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Conventional and Non-conventional types of automobile chassis

Types to automobile chassis

Just as there are various vehicle, they come with different types of chassis frame which we be discussed below. In my previous article chassis have been examined in detail checkout!

what is a car chassis and its importance?

All vehicles come in two type chassis namely; conventional chassis which is known as frame-full chassis and non-conventional chassis.

Conventional chassis

these types of chassis frame supports all the system like engine, braking system, transmission system, suspension system, etc. in a vehicle. The frame is made in separate unit giving a shape of a ladder frame. The conventional chassis frame is often found in bigger vehicles, truck bus SUVs etc. this chassis are so tough that they don’t often damage even in accident. This chassis is also known as “body on chassis”.

Conventional chassis frame

Advantages of conventional chassis

  • It has higher load capacity and strength
  • Easy to design and manufacture
  • Easy to repair after accident
  • Parts which are fitted on the chassis can easily be dismantle and repair


  • Vehicles with conventional chassis tends to vibrate easily and the handling and refinement is lower
  • It consumes much fuel due to the heavier weight its added to the vehicle

Non-conventional chassis

Non-conventional chassis or frameless chassis: these types of chassis also supports all parts or system in a vehicle. But in this situation, it does contain a ladder frame, the body act as the frame. That is, the bodywork has been composed into one another. It is also known as unibody chassis. This unibody chassis is mostly used on modern vehicle and suited on luxury cars Just as the conventional chassis, this chassis also has its advantages and disadvantages which will help you know the best choice among the two.

Non-conventional chassis frame

Advantages of non-conventional chassis

  • Higher body rigidity and weight makes the handling better
  • Due to the absence of frame joint, vibration and shaking of some loose parts reduce.
  • It consumes less fuel when compared with conventional chassis


  • It is not save in case of accident
  • It has low capacity of carrying load
  • Vehicle design not really that cool in some condition

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That is for this articles, types of automobile chassis, which conventional and non-conventional have been examined. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If so, kindly comment and share. Thanks!

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