Killam Fellowships Program 2024/2025

The Killam Fellowships Program allows exceptional undergraduate students from institutions in Canada and the United States to spend one semester or a full academic year as exchange students in other nations. Students can choose to take part in the program as self-placed visiting students (applying, registering, and paying host tuition fees at the host university) or as direct exchange students (registering at their home university, paying their home fees, and attending the host university as an exchange visitor). Here are things to know:


Key Features

Scope and Eligibility

The Killam Fellowships Program is open to both American and Canadian students, encouraging reciprocal exchange between the two countries. Undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, engineering, and interdisciplinary studies, are eligible to apply.

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Canadian citizenship
  • Full-time undergraduate student in good academic standing
  • Students must be in second-year standing or higher at the time of application
  • Students who transferred to Carleton must have completed at least one (1) full academic year of studies at Carleton at the time of application
  • Students must have enough credits remaining in their degree to study full-time at the partner institution
  • Be fluent in the English language
  • Minimum overall CGPA of 10.0

Value and Duration

The Killam Fellowships Program provides a $6,000 US cash grant for a one-semester exchange ($12,000 US for the academic year) as well as a health benefit plan. Each fall, the Foundation hosts all new Killam Fellows at an Orientation program in Ottawa, and each spring, at a seminar in Washington, D.C. Furthermore, any Fellow may submit an application for a mobility grant up to a maximum of $800. The purpose of the mobility project is to enable students to go on educational field trips, giving the Fellows a deeper comprehension of the host nation’s culture.

Research Focus

The program supports a broad range of research endeavors, enabling fellows to engage in cutting-edge projects across disciplines. From humanities to sciences, Killam Fellows have the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from diverse academic environments, fostering intellectual growth.

America & Canada University Partners

American University PartnersCanadian University Partners
American UniversityAcadia University
Arizona State UniversityBrock University
Bridgewater State UniversityCarleton University
Clemson UniversityDalhousie University
Florida Polytechnic UniversityMcGill University
Ithaca CollegeMcMaster University
Miami Dade CollegeMemorial University of Newfoundland
Smith CollegeMount Allison University
State University of New York College at PlattsburghQueen’s University
University of California at IrvineSaint Mary’s University
University of Hawaiʻi at MānoaUniversité de Montréal
University of MaineUniversité Laval
University of Texas at AustinUniversity of Alberta
University of VirginiaUniversity of Calgary
University of WashingtonUniversity of Ottawa
Wellesley CollegeUniversity of Prince Edward Island
University of Toronto
University of Victoria
Western University
York University

Killam Fellowships Program Application Process

Killam Fellowships Program 2024/2025

Competitive Selection

Academic excellence, research potential, and a demonstrated dedication to cross-cultural understanding are all valued in the application process. A thorough application that includes academic records, recommendation letters, and a clearly stated research project or study plan is expected of all applicants.

Bilateral Exchange

The Killam Fellowships Program is unique in that it places a strong focus on bilateral exchange. In addition to being fully integrated into the academic community of their host university, fellows share their viewpoints and experiences, which facilitates cross-cultural learning.


Each year, August marks the start of the Killam competition. The application must be sent in by January 31st (for the open competition) or by your institution’s internal deadline (in the case of the direct exchange). The application process is for placement in the next academic year’s fall or spring.

2024/2025 Kilam Fellowship Deadline

January 31, 2024, is the deadline for the 2024–25 Killam Fellowships open competition. In order to find out when your school’s internal competition ends, we strongly advise students who are enrolled at one of the partner institutions and intend to apply to the direct exchange program to get in touch with a study abroad advisor. There are internal deadlines at each partner institution. Please speak with the appropriate representatives at your own university.

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Cross-Border Collaboration

Academic Enrichment

Killam Fellows benefit from exposure to diverse academic perspectives, methodologies, and approaches in their host institutions. This cross-border collaboration enhances their academic and research skills, fostering a deeper understanding of global issues.

Cultural Immersion

In addition to academic pursuits, the program encourages cultural immersion. Killam Fellows have the opportunity to engage with the local community, participate in extracurricular activities, and develop a nuanced appreciation for the cultural contexts of their host countries.

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Alumni Network and Impact

Community of Scholars

The Killam Fellows Program fosters a lively community of scholars that lasts beyond the fellowship period. Alumni frequently stay in touch, exchanging ideas, working together on research initiatives, and supporting the program’s continuous success.

Leadership and Advocacy

Numerous recipients of the Killam Fellowship go on to become influential figures in their industries, promoting global cooperation and strengthening ties between the US and Canada. Their experiences as Killam Fellows led to a broader awareness of the significance of cross-cultural exchange.

Continued Engagement

Promotion of International Understanding

The Killam Trusts, through the fellowship program, actively contribute to the promotion of international understanding and collaboration. By supporting outstanding students, the program reinforces the value of cross-border academic engagement and its role in addressing global challenges.

Support for Future Leaders

Killam Fellows often go on to become leaders in academia, industry, government, and non-profit sectors. Their experiences as fellows provide a foundation for continued contributions to their respective fields and a commitment to fostering international cooperation.

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