Inlaks Scholarships

The desired and highly competitive Inlaks Scholarships are given to qualified Indian students who want to continue postgraduate studies at globally renowned colleges and universities. The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, a non-profit with the main objective of fostering excellence in a variety of sectors, including education, culture, and science, is the provider of the scholarships. It was founded in 1976.

Here are things you should know about Inlaks Scholarships


Eligibility criteria:

Indian citizens may apply for the Inlaks Scholarships if they have earned an undergraduate degree or an equivalent degree in any subject and have been accepted into a highly regarded university or institution in the US, UK, or Europe. Candidates must exhibit outstanding academic success, a proven track record of leadership, and a strong enthusiasm for the topic of that is their choice.

Study Subjects:

A broad range of academic fields are covered by the scholarships, including but not limited to the social sciences, natural sciences, business, humanities, and the arts. Scholars at Inlaks are free to select their fields of study according to their interests in both academia and the workforce.

Scholarship Amount:

Tuition, living expenses, and one-way flights are typically covered by the Inlaks Scholarship. The candidate’s financial demands and the location of their chosen college may have an impact on the precise amount provided.

Application Process:

The Inlaks Scholarship application process is rigorous and extremely competitive. A personal statement, comprehensive academic records, recommendation letters, and verification of admission to the selected university are required of all applicants. Interviews are a part of the selection process, as is a last interview with the foundation’s trustees.


The Inlaks Scholarship application process usually starts in December and ends in April of the following year. By the end of June, successful candidates are often notified.

Bond Requirement:

After completing their education, recipients of Inlaks Scholarships are usually anticipated to go back to India in order to support the development of the nation. It is expected that they will serve in India for a minimum of two years; however, the precise length of the scholarship may affect this criterion.

Alumni Network:

After joining at Inlaks, students join an elite collection of alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in their industries. Scholars can get useful connections and help from this network as they pursue work.

Inlaks Scholarships have a strong reputation for identifying and supporting exceptionally talented individuals who show great promise in their chosen fields. These scholarships have helped numerous Indian students fulfill their aspirations of pursuing higher education at top international institutions. The foundation’s commitment to fostering excellence in various domains has made the Inlaks Scholarships highly respected in the academic and professional community in India.

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Scholarships from Inlaks are highly sought after by Indian students who want to study abroad for their postgraduate degrees. The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation offers these scholarships to worthy individuals, giving them the vital financial support they need to pursue further education and broaden their horizons. In addition to giving financial support, Inlaks Scholarships are essential for promoting excellence. Recipients are usually distinguished academics who have demonstrated a strong devotion to their chosen fields of study and a solid record of academic performance. Therefore, these scholarships enhance India’s intellectual capital and future leadership while also empowering the scholars.

Inlaks Scholars join as well a renowned alumni network, which can be extremely helpful for the rest of their lives. With the help of this network, academics can work together, get coaching, and receive support in order to accomplish their objectives and leave a lasting impression on their fields. To sum up, Inlaks Scholarships serve as both a source of financial assistance and a stimulant for both professional and academic achievement, improving the educational environment in India and advancing the growth of the country.

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