Things you need to know about buying a car online from Carvana

By making it easier to sell your old car and get a new one, Carvana is trying to revolutionize the used car buying process. Carvana’s goal since its founding in 2012 has been to make it as simple as possible for drivers to acquire their next set of wheels just like picking up a candy bar from one of its vending machines.

Through Carvana, online purchasing is easy and you have access to a huge selection of vehicles. Additionally, you receive access to exceptional financing deals and a return policy. On the other hand, you are unable to view or test drive the automobile in person.

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Well, in this article, I’ll be making a review on how to buy a car online from Carvana, and their pros and cons. The following questions will discuss:

  • What is Carvana?
  • How to buy a car with Carvana?
  • What are the things you expect when buying a car from Carvana?
  • How good is Carvana’s used vehicle?
  • Why is Carvana good?
  • Is Carvana going out of business?
  • What are Carvana’s legal troubles?

So, let’s dive in!

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What is Carvana?

Carvana is a well-known online marketplace for buying and selling automobiles. Carvana is a choice if you’re looking for a place to buy a vehicle online in the US. Ernest Garcia III, Ryan Keeton, and Ben Huston, three young digital entrepreneurs, created Carvana in 2012.

The answer to this and other frequently asked questions concerning Carvana is no. Sadly, Carvana only offers used automobiles for sale. Likely, a car with low mileage and close to new condition that you locate or purchase on Carvana was a trade-in or a distressed sale.

The idea was started by wealthy Garcia III and his father, the creator of DriveTime, who graduated from Stanford. Garcia II was found guilty of fraud in 1990 for his role in the Charles Keating scandal, but that didn’t stop him from bouncing back and establishing a successful business in used car sales and subprime auto loans.

The phrase “Skip the Dealership” was proudly worn by the young founders as they worked to provide an alternative to the conventional dealership business. Carvana sought to lure customers away from the established strategy by providing higher quality pre-owned vehicles at lower, no-haggle pricing.

How to buy a car with Carvana?

According to the company’s support center, buying a car through Carvana may be done entirely online and just requires a few simple steps. The followings are the method of buying a car with Carvana:

  • Prequalify for financing
  • Shop for a vehicle
  • Explore the vehicle you choose
  • Confirm your payment type
  • Choose delivery or pickup

Prequalify for financing

It is advisable to apply for auto loan prequalification with Carvana — and at least two other lenders — before beginning the automobile shopping process. According to Carvana, you will have a clear understanding of what you can afford after the procedure, which takes less than five minutes. A crucial first step in obtaining the finest vehicle loan available to you is prequalification. Simply provide your contact information, employment status, and yearly income in the required fields.

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Shop for a vehicle

You may now look through the 25,000 available vehicles, all of which have been checked by both Carfax and AutoCheck while keeping in mind how much you can afford. You can view the alternatives in your area by visiting the “Find a car” button on the website. You can also be quite particular about the price, the method of payment, the brand and model, the year and mileage, the body style, and the amenities you desire here. You can search to determine whether a particular vehicle is offered in your area if you have one in mind.

Explore the vehicle you choose

You can virtually explore the inside and outside of your ideal car by selecting the “get started” link after deciding on it, which will be held for 30 minutes. Additionally, you may learn more about the mileage, the features of the car, and the guarantee that is offered here. A 100-day limited warranty and a seven-day money-back guarantee are both included with every Carvana vehicle.

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Confirm your payment type

This page also includes an estimate of the price for the car under both the “pay in full” and “pay monthly” payment plans. The “pay once” price takes into account the total upfront cash cost of the automobile, including shipment. The “pay monthly” option will display your monthly cost based on your initial prequalification number for those who decide to finance the vehicle. You may also look into this option here if you want to trade in.

Choose delivery or pickup

After making your selection and confirming your payment, you can choose to have the vehicle delivered right to your home or pick it up at one of the 34 vending machines located all over the country. If you select this option and live close to a vending machine, you will get a special cent that, when inserted, will take the automobile out of the car tower and transport it to the delivery bay. Now that you have your new car, you can leave.

How good is Carvana’s used vehicle?

