Difference between drilling, boring and reaming


Knowing the difference between drilling, boring and reaming which is quite confusing to most people. Today I will be clarifying their differences to you.

Drilling and boring differences


Sure, drilling boring and reaming are three different processes performed by manufacturing companies. They involve creating and modifying hole on a work-piece. Well, most people are familiar with drilling while boring and reaming might sound strange to some people. Now you’re about to get the breakdown between the processes.



Drilling is a cutting process in which a drill bit is use to cut a circular-shape hole in a material. The cutting material use is a rotary metallic material called “drill bit” which contains a sharp tip that aid the cutting. This scrap out the material when the drilling machine is pressed against the work-piece. This drill bit digs away material as the cutting tools enters the work-piece.

Drilling is carryout on both wood and metal, but most people assumes it is performed on soft materials like wood. well, this is to assure drilling can be done on harder materials as long as the drill bit is hard enough to enter the work-piece.

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This operation is quite different from drilling operation as involves the use of a single-point cutting tool or boring head to enlarge an existing hole in a material. it is done mostly on drilling operation when the diameter is needed to be increase, so a boring head of larger size will be fixed on the drilling machine.

Boring is likely to be performed on lathe, milling machine or a horizontal boring mill. The working of these machines is totally different, but they are design to enlarge an existing hole on a work-piece.

So, the difference between drilling and boring is that, drilling is perform to create an initial hole in a work-piece. Whilst, boring is done to increase the diameter of an existing hole in a work-piece.


Reaming is another cutting process that uses a rotary cutting tool to create smooth interior walls in an existing hole in a work-piece. Comparing reaming with drilling, the reamer removes significantly less material then drill bit. But the primary purpose of reaming is to create smooth walls in an existing hole. Most manufacturing companies performs this operation mostly on milling machine or drill press

Reaming and boring differences

Finally, the major difference between drilling, boring and reaming is quite simple. In drilling a new hole is created, boring increase the diameter of an existing hole and reaming cuts a fine interior wall on an existing hole.

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