Internship Program at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Internship Program at the International Monetary Fund (IMF): The Fund Internship Program (FIP) allows doctoral students to receive meaningful knowledge of the IMF’s integrated, member country-focused mandate and activities.

About the Award

Interns are allocated cutting-edge research in macroeconomics or a related topic (with the exception of an internship in the IMF’s Legal Department). It is also overseen by a colleague from the IMF. Interns are paid by the IMF to carry out and write research projects and papers under the supervision of experienced colleagues. Also, at the end of the internship, papers are routinely given to IMF employees, and those of the best quality may be published internally at the IMF.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Internship Program

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The host department’s research themes are developed from the IMF work program. Previous projects have covered a wide range of economic topics. The following are some of the 2016 and 2017 FIP study topics:

  • Effects of the European Central Bank’s unconventional monetary policies
  • Brazil’s evidence of preferential credit access
  • Credit Demand and Supply in the United States During the Recovery
  • Gender effects of foreign direct investment and portfolio investment
  • Inequality in the developing world
  • Stress testing with systemic risk amplifiers based on inferred networks
  • Examine the literature on BSA in the public sector.
  • Big data analytics in bond trading
  • Evaluating the consequences of the G20 financial regulation reforms after they have been implemented
  • Policy frameworks in low-income nations are being compared.
  • Measurement of third-party effects: spillovers

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  • Income polarization and technology
  • Climate change—a contribution to the October 2017 WEO’s analytical chapter
  • Commodity price shocks have a negative impact on financial stability in developing countries.
  • Investigate the non-linear effects of oil price shocks on economic growth (Kazakhstan).
  • Inequality, structural transformation, and a carbon tax
  • Italy’s consumption and wealth
  • Debt sustainability, repayment capacity, and other risk evaluations
  • Europe/Euro Area productivity and volatility
  • Overshooting or fundamentals in Sub-Saharan Africa’s financing costs?
  • Latin America’s Trade Integration
  • Gender disparity and macroeconomic and structural policy

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The curriculum also includes an internship at the IMF’s Legal Department. Only the most qualified candidates will be given research for the Legal Department and will be supervised by a senior department member. The Legal Department’s FIP has had the opportunity to execute the following tasks in prior years:

  • Insolvency of non-bank financial institutions research
  • The legal basis for capital restrictions in the European Economic Area is examined.
  • The IMF’s legal mandate in financial regulation is being investigated.
  • Comparisons of the success of AML/CFT measures among countries

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the FIP:

Ph.D. students

  • Must be a student and within one to two years of finishing a Ph.D. in macroeconomics or a comparable discipline (i.e. must be returning to university after the internship). Internships are typically sought by students interested in the IMF’s Economist Program after completing their Ph.D.
  • At the start of the internship, you must be under the age of 32.
  • Have a strong knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken.
  • Strong analytical, quantitative, and computer abilities are required.

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Master’s Degree Students

  • Have a strong knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken.
  • At the start of the internship, you must be a student (not yet graduated).
  • At the start of the internship, you must be under the age of 28.
  • Strong analytical, quantitative, and computer abilities are required.

Value of Award: IMF interns receive:

  • A competitive income
  • Round-trip restricted economy class air travel from their university to Washington, D.C.; and
  • Medical insurance coverage is limited.

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How to Apply

  • For a Ph.D. or Master’s student in macroeconomics, click here to enter the IMF’s job application portal, then enter 1701251 into the field titled “Job Number”.
  • The Legal Department Internship: candidates must be within one or two years of completing an LLM, J.D, or its equivalent advanced degree in law and must also be below the age of 32 years. To apply for this, click here to enter the IMF’s job application system, then enter 1701249  into the field titled “Job Number”.

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