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What is Heat treatment of metals? – its advantages and disadvantages

What is Heat Treatment of metals?

First of all you need to know what heat treatment is. Many sources has give their definition which am not satisfied with because most of their definitions contains just heating and cooling of metals, that is quite correct but it is incomplete. So the question is what is heat treatment of metals?

Heat treatment of metals is a metal working processes that involve changing the physical and sometimes chemical properties of a material. It can also be said to be a way in which physical or mechanical properties of metal is change by heat and cooling methods without changing the shape of the working metal. Now you can see the purpose of heat treating is to increase or reduce the structural and physical properties of a metal in order to serve a particular purpose or for further working of the metal. This process is achieved by heating of metal and the way it is been subjected to cooling. There are three stages of heat treatment which include heating, soaking and cooling. These three stages will be further explained as they take part in all the basic heat treatment processes.

What is heat treatment of metals

In one of my previous article, I have explained how metal is been manufactured using iron ore and some other raw materials. Today I will be discussing on what heat treatment is, its advantages and disadvantages etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages of heat treatment of metals:

Heat treatment of have many advantages, otherwise establishment of different process won’t have occurred. Heat treatment helps to get desired mechanical and chemical properties, to reduce stresses, prevent stress relief and distortion when put to service. Whilst the disadvantages include: distortion, surface oxidation or other contamination, added cost etc.

With this explanation I hopefully believe you know what heat treatment of metals is.  If you have anything to add or you have any question to ask you can share via my comment box and you are expected to give answer to the question below. Don’t forget to share with technical students. Thanks for reading!

Question: what do you understand by heat treatment of metals?

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