How to track a car with GPS

Technology is constantly developing in the modern world in novel and fascinating ways. It both enables us to achieve more than we have ever been able to and also presents some brand-new challenges. A wonderful tool for keeping track of something, like an automobile, is tracking.

Vehicle tracking systems from Track Your Truck combine cutting-edge GPS tracking technology with adaptable, sophisticated mapping and reporting software. Each vehicle has a GPS-enabled vehicle tracking device fitted to gather and transmit tracking information over a cellular or satellite network, depending on which is most practical for your operations. Thus, in this article, we’ll be discussing how to track a car with GPS.

How to track a car with GPS

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What Is GPS Car Tracking and How Does It Work?

A global radio navigation system with at least 24 functioning satellites that orbit the Earth continuously powers the Global Positioning System or GPS. To track and determine the location of the vehicle, all GPS trackers rely on the same information from this satellite network.

To communicate with your GPS device, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network sends out radio signals from a medium Earth orbit. Receivers analyze the information in these signals to determine the GPS device’s precise location as well as their time and travel velocity. The information is subsequently transmitted through the cellular network to your PC or smartphone.

Trilateration, the basis of GPS functioning, calculates latitude, longitude, elevation, and time-based on the positions of three or more satellites and their separation from the GPS receiver. Your vehicle’s path, speed, and other information will be rapidly and precisely calculated using information on the satellite location and signal travel times of at least four satellites.

How it works

  • Each vehicle or object you want to track should have a GPS tracking device installed.
  • From the satellite to the receiver, signals are sent.
  • Real-time distance calculations are made by the receiver between itself and the satellites.
  • The speed, location, and trip distance of your car are recorded in a report.
  • The information is sent over a wireless or cellular network to the GPS server.
  • Users can obtain information in real time from their computer, smartphone, or tablet thanks to GPS servers.
  • The information that is most pertinent to their needs can have automated alerts set up for them by end users.

Types of car GPS car tracking

GPS technology is used by car tracking systems to accurately track and locate automobiles in real time. Understanding the various vehicle tracker kinds is crucial for selecting the one that best matches your unique needs from the many possibilities available.

We will discuss the most beneficial free GPS vehicle trackers and their features, whether it be a dedicated device or a smartphone-based tracker, giving a thorough review of the various choices;

Online GPS Tracking Services

Online GPS monitoring services track and keep an eye on automobiles via web-based platforms or software programs. These services can be accessed using a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and normally need a subscription. Users can observe real-time car whereabouts, speed, and other pertinent information by selecting the tracking detail from the map interface, which is often shown.

Numerous distinctive features, like geofencing, notifications, historical data analysis, and reporting, are available with online GPS monitoring services. They are frequently used for fleet management, allowing people and organizations to optimize routes, track driver behavior, and boost productivity.

Smartphone-Based GPS Tracking

The location feature is compatible with GPS in the most recent iterations of Android and iPhone. To track and keep an eye on automobiles, you can quickly install a tracker app and use the GPS capabilities of cell phones. The software obtains position data from the smartphone’s GPS sensor and sends it to a server or cloud-based platform for viewing.

Real-time monitoring, geofencing, and warnings are frequently included in smartphone-based GPS tracking capabilities that are similar to those of online GPS tracking services. People who desire a cost-effective solution without additional technology frequently use this kind of tracking. It might, however, have battery life restrictions and rely on cellular network coverage for data transmission.

Dedicated GPS Tracking Devices

Online GPS monitoring services track and keep an eye on automobiles using software or web-based platforms. A computer or mobile device with an internet connection is required to access these services, which normally need a membership. Users can examine real-time car positions, speeds, and other pertinent information when the tracking information is shown on a map interface.

Numerous special capabilities, like geofencing, alarms, analysis of previous data, and reporting, are available with online GPS tracking services. In order to optimize routes, track driver behavior, and boost productivity, they are frequently utilized for fleet management by both individuals and companies.

How to track a car with GPS

Built-In GPS Tracking

Nowadays, many cars come with GPS trackers already installed, allowing the driver to travel rapidly from point A to point B without being aware of the route they’re traveling. Since the built-in GPS is always connected to a satellite, this technology may also be used to track the whereabouts of the car at any given time.

Many of these vehicles will also come equipped with connectivity technologies that let you monitor your vehicle from any location. You can know exactly where your car has been by using the tracking tool for cars on your phone.

Google Maps’s Save Parking Feature

This problem frequently occurs when you require assistance locating your vehicle and are forced to spend a considerable amount of time doing it in a large parking lot. The problem has been fixed, and Google Maps now provides a built-in “Save Parking feature to monitor a car using GPS for free. It is a good technique to remember the exact spot where you parked your car. Here’s how to use GPS to locate an automobile;

  • When you’ve found the perfect parking space, put your car in park and get out.
  • You should be able to see your location on a map in the Google Maps app.
  • Find your present location by looking for a blue dot or a blinking blue location marker.
  • To open a menu with more choices, tap on the blue dot or the location marker.
  • Pick “Save your parking” from the selection that pops up. By doing this, the current position will be saved as the parking space.

Using apps

  • You can also use apps like;
  • Famisafe location finder
  • Find my car
  • Airdroid ETC…

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Can you track a car using GPS?

You can track a car with a GPS gadget if you don’t mind spending a little money. Since GPS is now directly integrated into the majority of phones and many cars, many of these gadgets are quite affordable now that the majority of people don’t need them. You may monitor your car’s movements anywhere by installing a GPS gadget.

How can I track a car without them knowing?

You need a covert GPS tracker like the PT8100 if you want to covertly follow a car. This is a real-time, portable, battery-operated GPS tracker that can be hidden almost anywhere in the car and provide you with the car’s current location.

What is the easiest way to track a car?

Invest in a GPS tracker. Most data is provided by trackers that are powered by an OBD-II port and are therefore recharge-free. But if they are unplugged, it is simple to disable them.

How can I track my car on a map?

How can I track a GPS location by phone number?

  • Look for a website that provides phone-based location tracking services.
  • Input the phone number you wish to look up the location for.
  • Hold out while the website retrieves the location data.

Which GPS is best for a car?

  • Garmin DriveSmart 65 GPS Navigator.
  • Garmin Drive 52 and Traffic GPS Navigator.
  • TomTom Go Supreme 6-Inch GPS Navigation Device.
  • Garmin DriveSmart 86 Car GPS Navigator.

Is there an app that can track my car?

The indispensable “Find My Car – Car Locator” software has beautiful visuals and is made to make it easier to find your car utilizing features like augmented reality, radar tracking, a straightforward map view, and assistance with setting timer warnings to prevent parking fines.

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