Lists of best paper shredder

While many would contemplate adding a paper shredder to the list of necessary office equipment, they can frequently become an afterthought or a half-hearted purchase. Printers and a dependable fax machine may be a high priority in workspaces. However, modern paper shredders have a variety of intriguing features that set them apart from one another, such as the type of shredding each model is capable of or the materials it can handle.

A shredder can assist you in getting rid of your most private information, whether it is for personal or professional usage, whether it is on paper documents, CDs, or even credit cards. The majority of modern shredders will split up your documents into tiny enough pieces that no one will be able to piece them back together.

Lists of best paper shredder

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best paper shredder you should be considering for personal and professional use. Note that this article is not sponsored, all paper shredder machines listed below are based on the top-performing ones in today’s industrial market as experienced by users.


Best Paper Shredder

The following are a list of the best paper shredder you should be considering:

  • Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Shredder
  • Swingline Style+ Super Cross-Cut Shredder
  • Amazon Basics 150-Sheet Autofeed Micro-Cut Shredder
  • TRU RED 16-Sheet Micro-Cut Commercial Shredder
  • Bonsaii Paper Shredder
  • Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Shredder
  • Aurora AU1580MA Professional Grade High-Security Shredder


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Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Shredder

This Fellowes cross-cut shredder can consume 18 sheets at once. Most consumers discovered that the non-jamming feature genuinely works and keeps shredding sessions moving along. The brand is well known for its shredders. It satisfies P-4 security requirements and has cross-cutting capabilities that can handle thick junk mail, CDs, and credit cards.

In addition to being effective, this heavy-duty shredder lasts for years with regular maintenance. One reviewer said, “It’s used numerous times a day every day for shredding our rubbish mail, business documents, etc. “It hasn’t jammed once in more than six years, and it’s never needed any maintenance or repairs beyond emptying the bin and lubricating the blades every time the bin is emptied.”

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Swingline Style+ Super Cross-Cut Shredder

The Swingline Style+ Super Cross-Cut Shredder ($159) is the epitome of style in terms of document shredders. It is a compact model with soft curves and a two-tone, glossy color scheme that you won’t be tempted to hide when visitors are visiting.

Small, at 14 by 8 by 15 inches, is the Style+ (HWD). It may be set down on the ground or on a table. Its front, top, and back are glossy white, while its sides are glossy black. It has a gentle curvature all around. Credit and ID cards can be destroyed by Style+.

It can also shred staples and paper clips, however, Swingline advises against doing so because it puts more strain on the cutters and could shorten the shredder’s lifespan. This is due to two factors. One is that a cross-cut shredder cannot handle the size of the individual paper shreds. (Swingline refers to this model as a “super cross-cut shredder” as a result.) The shreds I counted had a typical size of 0.9 by 0.16 inches.

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Amazon Basics 150-Sheet Autofeed Micro-Cut Shredder

It’s difficult to top this heavy-duty shredder from Amazon’s Basics line—more than 12,400 flawless ratings speak for themselves. It’s a great option for anyone looking for the security of a micro-cut shredder because it can consume 150 sheets of paper with auto-feed and has a runtime of 60 minutes. Along with being compliant with P-4 requirements, it can rip up credit cards in addition to sensitive documents and features jam-proof technology.

A number of customers have mentioned that this heavy-duty tool is significantly quieter than those made by competitors and that its sheet capacity is unmatched. One reviewer stated, “I have run roughly 3,000 pages through the auto feeder so far and zero jams.” “Just stack the papers in the auto-feed and walk away. I work in the front of the office and the shredder is about 50 feet away in the back. I can’t hear it at all.”

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TRU RED 16-Sheet Micro-Cut Commercial Shredder

The TRU RED 16-Sheet Micro-Cut Commercial Shredder combines secure shredding of up to 20 sheets at once, good basket capacity, the ability to shred a variety of non-paper products, and sustained shredding before necessary cool-down periods. It does almost everything correctly.

Paper can be cut into such tiny pieces by the TRU RED 16-Sheet Micro-Cut Commercial Shredder ($219.99) that only a highly motivated government intelligence outfit would even attempt to put them back together. Taking into account its ability to shred up to 16 sheets of paper simultaneously, its micro-cut security.

The 16-Sheet Micro (as I will refer to it from now on) is our new Editors’ Choice shredder for small businesses with medium to heavy shredding demands due to its large waste bin and ability to shred objects other than paper.

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Bonsaii Paper Shredder

This cross-cut heavy-duty paper shredder from Bonsai can handle 18 pages at once. The shreds are incredibly small and adhere to P4 security standards. As an office shredder, it is also simple to move because of the wheeled base it is attached to. This shredder’s bin basket can handle up to six gallons of paper, and it has no trouble shredding tougher items like credit cards, paper clips, and staples.

This paper shredder outperforms other lighter paper shredders on the market with a continuous run-time of 60 minutes (and a cooling system to support it). One reviewer stated, “We had many months’ backlog after unexpectedly having to discontinue our quarterly shred service.” “I was expecting to spend hours catching up. Boy, was I wrong! This little dude ate envelopes full of credit offers, balance transfers, and every other annoying POS junk mail we get. I got through it all, including one time to empty it, in less than an hour.”

