Finnish Government Scholarships for International Students

The Finland Government Scholarship 2023–24 is now accepting applications in Finland. All international students can apply for the Finland Government Scholarships for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The language of learning ought to be English. No application fee is required. The Finnish Higher Education Application is currently accepting applications. Applying jointly allows you to submit one application form for up to six programs in the spring of 2023. For the spring of 2023, all study programs are available in English. Apply for the Canada 2024 University of Toronto Scholarships (Funded) as well.Finnish Government Scholarships for International Students

Here are some key points about Finnish Government Scholarships for International Students


Finnish Government Scholarship Pool:

  • The scholarship pool is the main program through which the Finnish Government supports international students.
  • It is designed for students at the Master’s and Doctoral levels, as well as for researchers.
  • The scholarships are available for various fields of study.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The eligibility criteria can vary based on the specific scholarship program, but generally, applicants are expected to have a high level of academic achievement and a clear research or study plan relevant to their field of interest.

Application Process:

  • Students typically need to apply for admission to a Finnish university or research institution separately from the scholarship application.
  • The scholarship application process may have specific deadlines, and applicants should follow the guidelines provided by EDUFI.


  • The scholarship usually covers living expenses in Finland, including accommodation, and provides a monthly stipend. The exact amount may depend on the level of studies and the specific program.


  • The duration of the scholarship is generally for the standard duration of the Master’s or Doctoral program.

Research Opportunities:

  • For researchers, there are opportunities to conduct part of their research in Finland and collaborate with Finnish scholars and institutions.

Language Requirements:

  • Proficiency in English or Finnish is typically required, depending on the language of instruction in the chosen program.

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In conclusion, researchers and students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees can benefit greatly from the Finnish Government Scholarships for International Students, which are overseen by the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI). These scholarships are intended to draw exceptional people from all over the world, supporting their living expenses while also enhancing the diversity of the academic community in Finland. Alongside the admissions procedure to Finnish universities or research institutions, the application process usually calls for a supplementary submission.

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