leadership speaking skills

Leadership Speaking Skills: How to Improve it

For a leader, speaking skills are expected to be excellent. Anyone can take on a leadership role, but to be a true leader, one needs to have good leadership skills, One of those skills is leadership speaking skills. Speaking like a leader isn’t just sounding like one. Leadership speaking skills range of important communication skills, from how you listen to how you inspire the listeners. Well, in this article, we’ll be discussing How to improve leadership speaking skills.

leadership speaking skills

So, let’s dive in!


How to improve leadership speaking skills

  • Preparation
  • Prastice.
  • Active listening.
  • Understand body language.
  • Show confidence.
  • Adaptive communicative style.
  • Promote feedback and engagement.
  • Motivate effectively.


Prior preparation prevents unexpected events and poor performance. After reflecting on or researching what you want to say, prepare your speech. In the beginning, the leader should understand the challenges and opportunities that the audience is facing, and also consider the audience in terms of how they might think, feel, or act differently.


Most leaders are time-poor, and many have somebody else prepare a slide deck, but practicing is still important. When preparing for public speaking, a leader should practice visualizing the audience and connecting with them, and practice identifying the key message for each slide. If need be, he should find a story that depicts his point of view.

Active listening

A great leader can listen and hear what his audience has to say. Being a great speaker and overall communicator starts with being a great listener, and it’s important that leaders actively and genuinely listen to those they lead to be able to effectively do their job. Active and effective listening gives leaders the knowledge and perspective to be open to feedback, new ideas, and learning opportunities.

Understand body language

For leaders, improving their body language to become more effective communicators and leaders is essential. Part of being a great leader is inspiring and motivating others and getting the message across. To do so, warm and accepting body language while speaking is key. It’s also an important communication skill for leaders to be able to read other people’s body language.

Show confidence

Confidence is one of the most important qualities of a great leader. A bad message delivered with confidence is more persuasive than a good message delivered timidly. If confidence is still lacking, then some coaching on executive presence is a must to prevent the leader from losing credibility.

Adaptive communicative style

One of the most effective speaking skills a leader can learn is how to adapt their style from one person to an audience to communicate effectively with all. When one can learn how to connect with someone on an individual level as well as the team as a whole through their speaking, impactful leadership is created.

Promote feedback and engagement

Creating a space where others can speak freely, share opinions, and give feedback is also important when it comes to leadership speaking. This not only helps build a stronger relationship between the leader and team members but also helps increase productivity, ingenuity, and effectiveness in reaching organizational goals more seamlessly. Great leaders should be actively encouraging others to speak up, engage, contribute, and provide feedback for the group and the leader.

Why leaders need leadership speaking skills

  • Improving relationship.
  • With a clear message, a leader can unite people.
  • Promote positive change.
  • Increase follower admiration.

Improving relationship

Because of a leader’s ability to effectively communicate and gain visibility, his name will come up when others are looking for someone to lead new opportunities and projects. By speaking publicly, a leader will also be seen as trustworthy and able to perform under pressure.

With a clear message, a leader can unite people

With the ability to communicate effectively, a leader can unite his people. A leader should lay a firm foundation and a clear message in order to help his presentation send a clear message. Learning how to filter a topic for your audience will enable you to deliver a narrative that focuses your communication.

Promote positive change

Change is inevitable in an organization, and a leader with excellent leadership speaking skills can help change positively. The more people a leader can connect with, the more change he can implement. People are more likely to be influenced by a person speaking in front of them than by an email. So imagine the change you can drive with powerful public speaking skills when all those people gather together in a single audience.

Increase follower admiration

Communication skills are seen as the most important for leaders. People respond best to leaders they can connect with on a human level. If you learn how to be passionate and vulnerable at the right moments, you help others relate to you.


Great leadership starts with great speaking. Being able to speak effectively and truly communicate with team members is how one becomes a true leader of people and creates effective and lasting connections and impact within an organization. With the right intention and practice, leaders can master public speaking and become more confident and competent communicators. With the right combination of knowledge, preparation, and passion, a leader can become an inspiring and motivating speaker who will be remembered for years.

That’s all for this article, where we discussed Leadership Speaking Skills: How to Improve Leadership Speaking Skills. Hope it was helpful. If so, kindly share. Thanks for reading.


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