Lists of best touchscreen radio for cars

The purchase of a touchscreen for your vehicle has a huge number of benefits. However, not every touchscreen vehicle stereo is a wise investment. Choosing the best touchscreen vehicle radio can be a daunting task because there are several head units available at a wide range of pricing.

To greatly improve your in-vehicle entertainment above those basic manual car stereos, you need a touchscreen car stereo. You have a ton of options, including viewing videos, making calls, opening route maps, and listening to your favorite music. Not to mention the additional benefit of a touchscreen, which may provide a smartphone-like experience while you’re on the go.

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best touchscreen radio for cars. Note that this post is not sponsored, all touchscreen stereos listed are based on the top performance experienced by users and professionals.

Lists of best touchscreen radio for cars

Let’s dive in!


Lists of best car touch screen radio

The followings are the lists of best touchscreen radios for cars in today’s industrial market:

  • Sony XAV-AX8100
  • Podofo Double Din Car Stereo Radio
  • Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX
  • Hikity 10.1 Android Car Stereo
  • JVC KW-M750BT
  • SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo
  • Jensen CAR1000

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Sony XAV-AX8100

Sony XAV-AX8100

Look no further than the Sony XAV-AX8100 when you need the best car touchscreen radio. Although its sibling model, the AX8000, made our list the previous year, there have been even more advancements since then. First off, despite having a sizable 8.95″ display, this device just requires a single DIN 2″ hole. This enormous monster can fit in many more automobiles thanks to its ingenious design than a conventional 2 DIN opening. It is a fantastic update for older automobiles, which were previously thought to have fewer options for touchscreen stereo upgrades.

When mounted, the approximately 9″ touch-sensitive screen gives the impression of floating above your dash. To accommodate various viewing angles and give the driver a comfortable viewing angle, the screen can be adjusted.

The straightforward, matte-finish appearance adds a genuine high-end vibe to any automobile or truck and works well with a variety of different vehicle interiors. Almost any automobile on the road today can benefit immediately from the AX8000 upgrade.

The AX8100 offers five 5V pre-outs for additional expandability and a max power output of 55 watts per channel. The device has a single backup camera built in from the factory. One back USB port offers a 1.5 charging port for your smartphone and is available for connected communications.

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Podofo Double Din Car Stereo Radio

Podofo Double Din Car Stereo Radio

Podofo is another producer of Android Auto head units that offers a selection of inexpensive and entry-level options with practical features for usage in your car.

The Podofo Android Auto head unit is an excellent value because it offers the consumer a lot for the price. Like most others on the market, this Android Auto head unit offers a 7-inch, 1024 x 600 display. A reverse parking camera is also part of the package, giving your car an additional useful feature in addition to its display.

This Android Auto head unit runs Android 9.1, so you can anticipate obtaining most of the most recent features. Since it even supports the latest Android apps, Podofo has also included 2 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of storage, allowing you to swiftly install any programs of your choice. The build quality of this Android head unit is only marginally above average, even though it comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX

Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX

For many years, Pioneer has been the market leader in automotive audio equipment. Innovation is a requirement for leadership, and the DMH-C5500NEX is one of the most forward-thinking touchscreen head units available right now.

The restricted space behind the OEM head unit makes installing an aftermarket audio a challenge for many modern car owners. Pioneer used the C5500 to find solutions to all known issues. The “black box,” which may be put wherever there is room, is wired to the 1″ thick capacitive touchscreen. Even mounting it vertically or horizontally is possible.

The display is a large beast. Its eight-inch size gives you plenty of room to see Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on the majority of smartphones and tablets. Many more programs, like YouTube, are accessible through WebLink. For an easy-to-use interface, swipes and gestures can be used to operate the screen.

The C5500NEX also received plenty of power from Pioneer. The C5500 is ready to rock with an RMS of 22 watts per channel and a peak of 50 watts per channel. Four-volt presets in three pairs provide flexibility for subwoofers and amplifiers.

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Hikity 10.1 Android Car Stereo 

Hikity 10.1 Android Car Stereo  

You can also have a look at Hikity’s options if you’re looking for a new Android Auto head unit for your car and want something fair and affordable. A 1-year warranty is included, though, which is usually a plus for an Android Auto head unit.

Hikity’s Android Auto head unit is among the best touchscreen car radio systems on this list because it is one of the most affordable options. With a 10.1-inch screen and a reasonable 1024 x 600 screen resolution, it has a display.

This Android car stereo comes with a backup camera as an added bonus. 170° viewing angle, HD, and night vision rearview camera. Parking is safer and simpler thanks to the screen’s quick stereo reverse views when moving in reverse.

