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How automobile engine works

As car lovers can tell and give latest update on new release designs, but not knowing the working different in the engine. That’s not quite ok! Knowing how engines works will help to diagnose and fix problems when they occur.

Automobile engine

Having deep knowledge on how an automobile engine works from the early stage till date will be an interesting and surprising fact because much has happened over the year following the advancement of technology.

The early automobile engine works using internal combustion process which will be further explain. Most modern car engine works using electric motor and fuel, playing their perfect roles. This article will cover both method. In my previous articles I have revealed some article on automobile engines. Check out!

How car engine works

Internal combustion is a small controlled explosions that occurs in an automobile engine to generate power. This process occurs in four strokes or steps in the various chamber thousand of time in a minute. These steps include intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. The process powering internal combustion is called combustion cycle.

Intake: this is the first stage in the combustion cycle. It moves the piston up and down with the motion obtained from the crankshaft. The purpose of intake is to allow fuel and air to enters into the chamber for mixture. The valve opens when piston moves down, causing the fuel-air mixture to be released.

Compression: compression stroke as the second stage of the combustion cycle occurs as the piston moves upwards, causing the fuel and air to mix by compressing.

Combustion: this is when the explosion happens. As the piston moves upwards before moving down, a spark is produced by the spark plug, igniting the mixture and causing the small explosion. This rapidly move the piston, helping to produce the energy needed to power the engine.

Exhaust: the final stages of the combustion cycle is called the exhaust, stage when the exhaust valve opens to discharge the gasses created by the explosion. This process occurs when the exhaust valve opens. Process is repeated thousand time as far the engine is running.

How car electric engine works

Over the year the internet has boom with different news and updates on the released car electric engine. Most cars lovers see their features but really don’t know how its works. The video below has explained how an electric engine works. Watch:

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