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Difference between fuel injection and carburetor

After individual articles on the two important devices in an automobile engine; carburetor and fuel injection system, we realize throwing shade of the difference between them is essential.  The two components are different entirely, even in their working, shape, and design.

The fact about the components is that carburetor is seen on older automobile engines, while fuel injection is used on newer vehicles. well, drivers tend to enjoy the service fuel injection than a carburetor.

Knowing the difference between these engines, it has been highly debated among car users on which offers the best performance, either fuel injection or carburetor.

Today you’ll get to know the difference between fuel injection and carburetor. You’ll also get to know their working and functions.

difference between carburetor and fuel injection system

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Difference between carburetor and fuel injection system


A carburetor is a component used in a spark-ignition internal combustion engine to take in the exact air and fuel needed for the combustion. The part is known as the heart of automobile engines as it makes vehicles run smoothly and gives better horse-power. The component works well even at cold starting or running hot at high speed, letting the appropriate amount of fuel and air enter into the combustion chamber.

The truth is fuel injection also does the same but in different ways as both feed fuel and air into the engine. The carburetor contains jets that push the fuel/air mixture into the combustion chambers. The amount of fuel the jets push depends on the amount of air that is pulled into the carburetor venture.

Because the carburetor work manually, the air to fuel ratio for each cylinder cannot be monitored. It wouldn’t be an issue if an individual carburetor is mounted for each cylinder. Thus, carburetors perform best when they are mounted individually to the cylinder to get the best fuel to air ratio.

The carburetor is much easier to install compared to the fuel injection system since there is no electrical component or return lines to the fuel tank. And it’s less expensive than that of an electronic fuel injection system. in addition, a carburetor lasts longer than a fuel injection system, making it useful in motorsports. The limitation of a carburetor is that it causes the engine and surrounding components to dirty.

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Watch the video below to understand the working of a carburetor better:

Fuel injection system

The advancement of technology has brought about the fuel injection system. it’s the introduction of fuel in internal combustion engines as well as automotive engines, using an injector. The process was introduced to keep up with fuel emissions and fuel efficiency laws. Over some period of time, vehicle manufacturers have seen the great benefits of fuel injection, which is where is the downfall of carburetor begins. Well, the system has become more popular for those car owners wanting the best performance in their engines.

The fuel injector system has small nozzles known as fuel injectors that are controlled electronically to atomize fuel under high pressure into the combustion chamber. The component contains valves that are capable of opening and closing many times per second.

The fuel injection system is of two types; port fuel injection and direct injection. The port injection is common in automobiles, and direct injection is a new invention. It’s designed specifically for four or two-stroke engines.

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The direct injection offers great benefit because the amount of fuel and air can be ideally released and then injected into the cylinder according to the engine load conditions. The system featured an ECU that calculates the information and constantly makes an adjustment. This is why direct fuel injection produces higher power output, greater fuel efficiency, and much lower emission. The issue of this system is that the system is sophisticated and is much expensive compare to a carburetor. Its installation is more complicated. That’s, it’s complex as it uses an electrical component, and finally, custom cylinder head configuration.

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Watch the video below to understand the working of a fuel injection system better:



Now let see the difference between the fuel injection system and carburetor in tabular form:


Fuel injection system



New invention

First creation in automobiles


it works electronically

It works manually


Fuel is injection according to the engine load condition

Fuel to air ratio is not monitored


Injector valve can open and close multiple times per second

The air pulled into the carburetor venturi determines the fuel the jets pushes.


Offers higher power output and greater fuel efficiency.

It runs smoothly and offers better horsepower


The installation is complicated due to its complexity.

Simpler installation due to its manual working.

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So, which among the system is the best?

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With the above elaboration made, it’s clear that a fuel injection system will better for commercial vehicle owners as it gives lower fuel emissions. But the cost of the components will make some drivers prefer vehicles with a carburetor.

Both fuel injector and carburetor offer better horsepower, but the fuel injection can only deliver about 10 extras horsepower at peak. This is the ability to constantly be tuning the intake fuel and air in each cylinder that’s adventurous to the performance. There is less vibration in an engine with a fuel injection system.

You now saw the difference between the fuel injection system and carburetor. Now the best among the two depends on how and where you’re driving.

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In conclusion, we’ve examined the difference between the two-component that deal with fuel in automobiles; fuel injection and carburetor. We saw their working and various functions.

I hope you enjoyed the reading, if so, kindly comment on your fav section of this post, and don’t forget to share with other technical students. You can also check around for another informative article. Thanks!

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