The Humber College International Entrance Scholarships 2024

International students’ academic potential and accomplishments are acknowledged and supported through the Humber College International Entrance Scholarships. Through this scholarship program, Humber College in Canada aims to support worthy students from all over the world financially while fostering an open and varied learning environment.

The Humber College International Entrance Scholarships 2024

Here are things to know about HCIES:


Global Inclusivity

Global inclusion is at the heart of the International Entrance Scholarship program. Humber College is open to talented students from a variety of backgrounds, creating a diverse learning environment that improves everyone’s educational experience.

Financial Support

International students can lessen the financial strain of pursuing higher education overseas by applying for scholarships, which offer vital financial support. Recipients receiving this help are able to concentrate on their academics and take advantage of all the academic and extracurricular activities that are available at Humber College.

Merit-Based Recognition

The International Entrance Scholarship recipients are chosen on the basis of their academic standing and proven ability to succeed in their chosen fields of study. Due to its merit-based approach, the scholarship program is certain to draw in and compensate exceptionally talented students who enhance Humber College’s academic life.

Accessible Education

Humber College exhibits its dedication to providing high-quality education to a worldwide community by providing financial aid to overseas students. The scholarship program is essential to removing financial obstacles and giving worthy students the chance to fulfill their dreams of obtaining an education.

Diverse Fields of Study

International Entrance Scholarships are available to students in a wide variety of academic fields. Humber College recognizes and promotes the diverse abilities and interests of its international student community, whether in business, technology, the arts, or science.

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Community Engagement

The scholarship program encourages participants to get involved in the Humber College community in addition to providing financial help. Scholarship recipients build a sense of global interconnectedness and add to the college’s cultural diversity by getting involved in organizations, events, and activities on campus.

Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship (Amount & GPA Required)

Scholarships for a bachelor’s degree are provided to students who have completed their secondary or high school education and are not transfer students (i.e., have not attended a college or university or participated in Humber’s EAP program). The number of these scholarships is unlimited. High school graduates who achieve academic excellence are automatically awarded degree scholarships by Humber.

* Renewable scholarships will be reissued if the student achieves 80% or above in each year of the Bachelor’s degree.
$4,00095% or higher✅︎
$3,50090 – 94.9%✅︎
$3,00085 – 89.9%✅︎
$2,00080 – 84.9%✅︎
$1,50075 – 79.9%one time

Application and Selection Process

The September 2023 application period is already closed, and the top twenty applicants have been chosen and informed of their award status. To be eligible for the International Entrance Scholarships, prospective overseas students must go through a rigorous application and screening process. Humber College carefully considers academic achievements, extracurricular activity, and the potential for good contributions to the college community.

Alumni Success Stories

Numerous International Entrance Scholarship awardees go on to have remarkable success in both their academic and professional lives. The scholarship program acts as a stepping stone for international students, enabling them to make substantial contributions to their chosen disciplines after graduation.

Global Educational Impact

In addition to helping individual students, the Humber College International Entrance Scholarships also advance international education. Humber College actively supports the development of a globally aware workforce and the globalization of education by drawing and assisting bright minds from around the world.

Humber College 2024 International Entrance Scholarships Details

New students starting their Diploma and/or Advanced Diploma courses at Humber are eligible for an international entrance scholarship. For the first two semesters of study, this scholarship offers a CAD 2,000 reduction in tuition fees (CAD $1,000 per semester). Additional information about this scholarship is as follows:

Due to the limited number of scholarships available, Humber may take into consideration high school students who have shown academic achievement for the international entrance scholarship. However, the scholarships will only be given to the students with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA).

The high school transcripts that were obtained throughout the admissions evaluation process will be used by Humber’s admissions team to determine the GPA. For the International Entrance Scholarship, there is no need to submit a second application because eligible candidates get the prizes automatically once they start their studies.

There will be a total of twenty scholarships given to new students starting in September, fifteen scholarships given to new students starting in January, and five scholarships given to new students starting in May. Per every starting semester, each recipient must come from a different country. To clarify, the award can only be given to one student from one country in a single semester.

After the 10th day of classes, the award will be applied as a credit to the student’s MyHumber account in two installments of CAD 1,000. Both payments will be applied to the second semester. The scholarship recipient is still expected to pay the full sum for the first semester. Only successful recipients will be notified after the Day 10 of their 1st-semester studies.

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