Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship 23/24

Jiangsu University is pleased to present the Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship, a prestigious program that aims to identify and elevate the academic excellence of deserving applicants in a range of subject areas. This scholarship program is a ray of hope, providing assistance to outstanding graduates, undergraduates, and language learners who demonstrate a dedication to quality education. Jiangsu University aims to improve the educational experience for its students and have a positive impact on the global landscape of knowledge and understanding by cultivating a varied and inclusive community.

Here is what you need to know about Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship 23/24:


Scholarship Divisions

Undergraduate Scholarships:


For foreign applicants wishing to enroll in Jiangsu University’s undergraduate programs.


Academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and extracurricular accomplishments.
Benefits include a stipend to cover living expenses and a remission of the tuition charge.

Scholarships for Graduates


outstanding foreign applicants to Jiangsu University’s master’s and doctorate programs.


distinction in scholarship, promise for future research, and service to the academic community.


reimbursement for all or part of the cost of tuition, assistance with housing, and a living allowance.

Language Scholarships for Students


Jiangsu University offers language courses to international students.


Increased language ability, a commitment to learning, and a willingness to engage in cross-cultural dialogue.


Reduced tuition costs and increased funding for initiatives promoting cultural inclusion.

Procedure for Application

The general procedures listed below can be used by prospective students to apply for the Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship:

Choose Your Course

Select a Jiangsu University undergraduate, graduate, or language program that meets your requirements.

Prepare the necessary paperwork

Collect the following materials: a personal statement, recommendation letters, academic transcripts, and any other materials listed in the scholarship application instructions.

Fill out the Online Application form

Before the deadline, submit your application using the official Jiangsu University scholarship webpage.

Evaluation and Picking

Applications will be evaluated by a scholarship committee based on recommendations from letters of recommendation, personal statements, and academic achievements.

interview, if necessary

To determine whether a shortlisted candidate is qualified for the scholarship, an interview may be extended to them.


The scholarship winner, together with information about the benefits and any further criteria, will be notified.

Benefits of the Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship

Financial Assistance

The scholarship lessens the financial strain on students by providing funding to pay living expenditures, housing costs, and tuition.

Academic Accomplishment

Recipients of the award are acknowledged for their outstanding contributions to the university community as well as their academic achievements.

Opportunities for Cultural Exchange

The scholarship program encourages students to participate in global networking and cultural exchange activities by fostering an inclusive and diverse atmosphere.

Qualifications for Scholarships at Jiangsu University

  • Candidates for the bachelor’s degree must be between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Applicants for master’s degrees must be under thirty years old.
  • Candidates for the PhD program ought to be younger than forty years old.
  • Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals and have a current passport.
  • Candidates must meet Jiangsu University’s minimal academic standards and exhibit strong academic achievement.
  • The admission exam for international students applying to undergraduate programs consists of math, physics, chemistry, and English (subjects may vary).
  • Applicants for master’s and doctoral programs will undergo a thorough academic review (once they are selected).

Qualifications for the President Scholarship at Jiangsu University

  • Certified copies of your academic records and degree certificate.
  • A scanned image of your passport’s information page that is still valid after more than six months.
  • Verification of the financial status of your family.
  • A thoughtful study schedule.
  • A certification of your English language proficiency from your former school.
  • A Foreigner Student Physical Examination Form was completed.
  • Two authentic letters of recommendation.
  • A suggestion for research.

Latest News

In contrast to most international scholarships, the JSU Presidential Scholarship Review differs slightly in that applicants must pass a qualifying exam covering math, chemistry, physics, and English in order to be considered for an undergrad scholarship at Jiangsu University. If you wish to be considered for admission to an MS or PhD program, however, an academic review of your publications, patents, or research proposal will be undertaken.

Application Deadline for JSU President Scholarship

The deadline to apply for the Presidential Scholarship is 31 July 2023.

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