Controls Codes for CNC machines

In order to completely know how CNC machine work, there are some functional codes you need to know and memorize.  These codes include the M-code and the G-code

CNC machining codes

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M-codes are miscellaneous machine commands that do not command axis motion. The format for an M-code is the letter M followed by two to three digits; for example:

  • [M02 End of Program]
  • [M03 Start Spindle – Clockwise]
  • [M04 Start Spindle – Counter Clockwise]
  • [M05 Stop Spindle]
  • [M06 Tool Change]
  • [M07 Coolant on mist coolant]
  • [M08 Flood coolant on]
  • [M09 Coolant off]
  • [M10 Chuck open]
  • [M11 Chuck close]
  • [M13 BOTH M03&M08 Spindle clockwise rotation & flood coolant]
  • [M14 BOTH M04&M08 Spindle counter-clockwise rotation & flood coolant]
  • [M16 Special tool call]
  • [M19 Spindle orientate]
  • [M29 DNC mode]
  • [M30 Program reset & rewind]
  • [M38 Door open]
  • [M39 Door close]
  • [M40 Spindle gear at middle]
  • [M41 Low gear select]
  • [M42 High gear select]
  • [M53 Retract Spindle] (raises tool spindle above current position to allow the operator to do whatever they would need to do)
  • [M68 Hydraulic chuck close]
  • [M69 Hydraulic chuck open]
  • [M78 Tailstock advancing]
  • [M79 Tailstock reversing]

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G-cold is used to command specific movements of the machine, such as machine moves or drilling functions. The format for a G-code is the letter G followed by two to three digits; for example, G01. G-codes differ slightly between a mill and lathe application, for example:

  • [G00 Rapid Motion Positioning]
  • [G01 Linear Interpolation Motion]
  • [G02 Circular Interpolation Motion-Clockwise]
  • [G03 Circular Interpolation Motion-Counter Clockwise]
  • [G04 Dwell (Group 00) Mill]
  • [G10 Set offsets (Group 00) Mill]
  • [G12 Circular Pocketing-Clockwise]
  • [G13 Circular Pocketing-Counter Clockwise]

Codes used in CNC programming

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