How much does wheel alignment cost

If you’re thinking of increasing your car’s safety with wheel alignment but you’re kinda skeptical about the price then this article on” How much does wheel alignment cost” will prove very helpful to you. Don’t limit the consideration of your car’s safety features to airbags, traction control, and brakes. Tires and wheels also have a significant impact. They aid in straight-line driving, cornering, and safe stopping for the vehicle. The wheels must be correctly aligned in order to work at their best.

A proper wheel alignment keeps you and your passengers safe by extending the life of your tires, increasing fuel efficiency, and safeguarding your suspension. It guarantees that your automobile goes straight rather than pulling to one side and makes steering easier. Thus in this article, we’ll be discussing how much does wheel alignment cost and other topics that’ll you’ll find helpful.

how much does wheel alignment cost

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How much does wheel alignment cost

Between $50 and $168 is the national average for full-wheel alignment service. However, costs can differ according to the service provider and the alignment type. Wheel alignment should be done once a year, but depending on where you drive and how you drive, it can be necessary more regularly. Gravel, potholes, and off-roading can all be detrimental to alignment.

Price depending on location

The price of a wheel alignment varies depending on the shop, the kind of car, and even your ZIP code. According to Kelley Blue Book’s fair repair range, below is a breakdown of what a four-wheel alignment for a 2022 Toyota Camry should cost per state.




New YorkNew York$146 to $172
Los AngelesCalifornia$133 to $156
ChicagoIllinois$122 to $142
OrlandoFlorida$117 to $136
DallasTexas$110 to $129
RichmondVirginia$122 to $142
AtlantaGeorgia$122 to $142
PhoenixArizona$142 to $166
CharlotteNorth Carolina$119 to $139
PhiladelphiaPennsylvania$143 to $169


Factors affecting the cost of wheel alignment

The following variables may affect the cost of a wheel alignment;

Type of car

You can discover that the component that impacts wheel alignment costs depends on the type of luxury vehicle. This is due to the fact that some vehicles need specialist tools or have engineering designs that make the task more challenging and time-consuming.

The number of wheels

The normal price range for a front-end alignment, which only affects the front two wheels, is $50 to $75. While a four-wheel alignment typically costs $100 to $168 extra.

Alignment packages

Some auto repair businesses provide packages for lifelong alignment services. In this instance, you will pay a single upfront fee to obtain alignments every 6,000 miles or every six months.

Additional services

The technician may discover additional work, such as tire balancing or vehicle suspension repairs while conducting the alignment. Depending on the city, state, provider, and technician, local labor expenses and rates can also change.

How to know if you need a tire alignment

It’s essential to perform preventive maintenance to keep you and your passengers safe. There are several more indications that you should visit the autobody shop even though professionals advise having your tires balanced every one to two years.

Steering issues

Your tires may need to be aligned if you’ve recently had any steering parts replaced or feel vibrations while driving.

Hearing strange noises

While some noises when driving your car are to be expected, loud squeaks when turning are alarming.

Uneven wear

Check how your tires are wearing the next time you are parked. If a tire appears balder or is wearing asymmetrically, a tire alignment may be necessary.

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Are wheel alignments worth it?

Wheel alignment is undoubtedly among the most crucial maintenance procedures. Your car’s ability to handle will drastically decrease if your wheels are out of alignment. It will consistently tug in one way, making it very difficult for it to pivot or travel straight ahead.

How do I know if I need an alignment?

Your car veers to the side. fast or uneven tire wear. Driving straight is crooked with your steering wheel.

How long does a wheel alignment take?

A wheel alignment can be completed quickly and cheaply. It takes a trained mechanic 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Some circumstances require more time than others. All-wheel drive and 44 cars require more effort than two-wheel drive vehicles, for instance.

Can I drive with bad wheel alignment?

Uneven tire wear can result from driving a car with bad wheel alignment. The tires of a car could prematurely deteriorate and become unsafe if the issue is not fixed right away. To prevent excessive tire damage, fix alignment issues right away.

Do I need an alignment after replacing the tires?

Following the installation of new tires, an alignment is advised. By doing this, you can extend the lifespan of your new tires. After a large accident or notice of uneven tire wear, wheel alignment inspections are always recommended.

Do I need wheel alignment with new tires?

Yes. When a car gets a set of new tires, the first thing that has to be done is a wheel alignment. It’s essential to extend their lifespan, improve the control of your automobile, and ensure that the proper amount of rubber is in contact with the road.

What happens if I never get a wheel alignment?

Without a wheel alignment, your suspension will deteriorate, your tires will wear unevenly, and you’ll probably have steering issues. You and others around you are put at greater risk on the roads by all of these hazards.

Will my car drive better after alignment?

By maintaining the proper amount of tire contact with the road and preventing your car from pulling to the left or right, an alignment increases vehicle safety. A vehicle with proper alignment provides a smoother ride and gets the best gas mileage. Tire life is also increased by keeping the wheels aligned.

How often should you do alignment?

Every other oil change or once a year at the absolute least, you should get the alignment of your car’s wheels examined.

Does my car need a 2 or 4-wheel alignment?

All-wheel-drive versions and the majority of contemporary automobiles, small SUVs, crossovers, and vans call for a four-wheel alignment. The prevailing consensus is that you should align all four tires if you can.

What is the main purpose of wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment, commonly referred to as tire alignment, can improve tire performance and lengthen tire life. Additionally, it can enhance handling and prevent your car from tugging in one direction or behaving abnormally when driving.

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