HEC Paris Scholarships 2024/2024

HEC Paris, one of Europe’s leading business schools, offers a range of scholarships to attract exceptional students and support their academic endeavors. These scholarships aim to recognize merit, diversity, and leadership potential, reinforcing HEC Paris’s commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment. As scholarship details may evolve, it’s advisable to refer to the official HEC Paris website for the most up-to-date information.

HEC Paris Scholarships


Key Features of HEC Paris Scholarships:


Merit-Based Scholarships

HEC Paris awards merit-based scholarships to outstanding candidates, acknowledging academic excellence, professional achievements, and potential contributions to the HEC community.

Diversity and Inclusion

HEC Paris is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion. Scholarships may be available to candidates from underrepresented backgrounds, fostering a multicultural and globally aware student body.

Financial Assistance

HEC Paris scholarships provide financial assistance to recipients, covering tuition fees or offering partial fee waivers. This financial support helps alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing advanced business education.

Master’s and MBA Programs

Scholarships at HEC Paris are often available for various programs, including master’s degrees and MBA programs. The eligibility criteria and application processes may vary based on the specific program.

Leadership Potential

Some scholarships are designed to recognize and nurture leadership potential. Candidates demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities, whether in their professional experience or extracurricular activities, may be eligible for specific leadership scholarships.

Entrepreneurial Initiatives

HEC Paris places a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. Scholarships may be available for candidates with entrepreneurial aspirations, encouraging innovation and the pursuit of ventures that contribute to economic and societal development.

Global Outlook

HEC Paris is renowned for its international perspective. Scholarships may target candidates who embody a global mindset, demonstrating an understanding of global business challenges and the ability to contribute to a diverse and interconnected community.

Community Engagement

Recipients of HEC Paris scholarships are often encouraged to actively engage with the HEC community. This involvement may include participation in student organizations, networking events, and collaborative initiatives that enhance the overall student experience.

Industry-Specific Scholarships

HEC Paris may offer scholarships tailored to specific industries or sectors. These scholarships aim to attract candidates with expertise or a keen interest in particular fields, such as finance, consulting, or technology.

Research and Academic Excellence

For candidates pursuing research-intensive programs or demonstrating a commitment to academic excellence, HEC Paris may provide scholarships that support research initiatives and academic pursuits.

Application Process

The application process for HEC Paris scholarships typically involves submitting a scholarship application along with the regular program application. Candidates are often required to demonstrate their eligibility based on specific criteria outlined for each scholarship.

Renewable Scholarships

Some scholarships at HEC Paris are renewable, provided that recipients maintain a specified level of academic performance and actively contribute to the HEC community. This encourages ongoing excellence and engagement throughout the duration of the program.

Women in Leadership Scholarships

HEC Paris is committed to promoting gender diversity in leadership roles. Scholarships specifically targeting women in leadership aim to empower and support outstanding female candidates pursuing master’s or MBA programs at HEC.

Social Impact Scholarships

Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, HEC Paris may offer scholarships for candidates with a demonstrated commitment to creating positive social impact. This can include individuals with experience in nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, or those dedicated to corporate social responsibility.

Digital Transformation Scholarships

As the business landscape continues to evolve, HEC Paris may introduce scholarships for candidates interested in or contribute to the field of digital transformation. This could encompass areas such as technology innovation, data analytics, and digital strategy.

Sustainable Development Scholarships

HEC Paris places emphasis on sustainable development, and scholarships may be available for candidates dedicated to addressing environmental and sustainability challenges. This aligns with HEC’s commitment to preparing future leaders with a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

Language Excellence Scholarships

Given the international nature of HEC Paris, language proficiency is crucial. Scholarships may be awarded to candidates who demonstrate exceptional proficiency in multiple languages, contributing to effective communication and collaboration in a diverse academic environment.

