Lists of best oil filters for synthetic oil

Lists of best oil filters for synthetic oil

To maintain the engine functioning at its best, they require high-quality oil that is adequately filtered. The oil serves as a lubricant for the engine, passing through the moving parts to keep them cool and working smoothly.

As you drive, Motor oil becomes polluted with dirt and minute metal flakes. As more time passes, this contamination in the oil keeps increasing. Over time, the oil loses its ability to effectively lubricate, which increases the risk of internal engine damage from heat and friction.

Although an oil filter has a limited lifespan, throughout that time it will keep the oil clean of contaminants. These days, many automakers will advise changing your oil filter every 10,000 or 15,000 miles, while others will advise doing it every time you get an oil change, whether the interval is 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, or more miles.

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best oil filter for synthetic oil. Note that this is not a sponsored post, all oil filter brands are chosen based on their top performance in today’s industrial market.

Lists of best oil filters for synthetic oil

So, let’s dive in!


Best oil filter for synthetic oil

The followings are the lists of best oil filters for synthetic oil in today’s industrial market:

  • WIX XP
  • Purolator Boss Oil Filter
  • Royal Purple Extended Life
  • FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter
  • Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

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For a variety of vehicles, including small trucks and economical cars, WIX makes oil filters. A nitrile sealing gasket is present in WIX XP spin-on lubricant filters and is designed to withstand hotter temperatures.

It is more robustly constructed than many of the filters available since it has a metal tube, metal caps, a steel baseplate, and a silicone back valve.

When it comes to particle sizes, filtration efficiency is at least 99% at 35 microns. Although it doesn’t filter tiny particles as effectively as the options above, it offers excellent value for the money. This filter should last up to 10,000 kilometers.

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Purolator Boss Oil Filter

Purolator Boss Oil Filter

For more than nine decades, automobiles have utilized oil filters under the Purolator name. When it comes to oil filters, it is the best brand. Synthetic engine oil and their Purolator Boss oil filter function flawlessly together.

Before needing to be replaced with a new filter, it can filter oil for up to 15,000 miles. That’s not bad considering that the majority of professionals advise changing your oil filter every 5,000 miles.

Premium parts and materials are used in the Purolator Boss oil filter, including a silicone anti-drain back valve, a silicone bypass valve, a metal center tube, and end caps. It is made to resist extended periods of hard driving and engine demands. The filter has a 99% efficiency rate and is said to have “high-density synthetic blend material.”

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Royal Purple Extended Life

Royal Purple Extended Life

This premium quality oil filter is made in the USA and designed specifically to filter out debris and keep new oil flowing through the engine. Since 1986, Royal Purple has produced oils for a wide range of automobiles. However, they only provide the Extended Life Oil Filter, which is a single type of oil filter.

It competes favorably with the big guys because of its 15,000 miles of protection and 99% filtering effectiveness at 25 microns or greater.

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FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter

FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter

You need the FRAM Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter to filter the engine oil if you have a newer car and want to keep it performing at its best. It goes without saying that FRAM Ultra Synthetic is made to filter synthetic oil. For up to 20,000 miles of driving, you will have oil protection. This oil filter will assist in keeping your engine as long-lasting and protected as possible if your car is older.

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Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Bosch Premium FILTECH Oil Filter1

Because it will provide your engine with top-notch performance, the Bosch Premium FILTECH oil filter is referred to as a premium filter. How is this accomplished? By clearing the engine oil of all potentially harmful dirt and debris. Your engine will continue to work in this manner and won’t experience any unforeseen failures. One of the finest deals available is with Bosch oil filters. Even those on a tight budget can own a superior filter.

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Oil Filter for Synthetic Oil FAQs

What oil filter should I use with synthetic oil?

Although you should double-check with the maker of your car to be sure, most automotive filters designed for modern vehicles can be used with any kind of oil. You don’t require a unique or different oil filter while using synthetic oil, according to every significant motor oil manufacturer.

Does full synthetic oil need a special filter?

There is some confusion here because synthetic oil doesn’t need a certain kind of filter. Although they are named synthetic because they contain more synthetic fibers than standard paper filters, synthetic oil filters are not only for use with synthetic oil.

What brand of oil filters is best?

The following are some best oil filter brands out there:

  • Royal Purple Extended Life Premium Oil Filter. Best oil filter overall.
  • Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filter. Best oil filter overall runner-up.
  • Motorcraft Oil Filter. Best cheap oil filter.
  • Bosch Premium Filtech Oil Filter. Best oil filter if money is no object.
  • K&N Performance Silver Oil Filter.

Are K&N oil filters good for synthetic oil?

Premium K&N oil filters are a fantastic option for almost any car because they are made to work with synthetic, traditional, and blended motor oils.

How often should you change the synthetic oil filter?

Every three to six months, most automobiles need to have their oil changed. Every time you get an oil change, replace the filter as some manufacturers advise because doing so keeps it from clogging too soon.

Does it matter what brand of oil filter I buy?

The use of oil filters varies by circumstance. Don’t assume that since a larger filter fits the threads on your engine, it will provide better filtering. It could have a different bypass valve rating, flow rate, or filter medium than the appropriate filter.

Are expensive oil filters worth it?

In general, more expensive filters perform better than less expensive ones because better filtration materials are used in them. Modern filters include materials like synthetic glass microfibers, which are better at removing oil than plain old Charmin.

How good are Wix oil filters?

In the automobile sector, WIX is a well-known brand, and its oil filters are no different. WIX oil filters are excellent at their function of removing impurities from your motor oil. For years, I’ve used WIX oil filters in my personal cars without experiencing any problems.

Is there really a difference in oil filters?

Finding a filter with high-quality media, such as resin-free filters, is essential since they are less likely to corrode and become brittle due to contamination. Cheap oil filters could employ inferior media, which could hasten the deterioration of the filter pleats on the cartridge before the recommended interval for changing the oil.

Is the OEM oil filter the best?

But every OEM filter, despite not always being the cheapest, consistently performs as it should. Therefore, the OEM filter is typically the best option available, unless you have a strong financial need to spend more or truly enjoy changing your oil filter frequently.

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