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Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Shredder

The Fellowes AutoMax 130C Auto Feed Shredder can manually feed twice as many sheets as it is rated for and can automatically shred a stack of up to 130 sheets. The Fellowes AutoMax 130C ($329.99) shredder is a flexible and effective machine. It can shred paper fed into its manual-feed slot as well as a stack of up to 130 letter-size sheets placed in its auto-feed tray automatically.

For manual shredding, it operates at its specified speed, and its feed slot can accommodate more than twice as many sheets as the rating suggests. The AutoMax 130C is our Editors’ Choice shredder for a small office, home office, or personal shredder due to all of these factors.

The AutoMax 130C measures 21.4 by 13.6 by 20 inches with its black plastic frame (HWD). The 8.5-gallon pull-out bin is located at the bottom of the shredder and receives paper fed into its 9-inch-wide feed slot. According to Fellowes, the manual-feed slot can accommodate eight pages, but I discovered that it can shred up to 18 sheets at once without getting stuck. Additionally, it ran at the 11-feet-per-minute rated pace for manual shredding (fpm). It can be used for 10 minutes of shredding before requiring a 25-minute cool-down period.

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Aurora AU1580MA Professional Grade High-Security Shredder

This powerful, jam-proof Aurora shredder can run for up to an hour at a time while shredding credit cards, CDs, and other delicate paperwork. It is a high-security office shredder solution with a lengthy runtime that is ideal for firms dealing with sensitive documents thanks to the micro-cut technology. Additionally, it has an auto power-off system so users won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it running, and an LED light to show when the 8.5-gallon bin is full.

This heavy-duty shredder is available in a package with a special oil that will help you maintain it and keep it working for years to come. One happy reviewer stated, “I have shredded approximately 100 pounds of paper in less than a week and this unit just runs.” “The unit has never overheated, is very quiet, and just does what it is designed to do. Honestly, the only concern is that the machine shreds faster than I can feed it!”

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Some other Best Paper Shredder

Below is some other best paper shredder you should be considering:

·         WOLVERINE 18-Sheet Shredder

·         Bonsaii 10-Sheet Paper Shredder

·         VidaTeco 14-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

·         Aurora AU1285MD Compact Desktop-Style Shredder

·         Bonsaii 18-Sheet Paper Shredder

·         Boxis AutoShred 700-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder

·         Fellowes Powershred 99Ms Micro-Cut Shredder

·         Fellowes Powershred 225Ci Shredder

·         Fellowes Powershred 79Ci

·         Bonsen S3106 10-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper Shredder



Paper Shredder FAQs

What type of paper shredder is best?

An ideal option if you want a high level of protection is a P-5 Micro Cut shredder. They’re a common option when security is a top priority, and you may frequently find them at financial institutions and legal offices. Before you choose a shredder, make sure to take the security level into account.

What are the top 5 paper shredders?

Below are the brands with the best paper shredder:

  • Dahle PaperSAFE PS 100 Deskside Shredder. From $85.
  • AmazonBasics Crosscut Paper Shredder – 8-Sheet. $40.
  • Aurora Professional Strip-Cut Paper Shredder.
  • AmazonBasics 6-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper Shredder.
  • Fellowes Powershred 75Cs Cross-Cut Shredder.
  • Swingline Stack-and-Shred 130M Micro-Cut Auto-Feed Shredder.

What is a level 5 shredder?

2000 pieces of an A4 document are shredded by P-5. suitable for secret financial documents, personal documents, and files of a strategic nature.

What are the most secure shredders?

A P-7 paper shredder is designed to shred documents with the greatest levels of security to destroy extremely private information. The military, banks, embassies, the government, and the medical industry all employ these high-security shredding machines.

What to look for when buying a paper shredder?

  • High level of security
  • High level of security.
  • For shredding highly sensitive documents.
  • Tiny square-shaped paper shreds.
  • Cuts diagonally from both corners.
  • Approximately 3,700 particles per shredded document (size: A4)
  • Security level: DIN P-5* or higher.

How long do paper shredders last?

A paper shredder should last approximately ten years with adequate care and lubrication.

What are the disadvantages of a shredder?

The first drawback of using an office shredder is that it will only cut your documents into strips that can be pieced back together again, rather than entirely shredding them into unrecoverable fragments. Identity thieves might grab your sensitive information and utilize it for their own gain if your documentation can be put back together.

How much should I spend on a paper shredder?

Because paper dust collects inside the cutting assembly, all paper shredders require regular oiling. Every half-hour of shredding time, as a general rule, oil your cross-cut shredder.

Should you oil the blades of a paper shredder?

Because paper dust collects inside the cutting assembly, all paper shredders require regular oiling. Every half-hour of shredding time, as a general rule, oil your cross-cut shredder.

Is there a way to sharpen the blades of a paper shredder?

Run a few sheets of aluminum foil through the shredding machine blades to quickly sharpen them. Aluminum foil is mild enough to put in the machine but metallic enough to sharpen those blades, much as foil may sharpen dull scissors. Oiling the paper shredder is not advised.

That is all for this article, where the lists of best paper shredders are discussed. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!