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How Force changes the State of Motion


What is the state of motion?

State of motion is a situation where an object is on motion due to force exerted to it. The state of motion changes when force is added from another direction. This can cause the object to accelerate, decelerate and even change the direction of motion.

State of motion
Just imagine someone begins to push this box from the opposite direction. What do you think will happen? The box either stops or begins to move in the other direction, that is if the force from the other side is more.

Force and Motion work hand to hand, as force play an important role in the motion as it changes the state. Force is an interaction between two or more bodies, causing the state of motion of the objects to change if not interrupted. Today you’ll get to know extensively how force affects the state of motion of a body.

A change in the state of motion is said to be a change of speed of the body and/or a change of direction of motion of the body. This change could be speeding up (acceleration) or speeding down (deceleration).

All non-living things are stationary only if force is applied to them. Neither a chair or table can move on their own unless you move. A ball can’t move unless a force is applied to it. Now you can see how force is important in our daily life leading to motion.

How Force changes in the state of motion

The following stated below are examples of how force can change the state of motion of a body:

Force can cause Motion to Accelerate

When an object is stationary and force is applied to it, this object begins to move resulting in motion. Let take examples, if a ball at a stationary position is kicked, the force is applied to it through the leg, causing the ball to start moving.

A boy on a skateboard holds a moving truck in order pull him along with skate. Due to the pulling force received from the vehicle allows the skateboard to accelerate at the same speed as the truck.

Change in the state of motion
The pulling force applied to the skateboard enables it to accelerate.

When a bicycle is accelerated due to the paddling level of the pedal. It decelerates when the paddling stop.

These are examples of force being used to cause acceleration or to speed up. It only happens due to the force applied to it.

Force can cause a motion to decelerate or stop motion

Remember an object is caused to accelerate by force. Let take the same example of the boy riding a bicycle and he holds the brake pedal the movement of the bicycle decelerate and eventually stop. The force causes the brake pad to press the bicycle wheel.

Force and motion relationship

Taking another example from the boy riding a skateboard, just Imagine the boy leave the moving truck, it begins to decelerate and eventually stop. Or you can imagine the truck hold break, what do think will happen to the boy on the skate.

Force can cause a change in the direction of motion

Force can change directions of an object if the force is applied to it at a different angle. This causes the object to change in direction of motion. This principle is found in almost all sport that uses a ball. The speed can be maintained if the force is applied in a perpendicular angle but the velocity will change.

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