The global positioning system (GPS) and cellular networks are used by many automobiles today to monitor and report the precise location of the vehicle. Due to its usefulness in helping with theft recovery and vehicle tracking, GPS trackers are popular with fleet and taxi firms as well as individual car owners. The majority of trackers are installed by the owner; however, anyone can install one on a car without the owner’s knowledge or permission. There are a few easy measures you may take to find out if you are being tracked if you believe your car has been fitted with a GPS tracker without your knowledge.

How to Find a Hidden GPS Tracker in Your Car

Real-time GPS trackers (active) and GPS data loggers (passive) are the two main types of GPS trackers. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, some of which are more concealed than others. Active trackers use cellular towers to provide real-time data while also tracking GPS locations. Active GPS trackers’ main benefit is that they can be accessed remotely via the internet. The only individual who can access the internal memory of passive GPS trackers is the user.

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Do all cars come with GPS Tracker?

No, not all cars come equipped with a GPS tracker. GPS trackers are optional extras that can be added by the manufacturer or a different company. High-end vehicles occasionally include built-in GPS navigation systems that employ GPS technology to give the driver directions and other information. Nevertheless, a GPS tracker, which is intended to track the location of the car at all times, differs from this. Although they are not a standard component on all vehicles, GPS trackers are frequently added for security or fleet management reasons. If you’re unsure whether your car is equipped with a GPS tracker, you can look for any strange devices, antennae, or behaviors, as indicated before.

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How can you know if your car has a GPS Tracker?

There are a few things you may do to check if you’re worried that your car may have a GPS tracker installed without your knowledge:

It’s important to keep in mind that GPS tracking devices can be stealthy and small, so it might not always be simple to find them. It’s crucial to take steps to safeguard your security and privacy if you believe someone is following your car.

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Why do you need a GPS Tracker?

There are several reasons why someone might need a GPS tracker:

Vehicle security:

A stolen vehicle can be quickly located and recovered with the aid of GPS trackers. If a car has a GPS tracker, the owner can monitor the car’s whereabouts in real time and notify the police of its location.

Fleet management:

Businesses can utilize GPS trackers to manage their fleet of vehicles. To cut down on travel time and fuel expenses, fleet managers may watch the whereabouts of their vehicles, observe driver behavior, and optimize routes.

Personal safety:

An individual can utilize a GPS tracker to monitor their loved ones, such as children or elderly relatives. A GPS tracker can provide families peace of mind by enabling them to find their loved ones in an emergency.

Asset tracking:

Equipment, trailers, and cargo are examples of valuable assets that can be tracked using GPS devices. This can lessen the risk of theft and the loss of priceless objects.

Sports and outdoor activities:

Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts can use GPS trackers to keep tabs on their performance and whereabouts. Running, cycling, hiking, and skiing are some sports that can benefit from this.

Ultimately, GPS trackers can provide both individuals and organizations with a number of advantages.

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How to find a hidden GPS Tracker in your car?

How to Find a Hidden GPS Tracker in Your Car

You’ll need some simple tools, such as a flashlight, mechanic’s mirror, and some sort of creeper or pad to assist you to crawl beneath the car if you think someone may have planted a GPS tracker inside your vehicle. Specialized tools like electronic sweepers or bug detectors may also be required in situations where a straightforward visual inspection is insufficient.

The following are the basic steps to finding a hidden GPS tracker on your car:

Inspect the exterior part of the car:

You should Inspect areas like the wheel wells and underneath the car with a flashlight and a mirror. Most trackers are concealed in places that are simple to get to.

Inspect the interior part of the car:

First, check the data port. Don’t neglect any potential hiding places, such as the trunk, as most GPS trackers are small.

Utilize a bug detector:

Several of the same places that sell trackers also sell bug detectors. Be aware that sweepers cannot identify passive trackers and that certain trackers only broadcast while the vehicle is moving.

Seek professional help:

If you believe someone may have hidden a tracker on your automobile yet you’re unable to locate it, a specialist may be able to assist. Automotive electronics, car audio, and car alarm technicians frequently have the required knowledge and tools.

