25 car body parts names and their functions

Similar to how human body parts complete us, a car’s body parts are essential to its operation. A car cannot exist without them. Have you ever wondered what the names of the parts in your car’s engine were? You will examine the main parts of an automobile in this post and discover not only what each element is called but also what it does.

25 car body parts names and their functions

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Names of car body Parts and their functions

The following are the names of car body parts and their functions:

  • Bearings
  • Body kits
  • Body shell
  • Body trim
  • Bonnet
  • Bonnet grill
  • Brake fluid bottle
  • Bumper grill
  • Bumper guards
  • Bumper
  • Cabin parts
  • Cables
  • Coolant bottle
  • Dashboard
  • Door parts
  • Fenders
  • Fog lamp
  • Glass
  • License plate and brackets
  • Mirror
  • Mid flaps
  • Quarter panel
  • Sunroof
  • Wheel
  • Windshield washer motor
  • Wiper


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The wheel assembly between the wheel and axle is incomplete without a wheel bearing.

Body kits

A collection of modified body parts or extra parts fitted in a production car is known as a body kit. consisting often of the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, hoods (hood scoop), and occasionally the front and rear side guards and roof scoops.

Body shell

The body (plural bodies) is the primary structure of a motor vehicle, resting on the chassis and housing the electrical and mechanical components as well as the seats.

Body trim

Car trim is a decorative element that can be added to an automobile’s exterior and interior to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

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The flip cover that lies over the engine of a front-engined car is referred to as a hood, sometimes called a bonnet in some other nations. The objective is to make the engine accessible for upkeep and repairs. The hood is usually secured in place using a covert latch.

Bonnet grill

In automobile engineering, a radiator grille covers a hole that allows air to enter or leave a vehicle. To protect the radiator and engine, the front of most cars is covered with a grille.

Brake fluid bottle

Vehicle hydraulic brake and clutch applications employ brake fluid, a type of hydraulic fluid. Particularly in the wheel cylinders of drum brakes and disc brake calipers, brake fluid is subjected to extremely high temperatures. To prevent evaporation within the lines, it needs to have a high boiling point.

Bumper grill

Car bumper guards prevent scratches and scrapes on your car. You can safely protect your car’s bumper with some fantastic guards or guards that are readily accessible in the market, but you cannot completely eliminate this danger.

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Bumper guards

Car bumper guards prevent scratches and scrapes on your car. You can safely protect your car’s bumper with some fantastic guards or guards that are readily accessible in the market, but you cannot completely eliminate this danger.


In order to minimize repair costs and absorb shock in the event of a small collision, a bumper is a structure that is attached to or built into the front and back ends of a motor vehicle. The perfect bumper reduces height inequalities between vehicles and safeguards pedestrians from harm.

Cabin parts

This is the internal part of the car’s cabinet


The wiring of the car uses cables to link each electrical component to the battery.

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Coolant bottle

The plastic container placed in the engine compartment that houses the coolant for the engine is known as the coolant reservoir. Because engines warm up and cool down through cycles that emit and absorb coolant, coolant tanks are necessary.

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A dashboard is a control panel found in the center console of a car or small airplane. It is also referred to as an instrument panel (IP), bezel, or dashboard. It shows the instruments and controls needed to operate the vehicle and is typically placed directly in front of the driver (or pilot).

Door parts

Window regulator, window crank/switch, power window motor, door locks and latches, interior door handle, and car door itself.


The part of a car, motorcycle or other vehicle’s body that frames a wheel arch is referred to in America as a fender (the underside of the fender). Its major function is to stop the revolving tire from launching debris including sand, mud, stones, liquids, and other roadway sprays into the air.

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Fog lamp

All vehicles are obliged by law to have rear fog lights. Only a few models feature fog lights, which are typically added as a cosmetic touch to vehicles with higher specs. Daytime running lights (DRLs) are standard equipment on all new cars, which should help ensure that the vehicle is seen on the road.


The windshield is usually the first piece of glass you encounter in a car. In European autos, the windshield is sometimes referred to as. The windshield is essential for maintaining the car’s framework and safeguarding the driver and passengers.

License plate and brackets

The term “a number plate” is often used to refer to a vehicle’s license plate. The official registration number of a vehicle is imprinted on a metal plate that is connected to the car.


