How to track a car without a tracker

Knowing how to track a car without a tracker could be helpful in various ways. You might want to supervise your teen’s driving for safety reasons or because you don’t want your pricey automobile to be stolen. You might even wish to sneakily observe someone’s car. No matter why you want to follow a vehicle’s current location, employing a GPS tracker is typically the only option that will cross your mind.

However, if you can’t buy a pricey GPS tracker, or if they discover the tracker smuggled inside their vehicle. I have a solution for this issue, so don’t be concerned. Thus, in this article, we’ll be discussing the following;

  • How to track a car without a tracker.
  • Difference between GPS and sim tracking.
  • Tracking a Car Location using FASTag Or Electronic Toll Collection System.

How to track a car without a tracker

So, let’s dive in!


How to track a car without a tracker

Below are the methods used to track a car without a tracker;

Sim-based tracking

If you want to track your own automobile but are unable to buy a GPS gadget, I advise using SIM-based tracking. The best thing you can do is leave your old phone with a SIM inside your car. Keep it hidden so that if your automobile is stolen, no one will notice.

If your automobile is stolen, you can track it using a tracking app like Traqo that you can keep installed on your phone. As long as your cellphone has a SIM card installed, you can also use the Police to monitor your phone using its IMEI number.

Difference between GPS and sim tracking

The following shows the difference between GPS tracking and sim tracking;


  • On earlier systems, GPS tracking by cell phone is far less frequent and may need carrying a smartphone.
  • A GPS unit could be installed in the car instead of a smartphone.

Conditions for Connection

  • The software of the phone, app, or other device being used must be updated on a regular basis for GPS functionality. This might take some time.
  • It is not even necessary for the phone to be a smartphone for SIM tracking to function. SIM tracking is compatible with all smartphones.


  • GPS tracking works best in a clear sky and requires the gadget to connect to the satellite network. Whether that is cloudy, obstacles and other types of interference might decrease the signal and make it more challenging to follow.
  • If you’re in a large city, it won’t be difficult to find out where a vehicle is because SIM tracking pings off of cellular towers. Even if the car is across a whole country, there may still be areas where there is no cellular coverage. The vehicle’s last known location is displayed in these locations, although it may take some time until they return and you can monitor them once more.

Tracking a car using the car number

Tracking down a stolen car is simple if you set a tracker on it before it was stolen. The sole option, though, is to track a car’s whereabouts using its license plate if you haven’t installed a tracker.

But not everybody is capable of doing it. I have a post on how to track an automobile by its license plate, and I am aware that it’s a fairly difficult task to complete, especially if you are a non-techie guy. Additionally, locating an automobile only based on its license plate requires a lot of resources, including access to all local CCTV, image recognition software, and other tools. The best course of action is to seek the assistance of the police if your car has been stolen.

Tracking a car with spyware

Without the target person being aware, you can easily follow their current location with the aid of a spy app. All you have to do is covertly install the software on the target device, and then remotely access your spy app account to track its real-time location.

Installing FamiSafe on your child’s phone is advised if you are willing to monitor their driving to ensure their safety. The reason is that it efficiently keeps track of things like excessive speeding, hard braking, traveled routes, etc. It provides detailed information, making it simpler for you to track a car’s whereabouts without a GPS system.

When they are in their car, you can use it to locate them with pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, it enables Google Maps car position tracking. Additionally, it enables you to set up a geofence, or virtual limits on the map, so that you are alerted if a vehicle departs the designated boundaries.

Tracking a Car Location using FASTag Or Electronic Toll Collection System

Most people are unaware that you can use FASTag (applicable in India) or any other electronic toll-collecting system anywhere in the world to track a car’s location without a GPS. The location of a vehicle can be tracked using the FASTag or ETC systems at toll booths.

Although you can track a real-time location using spyware or a GPS device, electronic toll passes won’t let you do so. It is still a useful method for obtaining a vehicle’s position for nothing. It indicates which toll booth the vehicle has just passed through so you can get a general idea of where it is.

These procedures can be used to track a car’s location online using FASTag or other ETC systems;

  • Visit the FASTag or ETC system account associated with the vehicle you wish to track. You can do this via a mobile app or a website.
  • You can view the card data, including toll charges, location, etc., after logging in.


It is fairly simple to follow your car using a GPS tracker, so I advise you to get a disguised GPS tracker to protect it from prying eyes. With the use of a covert GPS device, you may track not only your own car but also other people’s.

But not everyone has the money to purchase a GPS device. If that’s the case, don’t panic; there are various approaches you may use to track a car’s current location in real time. I’ve demonstrated numerous methods for finding a car without a GPS. Installing spyware in the car driver’s phone is, in my opinion, the most ideal method. Because you can snoop on their other actions in addition to tracking where their car is.

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Is it possible to track a car without a tracker?

If you’re interested in learning, “Can you track a car without GPS.” You can locate your car using your smartphone, yes. Glympse and Find My Phone are just a couple of the apps that can do this. These applications function by tracking the location of your car using the GPS on your phone.

How can I track my car with my phone?

There are numerous more apps you can download to help you track your automobile in addition to the map app on your phone. Find My Car Smarter, Anchor Point, Honk, and Parkify are a few free options.

What is the easiest way to track a car?

Invest in a GPS tracker. Most data is provided by trackers that are powered by an OBD-II port and are therefore recharge-free. But if they are unplugged, it is simple to disable them.

How can someone track my car?

With the aid of a computer, smartphone, tablet, and an Internet connection, someone who has installed an active GPS tracker on your automobile will be able to follow your travels in real-time.

Can you track a car by Bluetooth?

Yes, but you’d also need people with specific phone apps installed, as well as a Bluetooth monitoring device in the automobile. Bluetooth’s range is somewhat limited. To track your car, you can use a WiFi GPS Tracker like Trakkit.

Is there an app that can track my car?

The indispensable “Find My Car – Car Locator” software has beautiful visuals and is made to make it easier to find your car utilizing features like augmented reality, radar tracking, a straightforward map view, and assistance with setting timer warnings to prevent parking fines.

How do I track a car using Google Maps?

Do all cars have trackers?

GPS technology allows cars to track their location, speed, and other information. This can be helpful for several things, such as fleet management, preventing theft, and keeping an eye on safety. Even though GPS trackers are more widespread in new cars, not all of them have this technology.

How do you tell if there’s a tracker on your phone?

  • Unknown applications.
  • Excessive use of background data.
  • Mismatched browser history.
  • Battery loss.
  • Reboot abnormally.

That’s all for this article where we discussed the followings;

  • How to track a car without a tracker
  • Difference between GPS and sim tracking
  • Tracking a Car Location using FASTag Or Electronic Toll Collection System

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