how to prevent car theft

How To Prevent Car Theft

If you’ve been hearing a lot of car theft stories lately and you don’t want to be a victim of such, knowing how to prevent car theft is the best option for you. The FBI’s uniform crime reports show that more than 773,000 cars were reported stolen in 2017. Although car theft has declined over the past few decades, the Insurance Information Institute (III) reports that a car is still stolen in the US every 40.9 seconds.

how to prevent car theft

Thieves are more likely to target your car if they can steal it quickly. It will be less enticing for professional car thieves or joyriders to target your vehicle if you can do anything to slow them down. Thieves are using smart keys to steal cars, and they are swapping vehicle identification numbers to avoid being caught. So how can you prevent car theft?


Lock All Doors

Always keep your car locked, even when you’re driving. Unlocked doors make for simple prey. It’s a good idea to make checking your car doors a habit.

Don’t Forget Your Car Key

Never forget to take your keys out of the ignition. If your key is still inside the vehicle, a burglar can just smash a window and take off. In addition, Firestone advises against leaving your car running, even if you’re only running a quick errand inside a store. A running car could be a simple target for a burglar, especially if it is unlocked or left unattended.

In certain vehicles, the owner’s manual or glove box house the valet key. It can be used to start the automobile and open the doors. Make sure you locate the valet key and take it away before someone else does. High-end sports cars like Corvettes and Jaguars, as well as brands like Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, and Volvo, frequently use valet keys.

Upgrade to electric locks if your vehicle is older and has manual locks. When there is only one button to press, you are less likely to forget to lock a door. For each door, purchase one power lock actuator. Although they are relatively inexpensive, it is worthwhile to get a specialist to install them properly.

Install A Remote Starter

Remote car starters turn on the engine but prevent the transmission from shifting, making it difficult to drive off in the vehicle. Pushing a button allows you to leave your home and enter a heated vehicle. Some remote auto starters come with extra features like an ignition kill switch, a smartphone app, or a smart car alarm.

Always Close Your Windows

Keep all of your windows closed. A burglar will easily have access to your automobile and everything inside by simply reaching in through an open window, grabbing what they can, or unlocking the door. So, prevent all this by always keeping your windows closed.

Get A Smart Car

You don’t need to be near your car alarm to hear that something is wrong with one of these. It simultaneously alerts your phone and generates the customary deafening noise to draw attention.

If someone tries to enter the car while the alarm is on, an audible alarm is meant to make a loud noise, frequently the automobile horn. A potential robber may be deterred by the noise’s unwanted attention.

Although there are many different car alarms on the market, bear in mind that you might need to hire a mechanic or alarm professional to install it for you, especially if the installation involves interacting with the vehicle’s wiring system.

Use A Steering Wheel, Brake, Or Tire Lock

A steering wheel lock attaches to your steering wheel and locks into place with a specific key, making it one of our more affordable choices. If somebody tries to turn the automobile, the lengthy arm of the steering wheel lock runs into the console or windshield.

Anyone seeking for an easy target will be turned away by the appearance of a steering wheel lock, while others may utilize power tools to remove it. For best effect, use both a steering wheel lock and another anti-theft device.

Install A Tracking System

You may want to consider putting in a tracking system, sometimes known as a vehicle recovery system. (As with the other alarms, installation by a professional may be necessary.) This tracking device will employ wireless and/or GPS technology to send a signal to the police or a monitoring agency about the whereabouts of your vehicle when it is stolen. This could hasten the police’s ability to find your car.

Be On Alert

When you park your car, pay attention to your surroundings. It’s wise to park somewhere else if you’re concerned about the security of your vehicle or notice someone hanging out in the parking lot. Before leaving your car unattended, Firestone also advises double-checking that the windows and doors are locked.

Etch VIN Into Windows

Some people steal vehicles to sell individual components. Selling parts with identification numbers inscribed on them, however, is problematic since law enforcement can track them down.

People will know you’ve taken precautions to prevent theft by seeing your VIN (vehicle identification number) etched onto each window of your automobile. It might not be enough to deter every potential car thief, but it will discourage some of them.



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