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For individuals working in the subject of case management, the Certified Case Manager (CCM) Exam is a prominent and highly regarded certification assessment. The Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) created and administers the CCM Exam, which acts as a standard for the knowledge, abilities, and proficiency needed to succeed in the complicated and varied field of case management.

In the fields of healthcare and human services, case management is an essential discipline that is crucial to the coordination and optimization of resources and care for people with a range of obstacles, such as disabilities, social requirements, and health-related issues. Professionals with CCM certification play a critical role in raising standards of care, better patient outcomes, and reducing costs in the social services and healthcare industries.

Here is all you need to know about CCM (Certified Case Manager) Exam:



The CCM Exam is administered by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) and is designed to evaluate the competency and expertise of case managers. It aims to ensure that certified professionals can effectively assess, plan, coordinate, and monitor the services and resources needed to meet the healthcare and human services needs of their clients.


To be eligible for the CCM Exam, candidates must typically possess a combination of education and work experience in case management. Specific eligibility criteria can vary, so it’s essential to check with the CCMC for the most up-to-date requirements.


The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, covering a wide range of topics relevant to case management. The content areas typically include:

  • Case management concepts and principles
  • Case management process
  • Psychosocial aspects
  • Healthcare management and delivery
  • Rehabilitation concepts and strategies
  • Healthcare financing and regulations


The CCM Exam is typically computer-based and consists of approximately 180 multiple-choice questions. Candidates are given four hours to complete the exam.

Preparation Tips for the CCM Exam

Understand the Exam Content

Familiarize yourself with the exam content areas and the specific topics covered. Review the CCMC’s official exam blueprint to understand the distribution of questions in different content areas.

Study Resources

Utilize official CCM study materials, such as textbooks and online resources, provided by the CCMC. These materials are designed to align with the exam’s content and can be valuable study aids.

Practice Questions

Take advantage of practice exams and sample questions to become accustomed to the format and types of questions you will encounter on the actual exam. This can help improve your test-taking skills.

Review Relevant Guidelines and Regulations

Case management often involves navigating complex healthcare regulations and guidelines. Make sure you are well-versed in relevant rules, such as those related to Medicare and Medicaid.

Time Management

During the exam, manage your time wisely. Do not spend too much time on individual questions. If you’re unsure about a particular question, mark it and return to it later if time permits.

Stress Management

The CCM Exam can be challenging, but staying calm and focused is crucial. Adequate rest and stress management techniques can help you perform your best on the day of the exam.

Networking and Peer Support

Connect with other case managers who have successfully passed the CCM Exam. They can provide insights, tips, and emotional support during your preparation.

Exam Registration

You can submit an application to CCMC once you’ve made sure you meet all the conditions. Along with the examination cost, you must submit your license, certification, or degree in your application.

An Authorization to Test (ATT) will be sent to you via email as soon as your application to take the exam has been approved.

Exam Fee

There is a $225 nonrefundable application fee as well as a $195 examination fee. This implies that the total amount due when you submit your application is $420.

Should you need to postpone your exam, there could be a number of expenses. There is no cost if you reschedule your exam at least thirty days in advance. Exam rescheduling with five to thirty-nine days’ notice will cost $35; exams rescheduled with four days or less notice will cost $85.

Exam date


Testing will be available at a testing center or live remote proctoring.

Exam CycleApril 2024August 2024December 2024
Application window opensNovember 1, 2023March 1, 2024July 1, 2024
Application window closesJanuary 31, 2024May 31, 2024September 30, 2024
Approval/Denial NotificationBy February 29, 2024By June 30, 2024October 31, 2024
Exam administrationApril 1 – 30, 2024August 1-31, 2024December 1 – 31, 2024


Certification Expiration DateNovember 30, 2023May 31, 2024
Renewal Application window opensSeptember 1, 2023March 1, 2024
Renewal Application window closesNovember 30, 2023May 31, 2024
Approval/Denial NotificationBy December 15, 2023By June 15, 2023

Latest News

As the American population ages, there may be an increase in demand for case managers and the social services they offer in the years to come. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports data on social service managers, a closely comparable occupation, but does not expressly give data for the case management field. Between 2021 and 2031, the BLS expects a 12% growth in employment for social and community service managers, which is substantially faster than average.

Case managers make an average of $44,600 a year, according to Payscale. Some case managers do, however, make a lot more money. For instance, according to Payscale, the average yearly income for nurse case managers is approximately $77,000.

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