Woodworking power tools

Types of woodworking hand and portable tools

In traditional woodworking, operations can be performed perfectly without using any portable tools. However, traditional workers tend not to know the advantages of portable tools. When considering perfect skilful and experienced worker, a woodworker is expected to have great knowledge in the field. Despite that, using the right tools will enhance the work of such a person.

Yes, in agreement with woodworking hand tools performing all task that will be done in a woodworking project. However, the interesting fact is that woodworking portable tools offer greater accuracy and ease the working time of such project.

Today I will be discussing on the list of different types of hand tools and portable tools used in the woodworking shop.


List of woodworking hand tools

The following stated below are the types of hand tools used on woodworking workbench:

Woodworking hand tools


Callipers are the precision measuring instrument that helps in taking three different dimensions such as linear, inside and outer dimension of an object. It ensures utmost of accuracy, making it one of the most important hand tools found in a woodworker toolbox. Callipers allow the wood to be trim with 1/1000th of an inch. Though it is used in another field.


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Jack plane

Jack planes are used on a rough surface to remove the roughness, smoothing board and jointing edges. Some available planers allow a tenon to be clean and the smoothing planer. They produce a fine finish than sandpaper.

Jack plane

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Claw hammer:

this is one of the most important tools that must be found in a woodworker toolbox. It is made of a rubber or vinyl handle, a solid hammerhead that contains a claw for removing the nail.

Claws hammers

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most people took a hammer for mallet, which is totally wrong. Mallet is used on chisels by hitting it on the bottom part of chisel while cutting a joint.


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Hand saw:

as the most essential woodworking hand tool, a hand saw is used after marking out is done on wood. It is made of rough sharp teeth, having the ability to cut through grains. Hand saw comes in different types, sizes and shapes as give value than each other. As for beginner’s fretwood saw is good enough for learning.


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Backsaws are used where accuracy is needed on a joint. it expected to use a carcass saw cut across when making a dovetail joint and a tenon saw should be used for making a deeper cut along the grain.

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Coping saw

Coping saw are used for rough cutting of awkward shapes and use for removing waste from dovetail joint. which means it allows more intricate work than larger, straight handsaws.


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chisels are used to refine edges, clean mortices, cuts, joints, and carving wood. It is available in different sizes, which a carpenter is expected to start with four at least. A project can never be complete without these hand tools.


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Mortise chisel:

the mortise chisel is special types of woodworking tools used carving or chopping mortices into a piece for proper insertion of a tenon. If you notice mortise and tenon joint is found in almost all woodworking projects.

Block plane

When considering quality woodworking hand tools, a block plane is important just as a hammer and saw. It is used to flatten and trim lumber, add curve and shape, square work, make a chamfer, level joint, take the sharpness out of a piece etc.


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Pencil or marking knife

A pencil is known as a carpenter best friend, apart from measuring woodworkers always appear everywhere with their pencils, both off and on duty, lol. They use it for marking cuts, however, marking knife is the best alternative of the pencil as it offers more accuracy.



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A clamp helps to hold together two parts. It is mostly used in the woodwork on freshly glued joint for the strong compartment. Though multiple clamps can be on one joint, depending on the joint areas.


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A sawhorse can be easily built and can be purchase if wanted. Most woodworker produce sawhorse, which is more sturdy and tougher. It is used for supporting while cutting and drilling, it can also be used as work surface extensions.


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Marking gauge

These types of woodwork hand tools allow a dovetail, mortices and tenons to be accurately marked. The marking line is parallel to the edge of the board.


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Above all, workbench allows the effective working of projects. It can be built at desired shape and dimensions; a woodworker can also purchase a workbench with extra features when thinking of working at a higher level.


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Router table

These woodworking power tools are used to create perfect slots and edges. The router is tightly fixed on the table so that the wood can work over the tool rather than the tool over the wood. It offers faster and accuracy to projects. It is available in different features.

Spirit level

Spirit levels offer accuracy of a straight surface, ensuring that the surface is perfectly horizontal. It uses a bubble are indicators. It is available in different sizes, leaving an opportunity to make a choice of preference.


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Combination square

These types of hand tools are used for marking lines and cuts at 90 and 45-degree angle. It is also used for measuring existing angles, as it consists of a ruler attached with a spirit measure. It also allows one to set a specific measurement as a guide. The square is of different types such as try square, framing square and sliding bevel square. They all have their functions.

List of Power Tools

The following examined below are the types of woodworking power tools:

Woodworking power tools

Circular Saw

Circular saw is one of the most important power tools used in woodworking work. It is used to make different types of cuts easier and light. It can be used for wall cutting openings, fence posts, holes or to a beam. the circular saw is expected to be used by a skilful person and should be maintained by keeping off oil and water.

Power Drill

A power drill is used in making holes for screws to easily enter. it is one of the most important tools a woodworker must-have. The power drill can cordless or corded drill; the cordless is more expensive and must be charged. but can be used at any length as far as there is a charge. Whilst, the corded drill uses electricity to function.

Compound Milter Saw

Milter saw help to create cross cuts, angle and bevel cut and can be used to frame a house. It works by chopping the material across the grain, tackling the mouldings, baseboard, trim etc.

Table Saw

Table saw is one of the most essential power tools needed in the workshop. the saw cut across the grain. The table saw rips wood lengthways along the grain, which can also be cross or angle cut. This table is designed to carry heavy logs.

Sabre Saw (Jigsaw)

This portable is highly controllable, making it suitable for curvy cuts and intricate patterns as well as plunge cuts. It is highly used to cut counters, small holes and shaping design.

Band saw

This power tool serves the same purpose as the jigsaw, but in this situation, it can handle thicker material. It can also cut shapes and curves easily, by pushing the wood against the adjusted blade. The band saw is also use to cut rabbets and tenons as well as straight and bevel cuts.

Hand planer

A planner is used to shaves wood off the surface of the wood and for trimming down wood as well as making wood surface to be equal. Advancement of technology makes power planer makes the operation easier than using the manual one. Planer can also use for removing layers of paint or varnish and can be useful when sanding is not enough.

Surface Planer

These portable power tools are used often used by professional, who needs to plane many pieces of work in a short period of time. It makes extremely short work undergoes plaining operations easier and faster. Its table can be set at the desired height and the materials are fed onto the surface of the planer.

Random Orbital Sander

This tool helps to avoid unwanted patterns and flaws when sanding by using the sand disk. The sand disk rotates in a random sanding motion as it reduces marks on the work surface. This portable tool makes work easier and faster.

I hope you found this post interesting and you’ve attained knowledge. If so, you can freely give your point in our comment section and please share with other students. Thanks!


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