Interstate batteries: what you need to know about them

Interstate Battery System of America, Inc., also known as Interstate Batteries, is a US-based business that sells and distributes batteries. Via independent distributors, it sells automobile batteries made by Brookfield Business Partners, Exide Technologies, and other companies. The business, which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, sells starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) batteries as well as batteries for motorcycles, lawn and garden equipment, marine/RV vehicles, and other applications. Almost 200,000 dealers receive batteries from the distributor network run by Interstate Batteries. Distributors are also present in Bermuda, Bolivia, Canada, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the United States of America. They also run more than 200 corporate- and franchise-owned retail locations.

Interstate batteries

Well, in this article, we’ll be looking at interstate batteries. Nevertheless, we’ll be discussing the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the history of interstate batteries?
  • Who makes interstate batteries?
  • What are the types of interstate batteries?
  • Are interstate batteries good?
  • What are the pros and cons of interstate batteries?

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What is the history of interstate batteries?

In the Dallas/Fort Worth region, John Searcy started supplying wholesalers with automobile batteries out of the back of his red Studebaker pickup truck in the spring of 1950. After two years, Searcy established his new business, named it Interstate Battery System in honor of the country’s newly constructed interstate highway system. John Searcy retired in 1978 and left the business under Chairman and President Norm Miller’s direction.

The company’s growth was maintained by Norm Miller, and by the 1980s, Interstate Batteries had distributors in each of the 50 US states as well as in Canada. They also developed the Interstate Batteries Great American Race during that time, which for 13 years featured a cross-country rally that lasted two weeks. This paved the way for more marketing strategies, including running national TV commercials, sponsoring champions, and placing advertisements on the Paul Harvey news radio show.

While Tommy Miller, Norm’s brother, took over as president and CEO of Interstate Batteries in 1990, Norm remained chairman of the board. Interstate Batteries thus got quite interested in NASCAR. In 1992, Interstate Batteries became the team’s primary sponsor. That year, coach Joe Gibbs’ new Winston Cup squad won the competition. [1] Carlos Sepulveda was named president and CEO in March 2004. He oversaw the business for almost a decade until departing in 2013 to join Triumph Bancorp Group. In 2013, Scott Miller, son of Norm Miller, was named president and CEO.

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Who makes interstate batteries?

Interstate batteries are made by the Interstate Battery System of America. The US is where this business is owned and run. Only a few partners, including Exide Technologies and Brookfield Business Partners, produce automotive batteries. Dallas, Texas serves as its corporate headquarters. Several different vendors individually distribute the batteries. Moreover, Interstate batteries are available in a range of configurations, whether they are used in a car, motorbike, maritime use, or home lawnmower. More than 200,000 dealers are connected to the distribution network. Several regions of the world, including Canada, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Bolivia, Bermuda, Guatemala, and more, also have distributors.

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What are the types of interstate batteries?

Here are the most common types of interstate batteries:

AGM Battery

This vikalp is loaded with acid and afterward sealed, making them appear spill-proof. As a result, this battery requires no maintenance, making these products simple to use. This battery’s principal uses are in Powersports due to its effectiveness.

MT Battery

The performance of this interstate non-AGM battery meets regulations and it can function well for vehicles and trucks in temperate areas.

MTP Battery

Being a non-AGM battery, this product line features designs that offer high-cranking performance in regions with cold to moderate climates. It’s interesting to note that these selections have the longest battery life.

Marine Battery

The items in this range appear to be the best option if you’re seeking a battery that can deep cycle and start-up. Once more, this battery has amazing longevity and is quite durable.

MTZ Battery

This MTZ Battery is a good option for the most recent model of your car because it has lasting power. Also, this is particularly advantageous for drivers who use DVD players, GPS units, phone chargers, and any other modern devices.

Marine RV

The majority of consumers consider this battery to be the finest for use outside since it offers comfort to users and the necessary power for high-demand electronics. The best interstate batteries, according to the majority of car owners, are:

  • AGM battery with 12 volts, 110 Ah, and no maintenance from Interstate.
  • 35 Ah Interstate 12-volt battery, suitable for use in smaller conventional automobiles.
  • Interstate 12-volt, 75 Ah, VVRLA-designed battery that appears to have spill evidence.

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Are interstate batteries good?

Interstate batteries

Interstate Batteries have close to perfect performance. When it comes to quality and durability, Interstate Battery offers some of the greatest batteries, so you can choose them if you’re concerned. Yet, interstate batteries are not that pricey despite having all these incredibly astonishing features. Additionally, this offers batteries made by leading companies like Exide and Brookfield. Interstate batteries continue to be one of the most popular replacement battery brands, despite the fact that many experts do not rank them at the top of their rankings.

Finding something bad to say about Interstate Batteries is hard. Overall, the business and its products have received nothing but positive reviews. The batteries are renowned for being of the highest quality and are available in a wide range of applications. The fact that no firm is perfect means that there is always something to be wary of. Yet, there are a few things to watch out for, such as a limited warranty and a poor customer service experience.

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What are the pros and cons of interstate batteries?