A rear-view mirror, often known as a rearview mirror, is a flat mirror seen in cars and other vehicles that allows the driver to see out the back window (rear windshield).

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Mid flaps

Getting a mud flap for your vehicle is essential, regardless of whether you drive a sedan, SUV, or truck. The undercarriage of the automobile, which is vulnerable to corrosion and rust, is one of the sensitive areas that this automotive accessory helps shield from dirt and filth. Mudflaps are also referred to as splash guards or mudguards.

Quarter panel

The body panel (external surface) of an automobile that is located between the rear door (or the only door on either side for two-door vehicles) and the trunk (boot) and often wraps around the wheel well is known as a quarter panel (British English: rear wing).


A sunroof is a moveable panel that unfurls to reveal a window in a car’s roof, enabling light and/or fresh air to enter the cabin. Sunroofs come in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and aesthetics and can be manually or electrically controlled.


The “outside edge of a wheel, retaining the tire” is known as the rim. On wheels placed on autos and other vehicles, it makes up the outside circular pattern of the wheel.

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Windshield washer motor

The windshield washer fluid tank’s bottom holds the windshield washer pump (motor). As seen in the figure, the windshield washer tank is often found in front of one of the front wheels, behind the front bumper.


A wiper is a tool used to remove raindrops from a car’s windshield.

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What Is the Body of a Car?

The main supporting structure of the vehicle or a specific component of it could be the body. A modern car’s vehicle body is made up of an engine section, a saloon, and a trunk. All other components of a vehicle are joined to the vehicle body, which serves as its primary structural support. The truck’s chassis is a distinct frame.

What Are the Panels on A Car Called?

A fender (front wing) is a similar front section located between the door and the hood (bonnet). It is also occasionally referred to as a quarter panel. Normally formed of sheet metal, quarter panels can also occasionally be made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, or plastic that’s been reinforced with fibers.

What Is the Main Part of a Car?

The frame, suspension, axles, and wheels make up the majority of an automobile’s chassis.

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What Are Mechanical Parts of a Car?

Mechanical parts refer to functional components on a car that deteriorates with time or has a limited lifespan, usually less than the car’s overall lifespan. External crash components, wheels, paint, windshields, and other glass items are not considered mechanical components.

What Is the Clutch in A Car?

In its most basic form, the clutch stops engine power to prevent gear crunching during shifting and permits engine power to be supplied gradually as a vehicle is starting up. Power can be transferred from the engine to the transmission and drive wheels by engaging the clutch.

What Is the Most Important Part of A Car?

Engine. Starting with the engine, a vehicle’s most crucial internal component makes sense. Internal combustion engines, which power the majority of modern automobiles, produce energy by igniting a mixture of air and fuel that drives pistons, which in turn propel the vehicle.

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How Many Body Parts Does a Car Have?

A single car has roughly 30,000 pieces when all of the tiniest screws, nuts, and bolts are included. While many of these parts are made by suppliers, the manufacturer makes some of them as well. About 30,000 pieces are produced using various raw materials and production techniques.

What Is the Body of Cars Made Of?

The chassis and body of almost every car on the road are made mostly of steel. Steel is widely used in the production of automobiles because it is both affordable and simple to shape using machinery like stamping presses.

What Is the Car Body Shell?

The main body of a motor vehicle that rests on the chassis and is equipped with the engine, mechanical and electrical systems, seats, etc. is referred to as a bodyshell (plural bodyshells).

What Is a Car Door Assembly?

A molded door panel with a first side and a second side makes up a door assembly for a vehicle. The door panel’s front side is designed to face the vehicle’s passenger compartment.

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Do All Car Parts Have a Part Number?

Short answer: Each automaker will have a unique part numbering system that is entirely distinct from that of other automakers.

What Do Mechanical Parts Do?

In Fortnite: Save the World, you can find Mechanical Parts, a kind of construction material, all throughout the map. They are used to make traps and weapons. By damaging mechanical objects like cars, blue electrical boxes, and refrigerators, can be discovered.

How Do You Call the Body of a Car?

That is typically referred to as the “chassis,” but it might also be the “body” or “frame.” Actually, it’s an engineering drawing for a “unibody” car, which combines the chassis, frame, and body into a single piece.