Best oil stop leaks additives

Lists of best oil stop leak additives

Oil leaks are a common issue with automotive engines. No matter how well you take care of your car, you will probably run into it at some point. Additionally, oil leaks are a common problem that affects more or less all autos.

Oil leaks are a hassle, and once they happen, fixing them can take a lot of time. If your car is older, the best course of action is to prevent this problem from occurring. To prevent leaks from developing in your car, you can use oil additives. Well, this is why am providing you the lists of the best oil stop leak additives so you can prevent your car oil from leaking.

You should note that this is not a sponsored post, all products listed here are based on their top performance in the market.

Best oil stop leaks additives

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Best oil stop leaks additives

The following are the lists of oil-stop leak additives in today’s market:

  • STP High Mileage Oil Treatment
  • BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak
  • Lucas Oil 10278
  • ATP Automotive Re-Seal Stops Leaks
  • Bar’s Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive


STP High Mileage Oil Treatment

STP High Mileage Oil Treatment

Small oil leaks from the piston rings into the automobile cylinders can be stopped with the STP. As a result, smoke is avoided, and engine performance is controlled. You will find the additive to be quite effective if you apply it according to the directions. In order for it to function correctly, the appropriate amount of oil must be applied.

One of the most affordable solutions offered is the STP HIGH Mileage oil treatment. Despite the inexpensive cost, the device performs superbly and comes highly recommended. If you have small leaks, this stuff is fantastic. When there are slight oil leaks and stains in older engines, this additive performs nicely.

STP is the ideal additive for use in high-mileage engines. However, it could be challenging to utilize the additive to repair particularly large leaks or seals in contemporary cars. If your finances are extremely limited, this additive can assist stop leaks for a short period of time until you perform proper repairs.


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BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

BlueDevil Oil Stop Leak

Oil leaking problems can be permanently fixed with the BlueDevil additive. The additive is very simple to use, and people can utilize it without risk. This additive is very adaptable and performs well in both gasoline and diesel engines. The safety of the car and the condition of the engine won’t be compromised by this additive.

Due to its high cost and outstanding performance outcomes, it is the top choice on our list. BlueDevil is the brand to consider if you have no financial constraints and want to select one of the best oil-stop leak additives that are high-performing.

BlueDevil has been in business in this industry for many years and offers its clients cutting-edge items. This product’s composition is quite effective and does not negatively impact the engine in any way. Despite being the most expensive item on this list, the additive is reasonably priced. When you utilize the additive to fix your engine leaks, there won’t be any blockage either.

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Lucas Oil 10278 

Lucas Oil 10278 

By increasing oil pressure with the Lucas engine oil additive, engine noise is also decreased. The majority of customers expect engines to work quietly, which is what yours will do. You can get the most out of the 32-ounce unit because it is long-lasting. Furthermore, this item is quite functional and does more than just stop oil leaks.

A well-known international brand, Lucas is renowned for its adaptability and performance. The Lucas Oil Engine Oil is suitable for all kinds of automobiles and aids in avoiding corrosion. With petroleum, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oils, you can use the oil additive. All of the seals can be rejuvenated by the oil additive without endangering or corroding the engine.

You will notice a big difference after using the oil addition because it improves the performance of your engine. The Lucas Oil Engine Oil is the finest option if you’re looking for an oil additive that is reasonably priced but effective.

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ATP Automotive Re-Seal Stops Leaks

ATP Automotive Re-Seal Stops Leaks

The ATP automotive re-seal prevents leak is a fantastic alternative in the field of the best oil-stop leak additives. Due to its outstanding efficacy, ATP is a well-known manufacturer of oil-stop leak additives and is frequently suggested. The additive accomplishes its intended function of preventing corrosion, leaks, and rust.

After using this product for a few hours, you will see that the leaks have stopped because of how quickly the additive activates. Without any problems, all of the seals that were previously open will be re-sealed. Applying this compound will revitalize engines that have rubber gaskets and seals.

The additive also aids in the revitalization of power steering, transmission, and hydraulic systems. Given that it is only needed in small amounts, the additive has a high life with a unit of 6 quarts. The additive works with traditional and synthetic oils, gear oil, and power steering fluids. The additive does not degrade the seals because Petroleum Distillates are not present.

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Bar’s Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive

Bar’s Leaks Oil Stop Leak Additive

Bar’s Leaks is an additive with a quick activation time that is particularly user-friendly. This implies that after adding the oil stop leak additive, you may assess the performance within a few hours. The additive also doesn’t include any dangerous substances that could eventually wear down or ruin the engine. The use of this additive is intended for difficult-to-repair seals. It’s not necessary to be an expert to utilize the additive application because it’s so simple. This is a really simple fix for all of your oil leakage issues.

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Oil stop leak additives FAQs

Do Oil Stop Leak additives work?

The quick response is kind of. While the new formulas will frequently stop the leaks, they are not a long-term fix. Sooner or later, the damaged seal will need to be replaced.

Which is the best additive to stop an oil leak?

The finest engine oil stop leak product available right now is Lucas Oil’s 10278 Engine Oil Stop Leak if you’re searching for all-around defense. Use the ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks if you want to stop leaks and save money.

Does Engine Oil Stop Leak damage engine?

Be mindful that many oil additives only offer an immediate, temporary solution for tiny leaks. A single emergency use won’t necessarily harm your engine, but frequent use can be more detrimental than beneficial. Excessive chemicals frequently settle out over time and clog the system.

Does Lucas Engine Oil Stop Leak work?

What the video below to confirm if Lucas engine oil stop leaks:

How long does stop oil leak last?

So how long should you anticipate them lasting? It varies. We’ve had clients run 10,000–50,000 miles with no further problems if the leak is modest to moderate. The repair time may be shortened if the leak is more serious or on the verge of becoming serious.


How long does it take for Oil Stop Leak to work?

When changing engine oil or in between oil changes, add the entire bottle of stop leak. Typically, leaks end after 200 miles or three days of driving. A second treatment may be necessary if the leak persists, or mechanical repair may be necessary.

Does Stop leak mess up your car?

Many individuals believe that employing stop leak items to stop a transmission fluid leak can result in financial savings. Unfortunately, there is a large cost associated with employing leakage-stopping solutions. Your vehicle may sustain permanent harm from stop leak products.

What happens if you put stop leak?

The stop leak product that was added to the cooling system begins to degrade, dry out, and fragment over time, allowing debris and possibly even a huge clump to fall freely into the cooling system.

Can I drive 3 hours with an oil leak?

If you find that your car is leaking oil, you should refrain from making long drives in it. The temperature of the oil may rise along with the temperature of your engine. It might catch fire if it leaks onto the hot exhaust.

What is the most common oil leak?

Especially in older vehicles or cars that are driven regularly and have a lot of miles on them, the gasket is probably the most frequent reason for oil leaks. The gasket serves as a seal between the engine’s head and other metal components, such as the engine block and the head(s) and the oil pan.

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