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Where to look for hidden GPS tracker in the car’s exterior

The best area for a GPS tracker to be hidden is in a bumper because they are built of injection-molded ABS, which makes them a great site for one. We recommend you use a mirror on an extension pole while lighting the area with a flashlight to see behind a bumper. If you can’t discover anything behind either bumper, move on to the undercarriage of the car.

Keep an eye on any area of the undercarriage that stands out as being cleaner than the rest. Never overlook checking the wheel wells. Even though it’s not advised to conceal a tracker there, it’s possible that an inexperienced user did so. Now, carefully look inside the hood. It’s best to avoid disconnecting anything unless you are certain that you know what you’re doing. But because they might connect to a GPS tracker, pay close attention to any wires attached to the car’s battery.

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Where to look for hidden GPS tracker in the car’s exterior

The easiest GPS trackers to spot are those that plug straight into either the 12V cigarette lighter outlet or the OBD data port behind the dashboard. They will probably be easy to see from the vehicle’s cab and won’t need any specialized inspection methods. Check the rest of the interior, including the dashboard, storage spaces, underneath the seats, and beneath the spare tire, if you can’t discover a GPS tracker there.

You are quite likely to uncover a concealed GPS tracker behind the interior plastic trim of most new vehicles because it is simple to remove and frequently exposes a lot of empty space. In addition, you should use an electronic bug sweeper if you don’t want to disassemble half of your car to look for a single small box. You can easily find a GPS tracker with the aid of electronic bug sweepers that can identify the presence of GPS and radio signals and direct you in their direction.

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What should you do when you find a GPS Tracker?

The majority of hidden GPS trackers are battery-operated and attached using tape or magnets. Simply pull it loose if you come across one of these, and you’re done. The same is true for trackers that plug into cigarette lighters or car diagnostic tool connectors. When a GPS tracker is hard-wired into power and ground, which happens in fewer instances, you might wish to consult a professional. Cutting the wires might work, but later, cables that have been cut in that way might short out. A professional will be aware that it is crucial to confirm that the component you are removing is indeed a tracker.

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Finding GPS Tracker FAQs

How can I detect a GPS tracker on my car?

Conduct an exterior inspection: Check the wheel wells and under the car using a flashlight and a mirror. Most trackers are concealed in places that are simple to get to. It’s possible that the tracker is dusty and obscured. Do a thorough internal inspection: First, check the data port.

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Can a GPS tracker be detected?

Electronic bug-sweeping devices pick up electromagnetic signals like those from radio transmitters and cell phones. Bug sweepers can be used to find well-hidden GPS trackers if a physical inspection fails to find any GPS trackers.

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How can I tell if my car is being tracked?

Examine the interior and exterior of your automobile with a GPS bug detector. They are able to detect hidden cameras, microphones, or GPS transmitters—but only if the bug or tracking device is actively broadcasting at the time. Move the bug detector slowly all around your automobile to utilize it.

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Is there an app to detect a tracking device?

You don’t need an Apple ID account. Simply press Scan to look for AirTags in the area. Open Tracker Detect after installing it, switch on Bluetooth, accept the terms and conditions, then hit the blue Scan button to look for nearby objects.

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Can you disable a car tracking device?

How can I stop someone from using a GPS tracker against me? A GPS tracking device can be disabled once it has been discovered. You may disable the GPS signal in addition to merely removing the battery. In order to prevent the gadget from continuing to communicate your location, it must be totally removed and disposed of.

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How do I remove a GPS tracker from my car?

In other words, if your GPS tracker is not hardwired into your car, it will be relatively easy for someone to remove it. If you’re using a magnetic or plug-and-play tracker, all it takes for you to lose all of your tracking information is for someone to rip the tracker off or unplug it.

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How do I disable GPS tracking?

What happens if you remove the GPS tracker on your car?

Lenders can quickly retrieve their vehicles thanks to automobile trackers. A tamper alarm will be triggered, nevertheless, if a consumer does take the GPS tracking device off. This indicates that it has been taken out of the car. It does have a backup battery, so the tracking device will keep running.

Which cars have GPS built in?

Do all cars have a tracking device?

No, not every automobile has a GPS tracker. GPS trackers are optional accessories that the manufacturer or another business can add. On occasion, high-end automobiles come equipped with internal GPS navigation systems that use GPS technology to provide the driver with directions and other information.

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