The cheapest places to get your brakes done

Cheapest Places To Get Brakes Done

Our cars should all have good and efficient brakes. Without them, we’d be crashing into anything as we drive. And that is the reason why we should know the cheapest places to get brakes done in case of any issues. You want a mechanic who knows what he’s doing and uses durable parts when replacing brakes. Therefore, you should know the right place to achieve this.

The cheapest places to get your brakes done

Find out what kind of brakes your car requires before you go to the brake shop. To find out what kind of brakes your car needs to have to operate at its best, you may want to arrange a brake assessment with a reliable mechanic. It may simply be necessary to replace the brake pads themselves if they aren’t too worn, which is a simple procedure. But if you have severely worn brake pads and other broken parts, you might require more costly brake repairs.

Well, in this article, you’ll get to know the cheapest places to get your brakes done. But before we get to that, we’ll take a look at how to choose a place for a cheap brake job and the cost to complete a brake job.

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Let’s get to it.


How to choose a place for a cheap brake job

Below are some things you should consider doing when choosing a place for a cheap brake job:

  • Compare shops estimates
  • Research parts
  • Read reviews of other customers
  • Look for discounts

Compare shops estimates

Comparing estimates is a good idea. We cannot emphasize just how crucial this is whenever you want to undertake a significant service or repair on your car.

You should get estimates and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best service for an affordable price because they can be quite expensive.

You need to spend some time calling around and comparing prices to find the best deal. However, you can tell something is off if one of the providers is either too expensive or too cheap. Don’t only consider price; instead, look for a reasonably priced choice.

Research parts

You have a variety of options when choosing the parts for brake pad replacement. The amount you pay can vary greatly depending on the brand you choose. Expect to pay much more if you prefer OEM brake pads or if you want something high-performance.

To ensure you are getting a quality replacement, do your research on the company if you choose aftermarket brake pads because they are less expensive.

Read reviews of other customers

Make sure the shop is capable of performing quality brake work. Find reviews of the place you intend to visit if you want to have your brakes serviced at a national chain.

Saving money for a brake service is pointless if the work isn’t done properly. Reading customer reviews is another good way to determine whether a company has unstated hidden costs.

Look for discounts

There are several places where you may get deals and coupons for auto maintenance, including brake servicing. We usually begin by visiting the business’ website.

Give a call and find out what’s available if you are unable to locate anything there. If they need your business, they might offer you a discount. Before starting a brake service, search for deals and coupons.

The websites of large national chains may provide a list of available coupons. A website like Groupon is a good place to look for deals.

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Cheapest Place to Get Your Brakes Done

Here’s a list of the cheapest places to get brakes done:

  • Midas
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Pep Boys
  • Firestone Complete Auto Care
  • Local Repair Shop


The first cheapest place to get your brakes done on this list is Midas. A front or rear brake pad replacement at Midas typically costs around $300. However, this cost varies depending on what car you are driving and where you reside.

The cheapest places to get your brakes done

The best aspect of Midas is the ability to request an online quote before engaging in any services. To get an estimate sent to you, just enter your contact information and vehicle details on the website.

Furthermore, you should not accept this assessment at face value. To find out if more money can be saved, check online to see what special deals are available.

Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube charges different amounts depending on where you reside, what kind of car you drive, and what has to be done. However, brake pad replacement for each axle tends to be around $300. On the website, there are frequently some brief promotions that you might benefit from.

The cheapest places to get your brakes done

In general, Jiffy Lube is a bit less expensive than Pep Boys, and the majority of its outlets get good reviews. You will spend more money if you also need to get the rotors installed.

Pep Boys

Another one of the cheapest places to get brakes done is Pep Boys. At Pep Boys, qualified technicians are also available. You might pay $350 per axle for a standard brake service, but the work is covered by a lifetime warranty on the parts and includes an inspection. The brake fluid can also be replaced if you choose the Premium Service, which costs a little extra.

The cheapest places to get your brakes done

You might have more options for pads and rotors at Pep Boys because they also sell auto parts. If performance is a problem, you can save money by switching to ceramic brake pads or by selecting a less expensive brake pad. High-performance brake pads will increase the price, though.

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Among the cheapest places to get brakes done, the least expensive choice could be Firestone, but there aren’t as many locations as with some of our other options. The standard brake service includes resurfacing the rotors, and Wagner brake pads, and a thorough inspection. Additionally, they offer a lifetime warranty on the brake pads and a 12-month/12,000-mile labor warranty.

