Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master’s and Doctoral Levels)

The Canada Graduate Scholarships (CGS) at Master’s and Doctoral levels are a cornerstone of Canada’s commitment to supporting academic excellence and innovation. These scholarships, which are funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), have a significant impact on the academic and research landscape.

Here are things to know about the CGS Scholarship:


Key Features

Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master's and Doctoral Levels)

Eligibility Criteria

International students, permanent residents, and citizens of Canada are all welcome in the inclusive CGS program. Candidates who are enrolled in accredited Canadian universities to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree are eligible.

Fields of Study

A wide range of research interests can be accommodated by the program’s broad scope, which includes health, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.

Selection Criteria

The selection process seeks applicants who not only demonstrate intellectual power but also have the potential to make substantial contributions to their respective disciplines. It emphasizes academic quality, research potential, and demonstrated innovation and leadership capabilities.

Value and Duration

CGS offers substantial financial support for living expenses, tuition, and travel expenses for research-related activities. Support is available for a maximum of 12 months for Master’s students and up to 36 months for Doctoral students.

Research Allowance

Doctoral-level recipients are given a research allowance, which helps them do more relevant and meaningful research.

Application Process

The application process entails a comprehensive submission that includes academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a detailed research proposal. Typically, applicants submit through the federal funding agency for their field of study.

Research Contributions

Along with academic excellence, recipients are required to contribute to knowledge growth through publications, presentations, and research activities.


Financial Support

CGS scholarships provide financial stability, allowing recipients to focus on their studies and research without financial limitations that often impede academic advancement.

Professional Development

Contributing to their overall professional growth, recipients gain access to a network of academic peers, mentorship opportunities, and cutting-edge research in their disciplines.

International Recognition

CGS recipients gain international recognition for their academic achievements, further solidifying Canada’s position as a hub for top-tier academic talent.

Contributions to Canadian Research Landscape

Scholarships play a critical role in creating a vibrant research community in Canada, attracting and maintaining excellent individuals who go on to make substantial contributions to the country’s research landscape.

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Challenges and Considerations

Competitive Nature

The CGS program is highly competitive, which emphasizes the necessity for applicants to exhibit remarkable academic and research potential.

Research Accountability

Recipients are expected to accomplish particular deliverables and milestones, and they are responsible for the advancement and impact of their study.

Application Deadlines

Submissions must be made on time and with proper preparation; federal research funding agencies have particular deadlines that must be followed.

Success Stories and Impact

Canada Graduate Scholarships (Master's and Doctoral Levels)

Global Recognition

Many CGS recipients received global recognition, demonstrating Canada’s dedication to developing world-class talent capable of innovative discoveries.

Innovation Catalyst

By offering students financial support and a nurturing atmosphere in which to explore new ideas and contribute to cutting-edge research, the program serves as a catalyst for innovation.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

CGS promotes interdisciplinary collaboration by facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge among researchers from various backgrounds in order to produce more holistic and meaningful research results.

Program Evolution

Adaptation to Emerging Trends

The CGS program has evolved to keep up with growing research and technology trends, assuring its continuous relevance in solving modern concerns.

Inclusivity Initiatives

Continual efforts are undertaken to improve diversity within the research community and to encourage submissions from underrepresented groups.

Community Engagement

Knowledge Mobilization

Through community outreach programs, workshops, and open forums, recipients actively participate in knowledge mobilization by disseminating their research findings to a wider audience.

Leadership Development

The program contributes to leadership development by allowing participants to take on leadership roles within research teams, preparing them for leadership in academic and non-academic settings.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Pathways to Employment

CGS alumni frequently find better employment opportunities, with their research experience and academic successes providing doors to careers in academia, industry, government, and the nonprofit sector.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Some CGS recipients use their research discoveries to launch entrepreneurial businesses, thereby contributing to the expansion of the Canadian innovation ecosystem.

Continued Commitment

Government Support

The Canadian government’s continued support for the CGS program demonstrates its commitment to investing in human capital, understanding that the success of the country is inextricably linked to the growth of competent and inventive individuals.

Global Competitiveness

The program boosts Canada’s global competitiveness by attracting and keeping top-tier talent, establishing the country as a center for world-class research and innovation.

Canada Graduate Scholarships — Doctoral program

Value$35,000 per year
Duration36 months
TenureCanadian institutions only
Application deadlineThrough a Canadian institution: Contact your institution
Directly to the agencies: October 17To determine whether you should apply through a Canadian institution or directly to the agencies and which application deadline applies to you, consult the Where should I submit my application? flowchart.
How to applyRefer to the Application Procedures section below.
Results announcedApril
Application forms and instructionsNSERC: Online system and instructions
CIHR: ResearchNET and instructions
SSHRC: Online system and instructions

To sum up, the Canada Graduate Scholarships for Master’s and Doctoral levels are more than just financial help; they are part of a larger program designed to support leadership, innovation, and academic success in Canada. The program’s influence is evident in the long-lasting contributions it provides to the state of research in the country as well as in the academic successes of its alumni.

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