Lists of Best Grease Gun for Equipment

A decent grease gun is almost as essential as the tool, device, or piece of machinery it is to be used on given the large variety of tools and mechanical parts that need to be lubricated on a regular basis in a workshop, plant, factory, farm, or auto maintenance garage.

If you have mechanical equipment that needs to be lubricated frequently, you’ll need a dependable grease gun. These mobile devices are made to transport a standard grease canister and directly inject its contents into the fittings of your machine via a special coupler. They can be run automatically or manually (by pulling a hand lever) (by battery packs or by pressurized air).

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best grease gun for both lighter and heavy equipment. This grease gun is also beneficial in tractors and mechanical couplers. Note that this is not a sponsored post, all grease gun brands listed below are based on the top-performing ones in today’s industrial market.

Best Grease Gun

So, let’s dive in!

Best Grease Gun

The followings are the best grease gun you should be considering for any mechanical equipment that requires frequent lubrication:

  • Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun
  • CARBYNE 3000 PSI Mini Grease Gun
  • DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun
  • Thorstone 7000 PSI Heavy Duty Grease Gun Kit
  • Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  • STEINBRÜCKE Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  • UTOOL Heavy Duty Grease Gun
  • LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler


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Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun

The Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun is a useful instrument that can use both bulk grease and pre-formed cartridges and has an ergonomic rubber handle that is comfortable to use for extended periods of time. We particularly appreciate the variable speed trigger, which allows for maximum precision, and the 30-inch high-pressure hose that comes with it. These features are helpful for lubricating and greasing tasks in hard-to-reach areas.

The onboard motor’s maximum psi is 6,000, which is a bit less than our top picks but still adequate for the majority of applications. We also found that this product required regular cleaning to prevent clogging because it contains several little pieces throughout its inside. You’ll be compelled to get the best mechanic tool set as quickly as possible after using this grease gun.

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CARBYNE 3000 PSI Mini Grease Gun

The CARBYNE little grease gun is ideal if you’re searching for something compact in terms of size, weight, and cost. With a length of under 11 inches and a weight of about 1.4 pounds, this lightweight tool is perfect for one-handed operation and for easily slipping into confined locations. This tiny machine has a stiff extension of four inches and a 12-inch flexible hose. It also produces 3,000 PSI working pressure.

One satisfied customer who uses this to lubricate the hitch components of their travel trailer while traveling called it “little yet powerful.” “Due to the weight and the amount of room it would take up, I decided against getting a full-sized grease gun. This is perfect and fulfills all of my requirements.”

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DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun

The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun has a premium motor with 10,000 max psi and the ability to push out five ounces per minute, as well as an integrated variable speed trigger that fulfills its promise of increased accuracy, especially in tight spaces. It has a flexible hose for reaching hard-to-reach grease fittings and a variable speed trigger for finely controlling grease flow.

This battery grease gun was the best we tried because of a feature we also liked: the cordless design. The integrated LED light was another noteworthy element or feature that enhanced visibility. Despite the fact that this cordless grease gun weighs about 15 pounds and has a variety of external battery options, its size and weight may limit its long-term use. Additionally, the carrying case that comes with it is made of plastic, which is less enduring than steel and metal alloys. Choose the best toolbox liner if you want to update your toolbox.

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Thorstone 7000 PSI Heavy Duty Grease Gun Kit

The Thorstone grease gun kit includes the 7,000 PSI heavy-duty pistol handle grease gun and grease tube, an 18-inch spring flex hose, and three couplers for various uses. Many customers believe that the kit is made to last and doesn’t leak, and it has everything you need to start lubricating. It just has to be pumped up to create pressure before being pulled back to release the grease.

One purchaser said, “Nice set of accessories.” “Filled all the mower’s bearings,” “Just as promised; was simple to build (very little required), oil cartridge loaded and primed in under a minute, fitting was snug on my zerk, and pumping with one hand was fantastic,” another satisfied customer commented.

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Bravex Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

A typical grease gun is the Bravex Heavy Duty Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun. You won’t be disappointed with its performance even though it isn’t the best. Cold-drawn steel tubing, which is incredibly strong, is used to create the canister. It does not leak much, even in huge applications. The grease gun can exert a lot of pressure without leaking, unlike other models, thanks to the O-ring seal. Air pockets are promptly removed by the air bleeder valve.

The non-slip rubber grip, which seems to be a unique feature, was well appreciated. This prevents you from dropping it unintentionally, which could cause serious damage. The overall pressure of this weapon is 6,000 PSI. Given the cost, this is a little too low compared to its capability.

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STEINBRÜCKE Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

The extra-long 27-inch reinforced flex hose on the high-performance, heavy-duty STEINBRÜCKE pistol handle grease gun has received great marks from reviewers, especially for use on cars and lawnmowers. Customers also praised how simple it is to prime out the air and fill it with fresh grease.