Here are the pros and cons:

Pros include:

Multiple Suppliers:

Whilst the decision to work with numerous suppliers rather than just one may be difficult to comprehend, the end result is in the best interest of the customer. The manufacturing and delivery of batteries are both expensive. Certain regions across the country wouldn’t receive the necessary equipment if only one supplier was chosen.

Although using a single source would assist to ensure consistency, Interstate Batteries doesn’t appear to have any problems because it only works with dependable vendors. As a result, there are numerous locations across the nation that can supply the batteries. The price is kept to a minimum due to a number of factors, and you can purchase batteries virtually any place.

Maximum Compatibility:

The goal of Interstate Batteries is not to produce only one kind of battery. There is a battery to suit almost any application rather than concentrating on a particular specialized market. You should be able to discover an Interstate Battery that fits properly, whether you need a car battery or to restart your lawnmower. Also, you won’t have to look hard for them because they are accessible at most retail outlets.

Dependable Construction:

Perhaps Interstate batteries are most recognized for their reliable and durable construction. Each battery is equipped with a robust shell that ensures it will withstand any jolts or bumps the automobile may experience. Not only that but the batteries are made with the utmost caution. Because of this, an Interstate Battery will have the longest potential lifespan.

Sealed Designs:

Today’s Interstate batteries frequently have sealed construction. As a result, you don’t need to worry about upkeep or adding any water. The battery is better able to retain a charge for a longer period of time with a sealed design. Moreover, the sealed battery is typically smaller. Also, these batteries can be mounted in a variety of ways, guaranteeing a precise fit each and every time.

Reasonable Price:

Despite all of these advantages, installing an Interstate Battery in your car won’t cost you a lot of money. As the price is comparable to most other batteries on the market, you may receive more battery power for your money. You probably won’t notice a significant difference between the Interstate battery choice for your car and the leading rivals. To determine which company would provide you with a better bargain, you should compare all of their specifications.

Cons include:

Short-term warranty:

Given how dependable Interstate batteries are, you may not care how long their warranties are. Yet there’s always a chance of a manufacturing flaw, so it’s crucial to get insurance to cover certain scenarios. Certain Interstate batteries have a shorter warranty period than some batteries from other manufacturers. This is something to think about if you don’t want to pay to replace a bad battery.

Issues with customer service:

You won’t frequently need to contact a battery company for assistance. It’s comforting to know that you will be treated with respect and dignity if you do have an issue, though. Customer service seems to be one of the primary complaints in evaluations of Interstate Batteries. You should also consider the fact that customer service appears to have significantly declined over the past few years.

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Is Interstate batteries a good brand?

The majority of Interstate Batteries customers are superbly satisfied with the products they buy from the company. The use of premium materials and the lengthy lifespan of the batteries guarantee excellent performance and dependability.

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How long do interstate batteries typically last?

An Interstate battery will typically last between three and six years. Interstate batteries are a premium brand that may last for a very long period with proper care. Despite this, there are other variables that can affect a battery’s lifespan, including how frequently it is used and maintained.

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Are Interstate batteries made in the USA?

Another well-known automobile battery brand made in Mexico is Interstate Batteries, sometimes referred to as marine batteries. Interstate Batteries, like the diehard brand, are one of the more expensive choices, but they are also high-quality, dependable batteries.

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What type of battery is interstate?

The Interstate Batteries MTX EFB battery offers performance that professionals rely on and comes with three-year insurance for automobiles and trucks that require an EFB battery.

Which brand is best for battery?

  • Exide Industries Ltd.
  • Lento Industries Pvt. ltd.
  • Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.
  • Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd.
  • Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Base Corporation Ltd.
  • HBL Power Systems Ltd.
  • Okaya Power Pvt. Ltd.

What brand of battery last longer?

Among the top performers are Energizer and Duracell, two of the costliest battery manufacturers.

Which battery has the shortest lifespan?

In the world of non-rechargeable batteries, carbon-zinc batteries are the unsightly stepchild. They are less expensive, but they also hold less, and in the past, their thin walls made them vulnerable to leaks. These batteries don’t even have a cycle life. 3 to 5 years is the shelf life.

What type of battery is most durable?

Bulky cylindrical cells are frequently used to package NiMH batteries, which can withstand 1000 discharges. These cells have a modest energy density of 70Wh/kg. On lithium-based batteries, compromises are also present.

Who is the best battery manufacturer in the world?

Tesla. A leading provider of green energy in the US is Tesla. Electric vehicles, battery energy storage, solar products, and other associated goods and services are all part of the company’s product portfolio. It is one of the top five battery manufacturers worldwide.

Who manufactures interstate batteries?

A US-based corporation that markets and distributes batteries is called Interstate Battery System of America, Inc., or Interstate Batteries. It distributes automobile batteries made by Brookfield Business Partners, Exide Technologies, and other manufacturers via independent distributors.

That is all for this article, where the answers to the following questions have been discussed:

  • What is the history of interstate batteries?
  • Who makes interstate batteries?
  • What are the types of interstate batteries?
  • Are interstate batteries good?
  • What are the pros and cons of interstate batteries?

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