Before being put up for sale on Carvana, the business claims that each vehicle must pass a meticulous 150-point inspection. However, you can always use the 7-day return period to return the vehicle for either a refund or replacement if you decide for any reason that the automobile you purchased from Carvana isn’t a suitable fit.

Although purchasing a car from Carvana may not be the most affordable option, it is unquestionably convenient, quick, and easy. Therefore, you can check out Carvana the next time you want to buy a car or just window shop for one. However, read our post on the important points to consider before buying a used automobile online.

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What are the things you expect when buying a car from Carvana?

The smooth nature of the Carvana used car purchasing process is something it takes pride in, but it also promotes customization through its customer assistance. There are currently just 34 vending machines owned and operated by Carvana throughout the United States. However, in addition to having vending machines, it also provides delivery.

To “ensure you have peace of mind when it comes to your new car,” according to the business. Although Carvana sells automobiles, it does not employ car salespeople, according to the “about us” section of the website. This strategy sets the business apart from its more established rivals, which may put further pressure on the personnel. Additionally, it eliminates haggling and face-to-face interaction, which is ideal for people who want to buy and drive without all the added stress.

Why is Carvana good?

A car can be purchased quickly. The website for Carvana is a masterpiece in design. The search engine, personalized listings, and excellent user interface on Carvana are all things that most B2C websites might benefit from. You can complete the following tasks on in under five minutes each:

  • Find your ideal car
  • Purchase a new car
  • Get a financing offer
  • Get a trade-in value


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Is Carvana going out of business?

Carvana is struggling in 2022, it’s true. The company’s stock is down 95% (wait, it’s down 96%), its vice president is facing 80 criminal charges, and the state of Michigan has temporarily banned Carvana from selling cars there due to the company’s “imminent danger to the public.”

Considering that Carvana’s overall sales almost doubled during the epidemic, it has been a shocking fall from grace. What the earth happened to Carvana, then? And how does this affect you if you’re considering purchasing a car from them? Will used automobiles be included in Carvana’s “going out of business sale”? Or are there significant hidden risks associated with purchasing a car from a sick company?

Here is a lot of question to answer!

In a nutshell, Carvana’s business strategy is to outperform Carmax in all it does. Carvana handles every aspect of getting there in-house, including taking pictures, inspecting, maintaining, delivering, and even lending its own money to those who wish to finance their automobiles.

You can see how Carvana quickly depletes its financial resources by adding 34 delicious automobile vending machines. As a result, the business didn’t start making money until 2021, over 10 years after it was established. Yes, that does happen occasionally. To make two nickels to rub together, Tesla needed to work for 17 years.

However, Carvana’s issue wasn’t getting profitable; rather, it was continuing to be lucrative. Carvana nevertheless managed to make a $439 million deficit in Q2 2022 despite selling 117,564 vehicles.

Investors were left to wonder if the entire business model was flawed if Carvana couldn’t make a profit even in the best of circumstances. They sold their shares as a result, which caused them to plummet. And with that, Carvana’s dreadful, horrible, no-good, extremely disastrous 2022 officially began.

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What are Carvana’s legal troubles?

Carvana has a repulsive propensity to fail to deliver consumers the titles to their vehicles. Additionally, you cannot lawfully drive your new car without a title. When enough customers voiced their displeasure, Carvana’s dealer license in North Carolina, Florida, Michigan, and Illinois was suspended.

Additionally, while Florida and North Carolina eventually allowed Carvana to return to normalcy, the State Department of Michigan persisted in its investigation and discovered indicators of systemic dishonesty, such as:

  • Missing vehicle titles and other critical records
  • Fraud
  • Destroyed documents
  • Failing to maintain odometer records
  • Improperly issuing temporary registrations

And others.

What are the pros and cons of Carvana?

Pros of Buying a Car from Carvana

  • Fast operation
  • Good Prices
  • Exceptional Financing Rates
  • High-Rated Customer Service Team
  • Return Policy & Warranty


Cons of Buying a Car from Carvana

  • Poor Trade-in Deals
  • Can’t Inspect Cars Physically
  • No Test Drives
  • Lack of Charitable Giving


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That is all for this article, where the process of buying a car online from Carvana is been discussed. I hope you get a lot from the reading, if so, kindly share with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!