminated when you put your phone on mute.


Among solopreneurs, team managers, and larger businesses, Todoist is one of the top daily planner apps. This tool keeps you focused and organized, preventing you from forgetting anything. Todoist has a free version as well as a premium subscription that starts from $3 a month.

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Todoist provides numerous app connectors that enhance workflows and make task management easier. This app meets the requirements of a highly organized management system and has many benefits. It enables recurring tasks, notifications, subtasks, subprojects, and more. Todoist is among the best daily planner apps which run on macOS, IOS, Android, and windows.

The following are key features of Todoist

  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Task management
  • Progress management
  • Project management

Prioritizing tasks

and completing the most crucial tasks keep you productive.

Task management

It’s simple to create subtasks, identify recurring tasks, and include due dates for individual tasks. You can adapt your strategy by categorizing jobs according to importance, context, or a customized system. Reminders aid in better management and speed up progress.

Progress management

using the measurement and reporting tools of the app to keep track of progress. It enables one to act by meaningful outcomes and to follow activities.

Project management

Setting up project goals will enable you to keep track of your progress.

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Things 3

Your planner for work and life is Things 3. It gives you the best assistance to increase your productivity and maintain organization. It is among the daily planner apps which run only on IOS. Its straightforward form is simple to comprehend and use. As there is no requirement for a feature introduction, you may start right away. Things 3 has a 15-day free trial and is $49.99 on Mac. It costs $19.99 on the iPad and $9.99 on the iPhone.

The following are key features of Things 3

  • Easy input
  • Heading
  • Integrations
  • Planning
  • Search option


Easy input

The process of entering your tasks into the app should be quick, easy, and seamless. Less time is lost due to simple input. And this software offers just what you need.


An excellent method to differentiate tasks is by adding titles to your checklists. You can remain focused on finishing the project and won’t miss anything because of it. This means that each task can be broken down into smaller ones and supported by checklists. It resembles how you would write it on paper. The ability to establish a deadline, add things to your calendar, and categorize them specifically makes a difference.


One example of efficient task management is adding your email to your to-do list. You can never miss a thing by integrating your calendar and seeing your tasks and to-do list together.


Following your plan is made easier when you can see all of your upcoming lists organized and in one place. Repetitive tasks can be scheduled for automation to save time. You’ll stay on track if you set reminders.

Search option

You can use this feature to look up any term you’ve ever entered into the app. You can use it to create alerts and notifications for all of your different chores.

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It contains additional helpful important features in addition to the standard ones like due dates, prioritization, automatic notifications, setting up recurring tasks, reminders, and a drag-and-drop interface for easy-to-create to-do lists. runs on macOS, IOS, Android, and windows.

The following are other key features of Any. do:

  • Data Synchronization
  • Offline Access
  • Task management
  • Voice capture


Data Synchronization

You stay productive by adding a planned event to your calendar and syncing it with numerous applications like Google Calendar and WhatsApp reminders.

Offline Access

It provides you a lot of freedom, peace of mind, and the capacity to always be on top of things knowing that you can access your tool anywhere, at any time.

Task management

Making plans and scheduling events is simple when your to-do list and calendar are integrated.

Voice capture

It’s convenient to leave a voicemail for yourself while out on a run that becomes a note on your to-do list. You never know when your next big idea will come!


Trello is a business tool for organizations and individuals. It is emphasize setting the stakes for teamwork. The characteristics enable flexible workflows. For efficient work, a straightforward user interface is linked with strategic teamwork. Activities can be organized into boards and cards, which can each include a different set of tasks. Groups or individuals might be given specific assignments with deadlines and checklists.

The following are other key features of Trello

  • Effective to-do list
  • Collaboration
  • Instant messaging


Effective to-do list

You can control the process by including due dates, assigning to a certain group or person, etc.


inviting anyone to do the work. It enables you to accomplish things without a laborious onboarding procedure

Instant messaging

Real-time task discussion boosts productivity and facilitates communication from any location.


In summary

Using daily planner apps to increase productivity is a smart process of keeping your attention on the task at hand and your progress holding strong. You can easily make the most of your time with the assistance of daily planner apps. That is all for this article, where the Best Daily Planner Apps that can help you Increase your Productivity is being discussed. I hope you learn a lot from the reading, if so, kindly share with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!