Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies (BICCS) Scholarships 2023/24

Embarking on a scholarly exploration of contemporary China’s multifaceted landscape, the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies (BICCS) stands as a beacon for those passionate about unraveling the complexities of China’s modern dynamics. Nestled within the academic corridors of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), BICCS represents a nexus of interdisciplinary research, fostering a deep understanding of China’s evolving role in the global arena.

brussels institute of contemporary china studies (biccs) scholarshipsWhile specific details about BICCS Scholarships may vary, the overarching mission is clear: to empower scholars and researchers with the tools, insights, and resources necessary to engage critically with the issues shaping contemporary China.


Thematic Scholarships

Given the specialized focus of BICCS on contemporary China studies, scholarships may be available for students pursuing research or studies in specific thematic areas, such as Chinese politics, economics, society, or international relations.

Collaborative Programs

BICCS may collaborate with other institutions or organizations, leading to scholarship opportunities for students engaged in joint programs or research initiatives.

International Cooperation

Scholarships may be designed to encourage international cooperation and exchange. They might support students from various backgrounds and nationalities, contributing to a diverse and global academic environment.

Ph.D. and Research Scholarships

For institutes like BICCS associated with research, scholarships might be available for Ph.D. students and researchers conducting studies related to contemporary China.

Conference and Workshop Sponsorships

Some scholarships may cover expenses related to attending conferences, workshops, or research events relevant to contemporary China studies.

Application Process

Prospective applicants usually need to apply directly to BICCS or the relevant academic department at VUB. The application process may involve submitting academic records, research proposals, and letters of recommendation.

Interdisciplinary Research Focus

Given the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary China studies, scholarships at BICCS may encourage research projects that bridge multiple disciplines, fostering a holistic understanding of China’s evolving role in the modern world.

Language Proficiency

Scholarships may take into account proficiency in Chinese language skills, especially for programs or research projects that involve primary sources in Chinese. Proficiency in both English and Chinese might be an essential requirement.

Fieldwork Opportunities

For scholars and researchers, especially those pursuing advanced degrees, scholarships might include provisions for fieldwork in China. This allows students to conduct on-the-ground research, interviews, and data collection.

Networking and Collaboration

BICCS may provide opportunities for scholarship recipients to engage in academic networks and collaborations. This can include participating in conferences, workshops, and collaborative research initiatives both within and outside the institute.

Publications and Dissemination

Scholarships might support the dissemination of research findings through publications in academic journals, conferences, and other platforms. This ensures that the scholarly work contributes to the broader academic discourse.

Policy Impact

Some scholarship programs associated with institutes like BICCS may encourage research with potential policy implications. This could involve addressing contemporary issues in China that have broader implications for international relations, economics, and politics.

Partnerships with Chinese Institutions

BICCS may have partnerships with Chinese academic institutions or research organizations, leading to joint scholarship programs or collaborative opportunities for students and researchers.

Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies (BICCS) emerges not only as an academic institution but as a dynamic crucible for understanding and interpreting the intricate layers of contemporary China. Beyond its role as a center of learning, BICCS embodies a commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research, international collaboration, and a deeper comprehension of China’s societal, political, and economic complexities.

While the specifics of BICCS Scholarships unfold in the academic journey, the overarching mission persists — to cultivate a community of scholars and researchers equipped to contribute meaningfully to the global discourse surrounding China’s present and future. As the doors of opportunity swing open at BICCS, it invites scholars and students alike to partake in a transformative intellectual voyage, where curiosity, insight, and collaboration converge to illuminate the ever-evolving narrative of contemporary China.

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