How can I fix a broken car key?

If your car key has broken in half, you may find yourself stuck. It’s possible that you’ll need to contact a tow truck, and no one wants to pay that fee. When your car key breaks in half, there are a few things you can do. If you have both pieces, look through this section for information on how to repair them.

how to repair a broken car key

What to do if your car key is broken?

Instead of staying stranded, there are a few options you can consider if your car key is broken. consider the following:

  • Call the dealership
  • Superglue the parts
  • Call a locksmith


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Call the dealership

No one enjoys making phone calls to the dealership. To put it another way, no one like shopping at a dealership. Let’s be honest, things can get expensive. However, you may rest assured that you will receive only the parts you need. You can request a replacement key and explain the circumstances by calling the dealership. They may require information such as the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Rest assured that you will be getting a key that works. This may take some time. In the interim, try to come up with alternate transit options.

Superglue the parts

Supergluing a broken car key together is one approach to temporarily mend it. However, you must use extreme caution when doing so. You don’t want the key to breaking in the ignition or the door. You may always leave the key in the ignition and turn it off gently until the replacement arrives if you live in a safe neighborhood.

Call a locksmith

Locksmiths aren’t simply for people who live in their homes. You can hire a locksmith to help you get into your vehicle. You can contact a locksmith if you misplace a key or if your key breaks in half. They will immediately come to you and make you a new key. For the newer cars, it’s crucial that they contain programmable electronics.

For modern autos, keys without chips are absolutely useless. You will be unable to start your vehicle until the chip has been programmed. This can be quite costly. It is, however, a speedy way to obtain a replacement.

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What to do if your car key break in the door?

Other than panicking, there are certainly other options for dealing with the circumstance. With half your key in your hand and the other half in the keyhole, it may appear that you have no way of getting in. There’s still hope! On the market, there exist some tools. However, not everyone has them on hand. Well, the followings are ways you can remove a broken key from a lock:

  • Purchase a key extractor
  • Drill the key out
  • Remove the lock
  • Superglue


Purchase a key extractor

These are effective. It will, however, need some work. Some people have removed the broken key with a hair clip. Simply insert the bobby pin into the lock, then pull out the broken half.

Drill the key out

This is a last-ditch attempt. It is not recommended because it has the ability to damage the lock.

Remove the lock

If you are able to remove the lock, do so and tap the underside. The key will occasionally fall out simply due to gravity.


This was mentioned as a valid alternative earlier. By pouring a small dab of glue at the end of your key and firmly inserting it into the lock, you can remove the damaged key. Hold it for around 15 seconds. The broken key should then be able to be extracted.

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How to fix a broken car key?

Car keys with microchips cost around $50 to replace. Who wants to shell over $50 to repair a shattered plastic loop? Who, on the other hand, can bear seeing his key separated from his friends and family on the key chain?

My sad, detached key friend, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Here are a few steps to get your key in order:

Drill a Hole in Your Key, First. Use a drill bit that’s roughly the same size as a finishing nail to drill the holes (which you will use in the next step).

Trim a Finishing Nail to the Correct Length in Step 2. It should be cut with a pair of pliers (get it? ha? pun?)

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Step 3: Glue each hole with a dab of glue. Apply a small amount of glue to each hole.

Step 4: Insert the nail into the hole.

Reunite Your Cute Little Key Family in Step 5. Aren’t they lovely?

Watch the video to learn how to fix a broken car key:

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Can you fix a remote car key?

Keyless remotes, also known as fobs, can be costly to replace because they must be sold or configured through a dealership. Cleaning the contacts on your keyless remote can be all it takes to get it working again.

Is It Possible To Reassemble A Car Key With Glue?

Supergluing a broken automobile key together is one approach to temporarily mend it. However, you must use extreme caution when doing so. You don’t want the key to snap in the ignition or the door.

Is It Possible To Replicate A Broken Key?

Yes, you can duplicate a broken key, whether or not it is patented. Because not every key maker has access to the required key blank, you will be limited in where you may get this done. A locksmith is always the safest bet because they have the keys and equipment to cut any type of new key.

What Should I Do If My Car Key Is Broken?

If you’ve broken your car keys and need them fixed, or if your car keys are stuck in the lock/ignition, an MLA-approved auto locksmith can help. They can either repair or replace your automobile key and if it’s a remote key fob, the locksmith can program a new one for you.

What Can You Do If Your Key Fob Isn’t Working?

a faulty battery A dead battery is the most likely reason your key fob has stopped working. To get things operating again, simply replace the battery with a new one, which can be found at most large box retailers. Use a second key fob to open your automobile door.

With a broken key fob, how can I start my car?

Don’t be frightened! How to Restart a Car with a Dead Key Fob Replace the batteries if necessary. Rather than panicking, examine the car key batteries. Place the key on the Start/Push Button. Keys are hidden in a slot. Consider using a car app. Replacement of a key. Make an appointment with a locksmith. You now know how to start a car with a key fob that is dead.

What Does It Cost To Repair A Key Fob?

Purchasing a new key fob from a car dealer is the best approach to replacing one. Depending on the car, key fob replacement can cost anywhere from $150 to $600.

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Is It Possible To Repair A Broken Key?

Instead, you should take the broken key to a locksmith or your local hardware store. They’ll remedy the problem by manufacturing a new key with both parts of the key. The best way to mend a broken key that has broken into pieces is to replace it.

Is It Possible To Repair A Broken Car Key With Super Glue?

Superglue should not be used to join the components of a broken key. You run the danger of any adhesive pouring out of the seam and destroying the lock, and that’s assuming you can even get the key out! Make a call to an auto locksmith.

Without the original key, how can I get a replacement key for my car?

Even if you don’t have the original, a competent locksmith can produce a replacement key for you. When you call a locksmith, you’ll need to provide some information regarding the key, and they’ll most likely be able to assist you with replacing it.

Is it possible to order a new car key via the internet?

Replacement Remotes and Keys for a Lower Price. Replacement keys, keyless entry remotes, and car key accessories are all available online at Car Keys Express. We have everything you need, from smart keys to transponder keys.