Partnership Scholarships

HEC Paris collaborates with various corporate partners, and some scholarships may be offered in partnership with leading companies. These scholarships often come with additional benefits, such as mentorship opportunities, networking events, and potential internship or job placements.

Innovation and Creativity Scholarships:

HEC Paris values innovation and creativity in business. Scholarships may be available for candidates who have demonstrated a capacity for innovative thinking, and entrepreneurship or have a track record of bringing creative solutions to real-world challenges.

Regional Scholarships

To further diversify the student body, HEC Paris may offer scholarships specific to certain regions or countries. These scholarships aim to attract top talent from diverse geographical backgrounds, fostering a global perspective within the HEC community.

Alumni-Funded Scholarships

HEC Paris benefits from a strong alumni network, and some scholarships are funded by alumni contributions. These scholarships may come with unique opportunities for recipients to connect with and learn from successful HEC alumni in various industries.

Executive Education Scholarships

HEC Paris provides executive education programs for experienced professionals. Scholarships for these programs may be available to support executives seeking to enhance their leadership skills, broaden their industry knowledge, and drive organizational impact.

Dual-Degree Scholarships

For candidates pursuing dual-degree programs, combining studies at HEC Paris with another prestigious institution, there may be scholarships specifically designed to support this academic journey.

Crisis Response Scholarships

In response to unforeseen challenges such as the global economic downturn or health crises, HEC Paris may introduce special scholarships to support candidates navigating difficult circumstances, ensuring continued access to high-quality education.

Latest News


11 new students embarked on the long and winding journey towards a Ph.D. in September, bringing the total number of doctoral candidates at HEC Paris to 56. Hailing from as far afield as Brazil, Singapore, Italy, India and Mexico, they were given an immediate taste of the intense yet vibrant program the school reserves these budding researchers for the next five years. For the first time, the Law Department greeted two Ph.D. law students. Two months on, we gauge how they have all settled in.

First-year Ph.D. students prepare to embark on long academic journey  (from left to right: BHUSHAN Pranjal, VIEIRA REGA Caio, MANKE Marie-Christin, NAGATA Mateus Hiro, FU Grace Yong, MARINELLI Angele, HARDY Benjamin, GIORDANO Francesco, HE Can, MAFFETT Justin and GONZALES-HISHINUMA Abel).


Any candidate who has applied to the MBA Program will automatically be considered for our Excellence and Diversity scholarships by the HEC Paris MBA Scholarship Committee. In order to be considered for the Forte and L’Oreal scholarships, you must submit your essay at the same time as your application to the MBA program. Scholarships are awarded in various amounts, and it is the Scholarship Committee that determines the amount of aid being awarded to each candidate. The committee takes into consideration many aspects of your application, including your essays, your background and personal work history, your GMAT score, and the results of your two interviews with HEC Paris MBA alumni. Our scholarship deadlines run parallel to the deadlines for applying to the program.

So you must submit your MBA application in order to be considered for any of the HEC Paris MBA’s scholarships. The last essay of your application is reserved for any additional information you would like to share with the committee for the Excellence and Diversity scholarships. If you would like to learn more about your potential eligibility for scholarships, we invite you to contact the Marketing and Recruitment Manager for your region. If you are a scholarship recipient, you will be informed by an Admissions Officer at the time of the final decision of your application. The scholarships will be deducted from the final installment of the MBA tuition fee.

HEC Paris Scholarships unfold as a testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment to excellence and inclusivity. Beyond financial support, these scholarships represent opportunities for individuals to become integral contributors to the HEC Paris community and global thought leadership. As scholarship recipients, students not only benefit from a world-class education but also engage in a rich tapestry of experiences, collaborations, and networks that extend far beyond the classroom. The impact of HEC Paris Scholarships reverberates through diverse sectors, as empowered leaders go on to drive positive change, innovation, and sustainability. HEC Paris, through its scholarship programs, paves the way for a new generation of business leaders who are not only academically proficient but also equipped to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving global landscape.

HEC Paris Scholarships 2024/2024

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