European Commission’s Joint Master Degree (JMD) Scholarships 2023/24

The European Commission’s Joint Master Degree (JMD) Scholarships, also known as Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD), represent a pinnacle of excellence in international education. These scholarship programs, administered by the European Commission, are designed to offer exceptional opportunities for students from around the world to pursue advanced master’s degrees across a wide array of academic disciplines. Rooted in the ideals of academic mobility, cultural diversity, and global collaboration, EMJMD Scholarships provide a unique pathway to experience the rich tapestry of European education while earning a degree of international repute.

European Commission's Joint Master Degree (JMD) Scholarships

These programs aim to promote excellence in European higher education, enhance international collaboration, and facilitate the mobility of students and scholars.

Here’s what you need to know about EMJMD Scholarships:



The main objective of EMJMD Scholarships is to promote European higher education, foster intercultural exchange, and prepare students for a globalized job market. These programs offer high-quality, internationally recognized master’s degrees with a strong emphasis on mobility and diverse cultural experiences.

Participating Universities

EMJMD programs are delivered by consortia of European universities that collaborate to provide a joint master’s program. Each consortium is made up of two or more European universities that have expertise in the program’s specific field of study.

Wide Range of Fields

EMJMD Scholarships cover a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, including but not limited to natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, humanities, business, arts, and more. There are EMJMD programs available in various fields, enabling students to choose a program that aligns with their academic and career interests.

Scholarship Benefits

EMJMD Scholarships provide comprehensive financial support, including:

  • Tuition fees: Scholarships cover the full cost of tuition fees for the entire program.
  • Monthly stipends: Students receive a monthly living allowance to cover their living expenses during the program.
  • Travel allowance: A contribution to travel expenses for students who need to relocate to participate in the program.
  • Health insurance: Some scholarships include health insurance coverage for the duration of the program.


Most EMJMD programs typically last two years, but the duration may vary depending on the specific master’s program. These programs usually consist of a mix of coursework, research, and internships, providing a comprehensive educational experience.

Language of Instruction

While some programs are offered in English, it’s important to note that not all EMJMD programs are taught in English. Students should check the language of instruction for the specific program they are interested in and ensure they meet the language proficiency requirements.

Admission Requirements

Each EMJMD program has its own admission requirements, which can include a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and possibly language proficiency exams such as IELTS or TOEFL. Be sure to check the specific admission criteria for your chosen program.

Application Process

To apply for an EMJMD Scholarship, you typically need to submit an online application directly to the program you’re interested in. The application process usually includes providing academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and other required documentation. Make sure to check the program’s official website for application deadlines and requirements.

Selection Process

Scholarships are awarded based on a competitive selection process. Selection criteria often consider the applicant’s academic achievements, relevant work experience, motivation, and potential for contributing to the program and the field.

Post-Study Opportunities

Graduates of EMJMD programs often have enhanced employability and career prospects. Many alumni find opportunities to work in international organizations, research institutions, academia, or the private sector.

Erasmus+ Program

EMJMD Scholarships are part of the broader Erasmus+ program, which supports education, training, youth, and sports in Europe. Erasmus+ aims to provide opportunities for individuals to study, train, and gain experience abroad.

Double and Multiple Degrees

One of the distinctive features of EMJMD programs is the opportunity to earn double or multiple degrees from different European universities. As part of your academic journey, you may study at two or more universities within the consortium, each offering a unique perspective and expertise in your field of study. This allows you to gain a diverse educational experience and expand your professional network.

Mobility and Exchange

Mobility is a core element of EMJMD programs. Students often have the chance to study in multiple European countries, experiencing different cultures and educational systems. Some programs also include mandatory internships or research stays in various locations, providing a well-rounded perspective on your field of study.

Erasmus Mundus Label

To ensure high quality and compliance with European standards, EMJMD programs must go through a rigorous selection process to obtain the Erasmus Mundus label. This label signifies that the program meets the necessary criteria for excellence in teaching, research, and internationalization.

International Student and Alumni Community

EMJMD programs typically attract a diverse cohort of international students from various countries. This diversity not only enriches the academic experience but also helps foster global friendships and connections. Many EMJMD programs maintain active alumni associations, allowing graduates to stay connected and collaborate on various initiatives after completing their studies.

Funding Opportunities

In addition to the financial support provided by EMJMD Scholarships, students may explore other funding opportunities, such as additional scholarships or grants offered by various organizations, foundations, and governments. Some students also secure part-time jobs or internships during their studies to supplement their income.

Language Preparation

Since EMJMD programs can be taught in different languages, some programs may require students to undertake language preparation courses before or during their studies to ensure they have the necessary language skills to fully engage with the curriculum and the local community.

Post-Graduate Outcomes

EMJMD graduates often find employment opportunities in diverse fields. With a prestigious European degree and international experience, alumni are well-equipped for careers in academia, research, private industry, government, and international organizations. Many programs also offer career services and support to help graduates transition to the job market.

Network of Erasmus Mundus Alumni (EMA)

The EMA is a network that connects alumni from various Erasmus Mundus programs. Joining this network can provide access to resources, job listings, and opportunities for collaboration, allowing you to tap into a broad and supportive professional community.

Quality Assurance and Evaluation

EMJMD programs are subject to ongoing quality assurance and evaluation processes to maintain and enhance their standards. Regular assessments and feedback mechanisms are in place to ensure that the programs continue to deliver high-quality education.

EMJMD Scholarships are highly competitive and offer a unique opportunity for international students to experience a rich, diverse, and high-quality educational journey in Europe. These programs are an excellent choice for those seeking top-tier master’s degrees, international exposure, and the chance to build a global network. Prospective applicants should carefully research the specific programs they are interested in, adhere to application deadlines, and prepare a strong application to increase their chances of receiving this prestigious scholarship.

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