Whether you drive a car, truck, RV, or any other kind of vehicle, batteries are among the most crucial components. Batteries, however, are significantly more crucial for large, heavier vehicles like RVs and trucks. Battery failure is a far more serious situation because the batteries are needed to start the car.

There are two broad categories into which truck batteries fall: flooded wet cell and valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. The former generates an electrical charge using lead plates and a liquid or gel-like electrolyte solution. In contrast, VRLA batteries offer superior performance than normal wet cell batteries because they are sealed, low-maintenance devices that often use an absorbent glass mat (AGM) construction.

A truck, for example, cannot be readily pushed or towed. You should therefore avoid battery failure on your truck at all costs since it will put you in a difficult predicament. And now is the ideal time to replace your truck battery because the winter weather is just around the corner.

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best truck battery you should be considering. Note that this is not a sponsored post, all truck battery brands listed below are based on the top-performing ones in today’s industrial market.

Lists of best truck battery

So, let’s dive in!


Best truck battery

The followings are the lists of the best truck battery available in today’s industrial market:

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Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Battery

Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Battery

AGM batteries from Delphi typically have a longer cycle life, better vibration and corrosion resistance, and maximum power output. In comparison to some of the other batteries on this list, they are also a little cheaper.

The Delphi MaxStart meets all the criteria to be listed among the top truck batteries on this list. In addition to having a 140-minute reserve capacity, it offers 800 cold-cranking amps. It also makes use of an AGM design, which offers traditional flooded batteries a faster charging time, 20 times the vibration resistance, and longer usable life. The posts, straps, and welds on the Delphi MaxStart AGM battery have also been strengthened for increased longevity.

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ACDelco Gold B24R Hybrid Vehicle AGM BCI Group 51 Battery

ACDelco Gold B24R Hybrid Vehicle AGM BCI Group 51 Battery

We have the ACDelco Gold B24R in the first place. For many customers, this has long been their top option when it comes to automobile batteries. This Group 51 AGM battery was created especially for hybrid cars. Given that your truck can accommodate a battery measuring 18.5 by 11.4 by 9.5 inches, it can also be a fantastic option.

The exceptionally sturdy design of the ACDelco Gold B24R makes it ideal for use on rough roads. Additionally, it gives a decent working temperature range for most places between 32°F and 70°F. A slow self-discharge rate is ensured by an abnormally sluggish response between the plate material and electrolytes while the battery is not in use. Check out the thousands of encouraging comments made by ACDelco’s current users to get a sense of the company’s reach.

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Optima Batteries 8004-003 34/78 RedTop

Optima Batteries 8004-003 34 78 RedTop

With its SpiralCell Technology, the Optima RedTop is specifically made for all kinds of cars and weather conditions. Overall, compared to a conventional battery, the RedTop provides higher starting power in a shorter amount of time. Three years of free replacements are included with the purchase of every RedTop battery.

Spiral Cell technology, exclusive to the company, is used in Optima Batteries to provide dependable performance in both hot and cold climates. When compared to comparable truck batteries, Optima Batteries have the strongest five-second starting power and 15 times higher vibration resistance than typical wet-cell batteries. The Optima RedTop can generate up to 800 cold-cranking amps and has a 100-minute reserve capacity. The RedTop may be mounted in any position without worrying about leaks or spills, just like all Optima batteries.

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XS Power D3400 XS Series AGM Battery

XS Power D3400 XS Series AGM Battery

Another well-known brand of car batteries is XS power. XS Power also manufactures a number of different batteries with varied specs and battery kinds in addition to the truck battery that was stated earlier.

We have another basic 12-volt AGM battery from our list in the third position. One of the top choices among the XS series truck batteries created by XS Power is the D3400. The M6 terminal nuts on this high-capacity AGM battery allow for cross-platform use. In addition to providing 12 volts, the XS Power D3400 can handle 3300 amps of current.

In terms of the XS Power D3400’s unique qualities, this truck battery has a 1000 cranking amp and 65 amp-hour ratings. This battery is a good fit for many applications because of its specs. The XS Power D3400 is built with a completely spill-proof enclosure, valve-regulated control, and an exterior that resists vibration. Once the battery is plugged in, the extremely low internal resistance also aids in delivering optimal performance.

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Optima YellowTop

Optima YellowTop

 For automobiles that need more power, the YellowTop is made. The YellowTop is a great option if you operate a work truck, service van, or 4×4 vehicle equipped with off-road lights and winches.

A three-year, free replacement warranty is included with every YellowTop battery. For trucks and SUVs with winches, LED light bars, or pricey audio and video equipment, the YellowTop dual-purpose battery is ideal. One of the best truck batteries is the Optima YellowTop, which offers 750 cold-cranking amps and a 120-minute reserve capacity.

There are many different sizes of YellowTop batteries, including the DH7, DH6, D34/78, D27F, D51, D31T, D51R, D35, D34, D75/25, D31A, DS46B24R. When ordering via Advance Auto Parts, their price ranges from $265 to $365.

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Truck Battery FAQs

What is the best battery to buy for your truck?

The followings are the top lists of best truck batteries:

What is the most reliable battery?

The followings are the lists of reliable batteries for cars:

How long do most truck batteries last?

Generally speaking, your car’s battery needs to be replaced every three to four years. Another aspect of routine maintenance is changing your car battery. Even if you haven’t needed to replace your battery yet, getting it checked and inspected is typical for your service visits every three years.

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What is a good CCA rating for a truck battery?

A battery rated at least 600 CCA is necessary for successful cold-weather starts (cold cranking amps). The majority of typical automobile batteries have CCA ratings between 300 and 500.

How many CCAs do I need for my truck?

An engine will require roughly one amp for every cubic inch of engine displacement, according to a reliable rule of thumb. Depending on the size of your engine, this translates to between 250 and 600 cold-cranking amps for the majority of automobiles. Commercial or larger vehicles might need more.

Are 800 cold-cranking amps good?

A battery with 650 CCA is often suitable for cold climates. You can start your car in any weather thanks to an 800-cold cranking amp battery.

Which brand of car battery lasts the longest?

The followings are considered the long-lasting batteries in the market:


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Does it matter what battery I put in my truck?

Using the incorrect size battery might result in a variety of issues, just like with another component or accessory. You should always replace your batteries with the size and output that the manufacturer advises, even if using the OEM brand isn’t always necessary.

That is all for this article, where the lists of best truck batteries are discussed. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!