Difference between shaper and planer machine

After several articles on shaper and planer machine, we realize that there are few difference and much similarities between them. the major difference between them is that, the workpiece is fixed on the table and the tool reciprocate toward the workpiece and cutoff the unwanted material. However, in planer machines the tool stays on stationary and the work move over it.

Another great difference between them is that, planers are design for larger and heavy project, whilst, shaper machines are for smaller jobs

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shaper and planer machine differences

Shaper and planer machine differences:

The following in the table below are the differences and similarities of shaper and planer machine: Shaper Planer
1 In a shaper machine work is held stationary and the cutting tool on the ram is moved back and forth across the work. In a planar machine, the tool is stationary and work piece travels back and forth under the tool.
2 Shaper can be used for shaping much smaller jobs. A planer is meant for larger jobs than can be undertaken on a shaper. Jobs as large as 6-meter-wide and twice as long can be machined on a planer.
3 A shaper is a light machine. A planer is a heavy-duty machine.
4 Shaper can employ light cuts and finer feed. Planer can employ heavier cuts and coarse feed.
5 Shaper uses one cutting tool at a time. Planer uses several tools to cut simultaneously.
6 The shaper is driven using quick return mechanism. The drive on the planer table is either by gears or by hydraulic means.
7 It is less rigid and less robust. Due to better rigidity of planer machine, compared to that of a shaper, planer can give more accuracy on machined surfaces.

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