Is it possible to get rid of Cell Phone Distraction?

A little convenience item has subtly changed into a significant imposition. The rising reliance on screens has been a worrisome phase for your life, perhaps more than you prefer to acknowledge, with cell phone distractions at bay. It wouldn’t be overstating things to say that this has reached the point of total addiction. I believe you can simply do away with some of these engagements, cutting down the time required to the absolute minimum, even if we recognize the vital function that screens play for multiple tasks. Consider the effects on your physiology, psychology, and society. It’s time to start using some hacks to stop this cell phone distraction because there is so much at stake and it affects people of all ages.

In this article, the possible ways that can be followed to get rid of cell phone distraction will be discussed.

Is it possible to get rid of Cell Phone Distractions?

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How to Get Rid of Cell Phone distraction

Avoid being too blatant here. We won’t inform you of things like reduced attention span, potential loneliness, and reduced eye health. Parents all across the world have started displaying the message on banners. These facts are therefore much more likely to be seen as “preaching” than otherwise. On the other hand, we are more worried about how your cell phones are possibly sapping your free time and, consequently, your creative potential. There should never be a compromise on that. It’s time for you to implement the pro tips that have been shown to work for people of all ages. Here, allow me to fire off the drastic, screen-shattering hacks that pass for Stages 3 Preparation and 4 Action in the fight against your addiction. The following are possible ways that can be followed to get rid of cell phone distraction:

  • Use an App to Monitor Your Daily Cell Phone Usage
  • Re-Subscribe to Your Hobbies
  • Make a promise to refrain from using social media platforms
  • Set your phone’s silent or do not disturb mode occasionally.
  • Make a realistic to-do list for the day without using any screens.
  • Where Are All Your Books and Magazines?
  • Go Serial Killer on Your Notifications
  • Get the Screen Glares Away an Hour Before Sleep
  • Go for a Black and White Mode
  • Be Ready for the Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Helpful Tip: Make the most of your smart speakers


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Use an App to Monitor Your Daily Cell Phone Usage

You probably have a few little “time thieves” on your cell phones crunching and eating away your valuable hours. Downloading usage track apps on phones is the easiest of the methods to use. Your phone’s overall usage as well as the hours you spend on social media platforms are monitored by either of these applications acting as a “personal trainer” or referee. When you first check the clock, be careful because the numbers might not be suitable for those with weak hearts. The following are phone apps for both Android and IOS Platform that can be used in tracking and monitoring the usage of cell phones:

  • PhoneUsage Tracker.
  • QualityTime – My Digital Diet.
  • Social Fever App Usage Tracker.
  • Stay Focused – App Block (Control Phone Addiction).
  • YourHour – Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller.

Re-Subscribe to Your Hobbies

Your growing distance from your activities is the price you pay for being distracted by your cell phone. You lose touch with the origins of your passions as you pass the time with screen-related activities.

So, the following are important steps you must take:

  • Make a list of your hobbies.
  • Use sticky notes or your headboard to display it.
  • Initiate your hobbies slowly.
  • Divide the time you spend on your phones and with your hobby into manageable goals.

The attachment to the screen will ultimately disappear after you renew your high school love.

Make a promise to refrain from using social media platforms

When was the last time you ate or went out with friends without snapping a photo and adding a hashtag on Instagram? How frequently do you snicker while you go through your Facebook feed or utter the word “aww” when watching footage of cute animals? We make lots of assumptions!

The statistics support what we believe. According to the World Economic Forum, Gen Z spends 2 hours 55 minutes and Millennials 2 hours 38 minutes per day on social media sites, respectively.  Furthermore, you would be wrong if you believed that Covid-19 just altered e-commerce.  Unfortunately, the recent pandemic situation has pushed you closer to your screens because of the lockdown and social isolation it entailed.

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Set your phone’s silent or do not disturb mode occasionally

Recognize the importance of introspection or “me” time before using this trick. Your cell phone’s many ringtones and music are allures that will steal hours from your day. While it’s polite to keep your phone quiet during meals or business meetings, doing so at other times only shows that you’re putting yourself first. This will enable you to resume your old routines and steer clear of technical mazes.