The cheapest places to get your brakes done

Depending on the service you choose, the more expensive services may include brake fluid exchange and better warranty coverage. The standard job at Firestone will run you about $175. However, the standard with fluid exchange and a lifetime job will cost you about 350 and 450, respectively.

They occasionally have coupons available. So now would be a good time to visit Firestone if you need to have your brakes repaired. However, the brake pads are the only thing covered by this coupon; service on the calipers, rotors, or drums is not included.

Local Repair Shop

Local Repair Shop

When having your brakes fixed, you might also consider your neighborhood repair shops. However, as you will need to check locally, we won’t be able to assist you in getting an estimate for this one. Get your brakes fixed at your neighborhood repair shop if you already have a reliable mechanic and repair shop.

In terms of brakes, we do not advise choosing the least expensive option. It’s critical for your safety when driving and is an integral component of how your car works. Go to a repair shop you can trust to do a decent job, whether they are large national chains or small local shops.

Read customer reviews and recommendations if you do not yet have a reliable shop. It’s a plus for the shop if a previous customer with the same vehicle as yours had a positive experience because it shows they have experience working on vehicles like yours.

How much does a brake job cost

The parts required and the kind of car you drive will determine the cost of a brake job. In addition, there are significant differences in labor costs between urban and rural areas based on where you live.

Typically, the brake pads cost around $150 per axle. When labor is involved, the price might reach $250 or above. Given these costs, a four-wheel brake repair may cost $400 or more.

The cheapest places to get your brakes done

If the rotors need to be changed, expect to pay an additional $100 per axle for parts and an additional hour or two of labor. It is reasonable to assume that the cost will increase by $200 or more per axle as a result.

Depending on the quality and load that your brakes experience when driving daily, you will need to replace them at around 30,000 and 70,000 miles. The calipers, meanwhile, have a lifespan of roughly 10 years, or 75–100,000 kilometers.

However, those are only estimates for hatchbacks and small sedans, so keep that in mind. Because the brakes on SUVs, trucks, and performance vehicles are larger and occasionally made of more expensive materials, they will cost more.

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How much should a full brake job cost?

The standard range for a complete brake repair, which includes pads, rotors, and calipers, is $200 to $800.

How much does Walmart charge for brake service?

Despite not providing brake services, Walmart Auto Care Center does provide a wide choice of other services to help you keep your car in good condition. They offer the following services, along with prices: A typical oil change costs $32.88. Oil change with high mileage: $42.88

How much does it cost to get all your brakes around?

Costs for complete brake repairs, which include replacing the pads, rotors, and calipers, can range from $300 to $800 per axle. Being a responsible car owner requires having your brake system repaired or replaced, even though doing so can be expensive.

How much is a Firestone brake job?

Your inspection cost will be refunded if we repair your brakes. Installation costs for new brakes typically range from $300 to $800.

How much does Midas charge for a brake job?

Midas: When fixing brakes, labor costs average around $80 per hour. A brake drum package costs around $50, a brake fluid change costs about $60, and a full caliper and rotor replacement costs about $800.

How much should I pay for a front brake job?

Brake pads and rotors typically cost $534 to $678 to replace at a mechanic, but you can save money by doing the work yourself. Taxes, fees, and your specific make and model are not taken into account in this price range, which is based on national averages for all automobiles. There can also be a requirement for related repairs or maintenance.

How long does a brake job take?

Consider this: even a skilled automotive technician needs at least an hour to replace the brake rotors and pads on some cars. Brake pad repair could take several hours or longer for a person with little to no skill.

Is Jiffy Lube good for brakes?

Jiffy Lube® can replace your brakes without disrupting your day. A Jiffy Lube® brake service helps restore the manufacturer’s standards for your vehicle’s braking system, whether you need pads, shoes, rotors, or drums.

Does Discount Tire sell brake pads?

Brake and suspension repairs are not services offered at Discount Tire. However, you can get suspension parts from their eBay store.

How much does it cost to replace all four brake pads and rotors?

According to AutoChimps, the cost of four brake pads is typically between $20 and $100, with labor charges ranging between $70 and $130 per axle. You should budget between $100 and $150 for labor because installing rotors, which typically cost $40 to $90 each, takes longer.

How often should brakes be replaced?

To keep wear to a minimum, you should change your brake pads every 10,000 to 20,000 miles. You have much less time when it comes to your rotors. To maintain the best possible condition of your brakes, you should replace your rotors every 50,000 to 70,000 miles.

That is all for this article, where we discussed the cheapest places to get your brakes done. We also took a look at how to choose a place for a cheap brake job and the cost to complete a brake job. We hope you learn a lot from reading this article. If you do, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading; see you around!