ENS International Selection Scholarships 2023/24

In the hallowed halls of the École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in France, a gateway to unparalleled academic excellence unfolds through the ENS International Selection Scholarships. These scholarships stand as a testament to ENS’s commitment to fostering a global community of outstanding scholars and researchers. With a legacy rooted in intellectual rigor and interdisciplinary collaboration, ENS beckons exceptional international students to embark on transformative journeys in pursuit of knowledge and innovation.

ens international selection scholarships

The International Selection Scholarships, a beacon of academic distinction, extend an invitation to minds eager to explore the vibrant realms of French higher education and contribute to the rich tapestry of research and intellectual inquiry at ENS.
Key Features of ENS International Selection Scholarships:


Academic Excellence

The ENS International Selection Scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence. Applicants are expected to have an outstanding academic record and demonstrate exceptional intellectual and research potential.

Master’s and PhD Programs

These scholarships are available for both Master’s (M1/M2) and PhD programs. They cover a wide range of academic disciplines, reflecting the diverse areas of expertise at ENS.

Highly Competitive

The selection process for ENS International Selection Scholarships is highly competitive. Only a limited number of scholarships are awarded each year, and applicants face rigorous evaluation based on their academic achievements, research proposals, and potential contributions to their respective fields.

Research Proposal for Ph.D. Candidates

Ph.D. applicants are typically required to submit a detailed research proposal as part of their application. This proposal should outline the research project they intend to pursue during their doctoral studies at ENS.

Duration of Scholarships

The duration of the scholarships varies based on the level of study. Master’s scholarships may cover one or two years of study, while Ph.D. scholarships often span multiple years, depending on the duration of the doctoral program.

Financial Support

ENS International Selection Scholarships provide financial support to cover living expenses, tuition fees, and other related costs. The exact financial terms may vary, and it’s essential for applicants to carefully review the scholarship details.

Language Requirements

Proficiency in French or English is often required, depending on the language of instruction for the chosen program. Some programs may have specific language requirements, and applicants are encouraged to demonstrate language proficiency through standardized tests.

Integration into the ENS Community

Scholarship recipients become part of the vibrant academic community at ENS, where they have the opportunity to engage with leading researchers, attend seminars, and contribute to the intellectual life of the institution.

Post-Scholarship Commitment

Similar to other prestigious scholarship programs, ENS International Selection Scholars are often expected to contribute to academic and research endeavors upon completion of their studies. This may include pursuing a career in academia or making significant contributions to their respective fields.

Application Process

The application process for ENS International Selection Scholarships typically involves submitting a detailed application form, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and, in the case of PhD applicants, a comprehensive research proposal. The application process and required documents may be subject to change, so it’s essential to refer to the official ENS website for the latest information.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

ENS is known for its interdisciplinary approach to education and research. The International Selection Scholarships provide opportunities for students to engage with multiple disciplines, fostering a collaborative and innovative intellectual environment.

Participation in Research Activities

Scholarship recipients are often encouraged to actively participate in research activities at ENS. This may involve collaborating with renowned faculty members, joining research groups, and contributing to ongoing projects within the institution.

Access to Cutting-Edge Facilities

ENS is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and research centers. International Selection Scholars benefit from access to these resources, enhancing their research capabilities and providing an enriching academic experience.

Global Networking

Being part of ENS means joining a global network of scholars and researchers. The international community at ENS allows scholarship recipients to establish connections with peers from diverse backgrounds, creating opportunities for future collaborations and partnerships.

Cultural Enrichment

Studying at ENS provides an immersive experience in French culture. Beyond academic pursuits, scholarship recipients have the chance to engage in cultural events, explore the vibrant city of Paris, and interact with a diverse community of students and scholars.

Opportunities for Academic Events

ENS organizes various academic events, including seminars, conferences, and workshops. International Selection Scholars often have the opportunity to participate in and contribute to these events, further enhancing their academic and research exposure.

Mentorship and Guidance

Scholarship recipients may benefit from mentorship and guidance from experienced faculty members. ENS values the mentor-mentee relationship, fostering an environment where scholars receive support and advice to navigate their academic and research journeys.

Language and Cultural Support

ENS recognizes the importance of language proficiency for academic success. Language support services are often available to help international students improve their French language skills, ensuring effective communication and integration into academic life.

Publication Opportunities

ENS encourages scholarship recipients to contribute to the academic discourse. The institution may provide opportunities for scholars to publish their research findings in reputable journals or present their work at conferences, contributing to their academic and professional visibility.

Flexibility in Research Focus

ENS International Selection Scholarships provide flexibility for students to pursue research topics aligned with their interests and career goals. This flexibility allows scholars to tailor their academic experience to match their individual aspirations.

Recognition and Prestige

Being awarded an ENS International Selection Scholarship is a mark of recognition for academic excellence. The prestige associated with ENS enhances the scholars’ academic profiles and opens doors to various opportunities in academia, research, and industry.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

For recipients of Ph.D. scholarships, ENS may provide support for postdoctoral opportunities, facilitating the transition from doctoral studies to advanced research positions and further contributing to the scholars’ academic and professional development.

Continued Engagement with Alumni

ENS maintains strong connections with its alumni network. International Selection Scholars become part of this network, benefiting from ongoing engagement, collaboration, and mentorship opportunities even after completing their studies.


Linnaeus University Scholarships

  • Linnaeus University/Swedish government
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 15 Jan/12 Feb 2024 (Annual)
    Study in: Sweden
    The course starts Aug 2024
  • Last updated: 15 Nov 2023 |

VLIR-UOS Masters Scholarships (ICP Connect) in Belgium

  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 1/28 Feb 2024 (annual)
    Study in:  Belgium
    Course starts 2024
  • Last updated: 14 Nov 2023 |

EPFL Excellence Fellowships

  • EPFL
  • Bachelors/Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 15 Dec/30 April (annual)
    Study in:  Switzerland
    The next course starts in 2024/2025
  • Last updated: 14 Nov 2023 |

Malardalen University Scholarship Programme

  • Mälardalen University
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 15 Jan/1 Feb 2024 (Annual)
    Study in: Sweden
    The course starts Autumn of 2024
  • Last updated: 14 Nov 2023 |

Utrecht Excellence Scholarships for International Students

  • Utrecht University
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 1 Feb 2024 (annual)
    Study in:  Netherlands
    The next course starts Sept 2024
  • Last updated: 01 Nov 2023 |

University of Twente Scholarships (UTS)

  • University of Twente
  • Masters Degree
  • Deadline: 1 Feb/1 May 2024 (annual)
    Study in:  Netherlands
    The course starts Sept 2024
  • Last updated: 01 Nov 2023 |

Eiffel Scholarships in France for International Students

  • French Government
  • Masters/PhD Degree
  • Deadline: before 10 Jan 2024 (annual)
    Study in:  France

ENS International Selection Scholarships are one of empowerment, discovery, and academic distinction. Awarded to individuals who exemplify exceptional intellectual prowess, these scholarships not only provide the means for pursuing advanced studies but also open doors to a world of interdisciplinary exploration and collaborative research at ENS. As scholarship recipients become integral members of the ENS community, they contribute not only to the institution’s academic legacy but also to the global landscape of knowledge creation.

The journey doesn’t conclude with the attainment of the scholarship; it extends into a lifelong connection with a network of scholars, mentors, and resources that continue to inspire and shape the trajectory of academic and professional pursuits. The ENS International Selection Scholarships, more than a financial support mechanism, signify an initiation into a world where inquiry knows no bounds and excellence is both an expectation and a reward.

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