An additional customer stated that it’s a “really good, sturdy grease gun” and added, “The extra length on the delivery line definitely helps on my autos and riding lawn mower.” One customer who used it to oil the bearings on their lawnmower called it a “great gadget for the money.” It only needs one person to operate and seems quite sturdy. I absolutely appreciate how much grease is delivered with each pump by the pump trigger. The delivery of pressure to the grease fittings remains constant. So, this is a good pick.

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UTOOL Heavy Duty Grease Gun

High-quality components were used in the construction of this UTOOL Heavy Duty Grease Gun, including a premium iron diecast head with improved sealing abilities and a reinforced O-ring to stop leaks. We particularly liked how the silver anode coating made cleaning it simple and how, unlike manual lever grease guns, the ergonomically designed pistol handle and extremely light form factor allow for one-handed usage.

The automated improved exhaust valve on this grease cannon also drains air automatically, so adding grease no longer requires manual exhaustion. We found that the power supplied was a little less than what was offered with our top picks, even though the operating pressure may exceed 7,000 psi, which is adequate for the majority of DIY projects.

Despite its ability to interface with a variety of grease fittings and adapt to most lubrication and greasing situations, this item only comes with one grease coupler. If you want to organize your tool area, look into the finest socket organizer for your tool shed.

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LockNLube Grease Gun Coupler

An excellent grease gun coupler is a great alternative for people who currently own a grease gun but would like to improve it to a leak-free and simple-to-use one (without spending too much money). The best-selling LockNLube grease gun coupler, which is rated at 10,000 PSI and is marketed as the “world’s original locking grease coupler,” makes lubricating a breeze and, once locked into place, doesn’t leak.

As part of his daily duties, one expert auto technician said, “I pump a lot of greases. It is compatible with all grease guns and zerks, and the manufacturer guarantees free replacements if the seals or jaws break. I have not once noticed any leaking around a grease fitting since I fitted this coupler to my grease gun. This still manages to securely grasp and seal even on fittings that have been chewed up, caked on, and unclean.

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Some other best grease gun

Below is some other best grease gun you should be considering for your needs:

Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Park Tool GG-1 Bicycle Grease Gun

Ryobi P3410 Cordless Grease Gun

Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 2-Spd Grease Gun

LockNLube Dual-Shot Pneumatic Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1175 Handyluber 12V Cordless Grease Gun

Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun

Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

REXBETI Premium Grease Gun

Grease Gun FAQs

What’s the best grease gun to buy?

You can also consider the following grease gun, they are from a good brand:

  • DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Grease Gun.
  • Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun.
  • Lincoln 1162 Fully Automatic Pneumatic Grease Gun.
  • REXBETI Premium Grease Gun.
  • UTOOL Heavy Duty Grease Gun.
  • Astro Pneumatic Tool 101 Mini Grease Gun.
  • GreaseTek Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun.


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Is there a grease gun that doesn’t leak?

The first leak-free grease guns in the world are LockNLube® products. When latched onto a grease fitting, the LockNLube grease coupler won’t leak. The coupler is kept clean and safe when not in use thanks to the Loop & Lock storage mechanism.

Is a pistol-grip grease gun better?

The pistol-grip style can be used with just one hand, whereas the lever style typically expels more grease every stroke but requires two hands. Slower dispensing rates with manual grease guns give you more control over the quantity of lubricant used.

What is the easiest grease gun to use?

All grease gun work based on the same principle. They are all easy to use if you learn how they work.

Why do grease guns fail?

Whether it was accidentally introduced during a cartridge replacement, came from a contaminated bulk source, or even separated from the lubricant itself. The unit loss as a result of these causes a grease gun to fail.

Can you leave grease in a grease gun?

Leaving unused grease in a grease gun is okay. It is advised to pull the handle back and lock the spring in the compressed/retracted position to alleviate the pressure from the grease.

Are grease guns worth it?

Operators of large machinery and equipment will find an electric grease cannon to be a handy tool. The tool is simple to use on both light and heavy machinery, and it easily injects thick lubricating grease into machine parts. In general, electric grease guns are less expensive than pneumatic ones while making less noise.

Is Vaseline a good gun grease?

Vaseline is a natural product that can be used on anything, not just guns. This gun lubricant is free of acid and resin, is exceptionally white in color, and is well suited for lubricating both internal and external metal parts, particularly barrels.

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Is WD-40 good for oiling guns?

WD-40 is NOT a lubricant; it is a solvent. Because it evaporates so quickly, WD-40 is not a good lubricant for firearms. It would almost probably evaporate by the time you loaded your rounds and began firing, leaving your pistol completely dry between the time you sprayed it on the chamber or slide and that point.

That is all for this article, where the lists of best grease guns are discussed. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!