Copenhagen Business School Scholarships 2023/24

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) stands as a beacon of excellence in business education, and its commitment to fostering talent extends to a diverse array of scholarship programs. These scholarships, meticulously designed to support students across various academic levels and fields, reflect CBS’s dedication to creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. As we delve into the world of CBS scholarships, we uncover not only financial support for academic pursuits but also avenues for leadership development, industry-specific expertise, and contributions to societal impact.

Copenhagen Business School Scholarships

The intricate web of scholarship offerings at CBS mirrors the institution’s forward-thinking approach, where collaboration with corporate partners, emphasis on sustainability, and a focus on digitalization converge to shape the next generation of global business leaders.


Diversity of Scholarships

CBS typically offers a variety of scholarships, each with its own specific criteria and focus. These scholarships may cover different programs, academic levels, and student profiles.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships at CBS can include merit-based scholarships for academic excellence, need-based scholarships for financial support, and special scholarships for international students, among others.

Merit-Based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are often awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, leadership skills, or other exceptional qualities. These scholarships aim to attract and retain high-achieving students.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships consider the financial circumstances of students. These scholarships are designed to provide support to those who may face economic challenges in pursuing higher education.

International Scholarships

Copenhagen Business School recognizes the importance of attracting international talent. Therefore, some scholarships may be specifically dedicated to supporting the academic journey of international students.

Program-Specific Scholarships

CBS may offer scholarships tailored to specific programs or fields of study. This ensures that students in various disciplines within business and economics have access to financial support.

Application Process

The application process for CBS scholarships typically involves submitting a separate application form or indicating the desire to be considered for scholarships when applying for admission. Applicants may need to provide documentation such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for scholarships can vary widely. Common factors considered include academic achievement, motivation, leadership potential, and in some cases, financial need. Specific scholarships may have additional requirements.

Deadline for Applications

It’s essential for prospective students to be aware of the deadlines for scholarship applications. These deadlines may differ from general program application deadlines, so careful attention to these dates is crucial.

Postgraduate and Undergraduate Scholarships

CBS typically provides scholarships for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Whether pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D., students may find scholarship opportunities aligned with their academic level.

Networking Opportunities

Beyond financial support, scholarship recipients at CBS may have opportunities to engage in special events, networking activities, and other initiatives that contribute to their overall academic and professional development.

Ongoing Review and Updates

Copenhagen Business School regularly reviews and updates its scholarship offerings. Students are encouraged to check the official CBS website for the latest information, including new scholarships and changes to existing programs.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

CBS is committed to diversity and inclusion, and this commitment is often reflected in the scholarship programs. Efforts may be made to ensure that scholarships contribute to a diverse and dynamic student body.

Alumni Contributions

Some scholarship programs may benefit from contributions from CBS alumni or external organizations. This collaboration strengthens the scholarship offerings and expands the impact of financial support.

Communication Channels

Communication about scholarships, application processes, and updates is typically facilitated through various channels, including the official CBS website, admission offices, and communication platforms.

Corporate Partnerships

Copenhagen Business School often collaborates with corporate partners to establish scholarship programs. These partnerships may be designed to support students in specific fields, foster industry connections, and provide opportunities for internships or mentorship.

Entrepreneurial Scholarships

CBS may offer scholarships specifically geared toward students with entrepreneurial aspirations. These scholarships might support business ventures, innovation projects, or initiatives that contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sustainability and Social Impact Scholarships

Reflecting a growing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, CBS might offer scholarships dedicated to students committed to creating positive social and environmental impact through business practices.

Leadership Development Scholarships

Some scholarships at CBS may focus on developing leadership skills. These programs could include leadership training, mentorship opportunities, and participation in leadership development workshops.

Cooperation with Research Centers

CBS houses several research centers focusing on various aspects of business, economics, and social sciences. Scholarships associated with these research centers might support students engaged in cutting-edge research projects aligned with the center’s themes.

Global Executive MBA Scholarships

For professionals pursuing an Executive MBA, CBS might offer scholarships tailored to the Global Executive MBA program. These scholarships could attract experienced professionals seeking to enhance their leadership skills on an international level.

Joint Degree Program Scholarships

CBS, in collaboration with other universities, may offer joint degree programs. Scholarships for such programs could encourage students to pursue a dual qualification, gaining insights from different academic perspectives.

Impact on International Rankings

Scholarships and financial support can contribute to CBS’s international rankings and reputation. A robust scholarship program can attract high-caliber students, enhancing the overall academic environment and research output.

Focus on Digitalization and Technology

Given the evolving landscape of business and technology, CBS scholarships might prioritize students interested in fields such as digitalization, information systems, or technology management.

Integration of Soft Skills

Beyond academic achievement, CBS scholarships may recognize the importance of soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and creativity. This holistic approach aims to support well-rounded individuals who can thrive in dynamic business environments.

Support for Underrepresented Groups

CBS could have scholarship programs dedicated to underrepresented groups in business education, including women in leadership, minorities, or individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

Industry-Specific Scholarships

Some scholarships may be industry-specific, focusing on areas like finance, marketing, sustainability, or supply chain management. This targeted support aligns with industry needs and enhances the expertise of scholarship recipients.

Participation in Conferences and Seminars

Scholarship recipients at CBS may have opportunities to participate in conferences, seminars, and networking events. These experiences contribute to their professional development and exposure to current trends in the business world.

Collaboration with Alumni Networks

CBS alumni networks could play a role in scholarship initiatives. Alumni may contribute to scholarship funds, mentor current students, or even establish their own scholarship programs to give back to the CBS community.

Transparent Selection Criteria

Copenhagen Business School is likely to maintain transparent selection criteria for its scholarship programs. This transparency ensures that applicants understand the expectations and can tailor their applications accordingly.

Unraveling Financial Market Dynamics: Anders Trolle’s Research to be published in the Journal of Finance

Anders Trolle’s upcoming Journal of Finance article explores intricate market dynamics, revealing credit and equity interplay’s impact on investments.


Center for Big Data in Finance (BIGFI) is thrilled to announce the recent achievement of Anders Trolle, Professor and center member, in the world of financial research. We are delighted to share that his paper, coauthored with Pierre Collin-Dufresne (EPFL, Switzerland) and Benjamin Junge (Capital Fund Management, France) has been accepted for publication in the prestigious Journal of Finance.

Anders Trolle’s research paper investigates the complex dynamics underlying financial markets, shedding new light on the interplay between credit and equity market factors and their impact on investment outcomes. With meticulous analysis and cutting-edge methodologies, the study contributes to our understanding of financial market behavior and provides valuable insights for both academia and industry professionals.

Dates and deadlines


Autumn semester – September to December/January
The official start and end dates of our autumn semester are from 1 September until 31 January the following year, both dates included. But you are not expected to be present in Denmark for this exact period.

Spring semester – February to May/June
The official start and end dates of our spring semester are from 1 February until 30 June, both dates included. But you are not expected to be present in Denmark for this exact period.

Copenhagen Business School’s scholarship landscape paints a vivid picture of a dynamic educational institution committed to nurturing talent and fostering innovation. These scholarships transcend traditional boundaries, reaching into entrepreneurship, sustainability, and leadership development. The intersection of academic excellence, industry relevance, and a commitment to diversity and social impact positions CBS scholarships as more than just financial aid – they are transformative opportunities. As students embark on their academic journey at CBS, the support provided through these scholarships becomes a catalyst for growth, empowerment, and the development of skills crucial for navigating the complexities of the global business landscape. The legacy of CBS scholarships echoes not only in the achievements of individual recipients but also in the institution’s broader impact on business education and society at large.

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