But like the previous generation, this Auto entry-level device runs on the dated Android 6.0 operating system. Given that it only has 16 GB of internal storage and 1 GB of RAM, its performance is actually quite average.

You can more precisely decode signal messages by using the radio frequency range of 87.5 MHz to 107.9 MHz. The memory function could recall radio stations if it were intelligent. It offers comprehensive electronic digital radio search, high-performance digital FM radio tuning, and storage for 18 radios.

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The JVC KW-M750BT connects advanced features and settings for a seamless experience, aiming to create a connected environment in your car. Starting with the integrated Bluetooth, this 6.8-inch double-din receiver can serve as your personal command center.

The touchscreen is colorful and bright, with big icons that may be used to access any of the many options for hands-free calling, utilizing navigation apps, or listening to music. Each menu page is easy to use and understand. You can access the tasks you need without being distracted because apps and menus appear swiftly and with a minimal trace of lag or delay.

You may virtually have an infinite selection of music, podcasts, audiobooks, and other content thanks to the Bluetooth connection, which also enables you to freely stream music from your smartphone or tablet to the head unit. The KW-M750BT features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to help create a vehicle environment that is even safer.

Both CarPlay and Android Auto demand that the compatible device be attached to the rear USB port, like the majority of receivers. The receiver features a backup camera connection in addition to a second camera input that may be used for a front-facing camera. This receiver has a video output port that enables video transmission to back headrest monitors.

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SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo

SJOYBRING Double Din Car Stereo

With the driver’s safety and comfort in mind, the SJOYBRING double din stereo was created so that you may enjoy all the fantastic features of a full multimedia center. It has a front and rear-view camera for simple parking. While shifting to reverse, the built-in HD night vision device operates automatically.

Connect your iOS smartphone to a huge screen to conveniently use navigation, make calls, listen to music, send and receive messages, and more. Your smartphone can be connected using Carplay, Bluetooth, or the AUX input. It also works with Mirror Link. There is also a USB connector, TF card slot, and ID3 Tag support for MP3, WMA, FLAC, and WAV.

The 100% standard-size, all-purpose IOS interface known as the JOY-D006 was created specifically for the American market. The 7-inch touchscreen display’s 1024×600 responsiveness is simple to use, and the response time is quick.

The wide variety of music genres and sound effects that may be played on this multimedia system is ideal. It offers 16-band EQ options that are user-customizable. The advanced SI4754 chip, which also has real-time FM and AM capabilities, is included in the JOY-D006.

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Jensen CAR1000

Jensen CAR1000

To say we were impressed with the CAR1000 after having a chance to test it out for ourselves would be an understatement. No matter what dash it is installed in, a car with a 10″ touchscreen seems like a high-end setup when you sit down in it. The general rule of thumb for touchscreen head units is that the more expensive the product, the bigger the screen must be.

The chassis has a full double-din construction and has a camera connector in addition to two USB rear connections. The other USB port is handy for playing music stored on a flash drive, while the first USB port is for connecting cellphones to enable Android Auto or Apple CarPlay capability. The enormous screen’s tilt-adjustable HD-level optics and 1024600 screen resolutions make for comfortable viewing.

Of course, it has wireless Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and voice control choices, and it is prepared for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Your home-auto smart system can be integrated with the CAR1000 thanks to Siri support.

The flexibility of this head unit, which has a max output of 50 watts per channel and three pairs of pre-outs, allows you to connect subwoofers and amplifiers to have loud music to go with that enormous screen.

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Car Touch Screen Radio FAQs

Which is the best Android touchscreen for cars?

Below are some of the best android touchscreens for cars:

  • Alpine iLX-207 Android Head Unit.
  • Sony XAV-AX5000 Android Auto Head Unit.
  • Pioneer AVH-3300NEX Android Auto Head Unit.
  • Kenwood Excelon DDX9905S Android Head Unit.
  • Blaupunkt San Marino 330.
  • myTVS TAV-40 HD Touch Screen Car Stereo Media Player.
  • Woodman Latest Launch Neo 2 Android 8.1.

Can I replace the radio in my car with a touch screen?

The labor expense may make you hesitate to have it changed. You might be wondering if you can change the touchscreen radio yourself if you’re here. The good news is that you can replace a touch-screen radio by yourself without a problem! All you need is a working understanding of how the radio in your car works.

Which car radio brand is the best?

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Can a touch screen be added in any car?

It is possible to install a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

That is all for this article, where the lists of best car touchscreen radios are discussed. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!