Make a realistic to-do list for the day without using any screens

How frequently do we reward ourselves for a job well done at work? Maybe some pizza or ice cream? Why not use your cell phone as a distraction in the same way? The only thing you need to do is:

  • Before going to bed at night, sit down and make a daily to-do list.
  • Make sure the list of activities includes as little screen time as possible.
  • Finish the tasks on the list, and then reward yourself by looking through social media.

Where Are All Your Books and Magazines?

You can ask people in your generation about the allure of physical books and how relaxing it is to turn the pages while holding a cup of hot coffee. That allure has long since been lost thanks to Kindles, iPads, and tablets. However, we advise you to try this reconnection if you’re searching and determined to get away from this distraction. Reading actual, tangible books rather than reading on a screen can make you feel more grounded and rekindle yet another interest that will be crucial in your personal development. So, clear the cobwebs from your bookcase and give your imagination a treat.

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Go Serial Killer on Your Notifications

Don’t misunderstand us! Please do that even though we aren’t asking you to go full Ted Bundy on your notifications. Listen to us before you go into full panic mode. Your sneaky apps constantly remind you of their existence with small tempting notifications. The occasional notification is appreciated, but if the phone rings every five minutes, it can become highly distracting. What is the best course of action? Disable notifications, even if just for a few hours. The ability to focus on your current task without being interrupted will then be yours, and you may enjoy checking your notifications whenever you like.

Get the Screen Glares Away an Hour Before Sleep

What is the most convincing justification you can think of for keeping your phone on your nightstand?

Let me take a guess. Alarm? Stop making excuses; your alarm clock will do just fine! You won’t have “quick access” to your screen right before bedtime, either. Harsh, huh? You will notice a sudden, significant difference in your daily schedule if you follow through. You won’t start your day by scrolling through social media if your phone isn’t within arm’s reach of your bed.

Go for a Black and White Mode

The most recent advancement in mobile phone display technology is called OLED, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode. The color contrast in this panel is too alluring, promising better black themes and fantastic pixel vistas. However, it is this color-coding that attracts and keeps you connected to your cell phones for a longer period. The best course of action for people looking to put an end to cell phone distraction is to choose grayscale. Because of this, the screen is much less appealing to look at.

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Recently, many phones have “bedtime mode” that turns the device off and into grayscale. Social media sites instantly lose their allure when the color is removed from your phone. If you need an example, consider the memory Dump area from Pixar’s Inside Out.

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Be Ready for the Withdrawal Symptoms

Similar to any addiction, using a cell phone for entertainment causes withdrawal symptoms (learn about nomophobia, or the “no mobile phone” phobia). Although leaving your phone at home may seem like a daring decision, the consequences are certain to include agitations, distractions, worry, and angst.

Staying away from cell phones is very stressful because they have become the symbol of connectivity. Additionally, researchers have gone so far as to claim that Pavlovian conditioning is to blame for obsessive cell phone use. You are compelled to check your phone because the sound of the notification somehow suggests that exciting news is on the way, and if the notice lives up to your expectations, dopamine is released into your system. Your anxiety will undoubtedly increase as a result of that dopamine release. Therefore, get ready for that!

Helpful Tip: Make the most of your smart speakers

Do you recognize the attractive grey device that greets you and updates you on the weather? Your smart speakers are playing with Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google? When you’re attempting to put your cell phone away as a distraction, they can be quite the acquaintance. You can always rely on screen-less technology given that you require the assistance of your phones to carry out daily chores. This will make it easier to keep the smartphone out of your hands for an extended amount of time.

In summary

The “hair band technique” is a tried-and-true method for deterring scrolling thumbs. You might be reminded that you can accomplish much more with those opposable thumbs of yours after reading the many posts posted on the website or our social media pages. That is all for this article, where the possible ways to get rid of cell phone distraction are discussed.

I hope you learn a lot from the reading, if so, kindly share with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!