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In Wuhan, China, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) is a shining example of inventiveness, academic brilliance, and cultural variety. Understanding the role that international cooperation will play in determining the direction of education, HUST has established a number of scholarships specifically for students from outside. These awards are intended to draw and assist deserving students from all over the world, promoting a lively and welcoming academic community.

HUST is a renowned scientific, technology, and engineering university. Its varied student body and cooperative research projects attest to its dedication to globalization. The scholarships that HUST offers are evidence of the university’s commitment to giving students from different backgrounds access to a top-notch education, promoting intercultural dialogue, and supporting academic achievement.

Here is what you need to know about HUST Scholarships 2024:


Scholarship for HUST “Belt and Road”

Supporting students from nations taking part in the Belt and Road Initiative is a priority for HUST. The goal of the “Belt and Road” Scholarship is to draw bright people from various countries to HUST in order to enrich the varied academic community. In addition to paying tuition, this scholarship offers a living stipend.

HUST Program: Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

International students at HUST are eligible for the Chinese Government Scholarship, which is managed by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). This esteemed fellowship helps deserving people pursue graduate, undergraduate, or doctorate degrees in a variety of fields. The scholarship includes full medical insurance, living expenses, housing, and tuition.

HUST Outstanding Scholarship for International Students

Recipients of this grant are distinguished overseas students who have excelled academically while attending HUST. Merit-based, the Excellent International Student Scholarship honors students for their accomplishments in extracurricular and academic pursuits.

President’s Scholarship at HUST

A few exceptional international students are given the highly competitive HUST President’s Scholarship each year. The recipients of this fellowship have demonstrated leadership abilities, excellent academic records, and research potential. Complete financial support, including living expenses, housing, and tuition, is offered by the President’s Scholarship.

Silk Road HUST Scholarship

HUST provides the Silk Road Scholarship to foreign students from nations along the historic Silk Road in an effort to build educational and cultural links along this historic trading route. The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage intercultural communication and cooperation. It provides a stipend for living expenses in addition to covering tuition.

Qualifications and Conditions

  • exceptional potential and success in the classroom.
  • Candidates seeking master’s degrees must be under 35 years old, have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • Candidates for PhD programs must be under 40 years old, have earned a master’s degree or higher;
  • Both ought to be on par with the degrees relating to Chinese studies.

Application and Admission Procedures

Application Period:

November 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024.

Step 1

Log in to the online application system at

Step 2

Choose a program, upload theAcademic Documents,complete and submit yourapplication.

Step 3

Take the Online Language Proficiency Test in the form of objective questions.

Step 4

Finish the payment of the application fee after passing the online Test.

Step 5

The application will be reviewed by the International Admission and Cooperation Office, SIE, HUST.

Close attention to the status of your application process and your email account is highly recommended.

Step 6

Applications will be evaluated by the school/department concerned.

Applicants that pass the evaluation will receive a Nomination Letter for Admission.

Step 7

Upload theNon-Academic Documents.

Step 8

The university will select scholarship candidates among the applicants, and nominate them to the relevant authority.

Step 9

The university will issue theAdmission NoticeandVisa Application Formto both scholarship winners and self-support students.


  • A letter from HUST indicating your nomination for admission to study there is called a Nomination Letter for Admission. The HUST International Admission Committee will make the final admission decision.
  • The uploaded files must be authentic, truthful, full, and unambiguous. Applications that are fraudulent or incomplete will be denied.
  • Please use the application system to verify the status of your admissions process and the tracking number for your admission package.

Tuition (CNY/Year)

ProgramsLanguage of InstructionEngineering, Science, Economics & ManagementLiterature & EducationMedicine
Master’s ProgramsChinese30,00025,00040,000
Doctoral ProgramsChinese42,00030,00050,000

Postgraduate Programs

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Latest News

At the conclusion of the 2023–2024 academic year, any student enrolled in the Presidential Amnesty Programme’s formal education onshore program who has a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of less than 2.5 would forfeit their scholarship.Fresh Angle International has learned.

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