A patio heater enables year-round enjoyment of the backyard. To help you select the finest patio heater for your needs, we tested the top models. It’s time to start enjoying the backyard with family and friends once more now that summer is just around the corner. You can utilize an outdoor patio heater to make the most of your porch, deck, or patio. You don’t have to stay inside on cold nights! Radiant heat from the best patio heaters warms you up. The time is right now to start your search for a patio heater. There are currently seasonal discounts available.

best outdoor patio heaters

Well, in this article, we’ll be listing the best outdoor patio heaters you should be considering during the summertime. Also note that this is not a sponsored post and that all the outdoor patio heaters listed below are based on the best, top-performing one’s on the industrial market.

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Best outdoor patio heaters

The following is a list of the best outdoor patio heaters you should be considering:

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Hiland HLDS01-GTCB

Hiland HLDS01-GTCB

This outdoor patio heater from Hiland is one of the best. It has a more contemporary appearance than a regular patio heater or a commercial patio heater due to its pyramid design and glass tube that runs along the middle of the stainless-steel heater. It is quite entertaining to watch the flame continuously rise up through the glass tube, much like gazing at a bonfire. It also radiates heat.

You can observe an average temperature increase of 4.59 degrees if you look at all the points we measured that was within four feet. A change of 7.49 degrees is observed within two feet of the pyramid heater when all spots are averaged. The average temperature increase generated by this outdoor heater inside a foot was 11.72 degrees, which is the highest average ever measured.

The straightforward control system on the Hiland makes heating effortless every time. This model’s weight plus the fact that it has wheels make it less maneuverable than some others as a portable patio heater; sliding the glass tube on a hard surface like concrete is unnerving. The safety guards will unset if you try to carry it. The door’s hinges had already begun to bend as well.

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AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-SSxxx

AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-SSxxx

One of the most potent propane patio heaters we evaluated is also one of the easiest to find, has solid safety measures, and stands out from similar competition thanks to customer support. The propane-powered AZ Patio heater HLDS01-SSxxx generates 48,000 BTUs, which is more than nine times the heat output of an electric patio heater.

Therefore, if you want a heater with unmatched heating power, choose this mushroom-shaped model. Additionally, the company offers extensive nationwide distribution and top-notch customer support. AZ Patio Heaters has you covered whether you’re worried about assembly or you need to replace the inevitable damaged part a few years down the road.

The HLDS01-SSxxx is comparable to many other propane heaters in the mushroom type (including variants only available at Lowe’s and Home Depot), but the HLDS01-WCGT has a more distinctly identifiable ignition mechanism. When you’re blatantly playing with fire, this kind of conscientious safety precaution can be essential.

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XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU Premium Floor Standing Propane Gas Patio Heater

XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU Premium Floor Standing Propane Gas Patio Heater

The model 96054 by XtremePowerUS is one of the greatest patio heaters (as well as the least expensive and top-performing). The maximum BTU rating for this heater is 48,000, and it shows. A temperature increase of 7.51 degrees is observed across all readings taken within two feet of the heater. It is 4.78 degrees warmer than ambient in all readings within four feet. This conventional heater consists of a base, a pole, a heating element, and a saucer above for reflection.

This variant has a base that rises up to reach the propane tank rather than an access door like many of the other types. Although it has wheels to make movement easier, we feel that traditional type pole heaters balance well and are light and portable. This is the least-priced device we tested at $165, but bear in mind that the warranty is far less generous. This heater only has a 30-day limited warranty after purchase, unlike many others that have a one-year warranty.

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Amazon Basics Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels

Amazon Basics Outdoor Propane Patio Heater with Wheels

For people who prefer to enjoy the outdoors all year round, this potent patio heater from Amazon may turn your outside area into a comfortable haven. Although it is a basic model, it is not a cheap one, according to the tester. This choice is ideal for heating a sizable outdoor patio or deck because it has a 46,000 BTU output and a nine-foot heat field. The tester claims that using this device while sitting in the chilly outdoors can be worth its weight in gold.

Additionally, it has an easy ignition button, an ETL certification, and an automated tilt shut-off valve. The initial setup was difficult and required more than two hours, even though the patio heater worked effectively during the testing period. The tester also comments, “The instructions were alright, but there were a few typos, and the pictures were grainy and difficult to follow.” “They also didn’t appear to completely match the parts. Having said that, as soon as we were done setting it up, it began to function.

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AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-GTxx

AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-GTxx

Another common propane design is glass-tube (or pyramid-style) heaters, and our favorite is the AZ Patio Heaters HLDS01-GTxx. While the captivating glass-tube flame on this pyramid-shaped propane heater doesn’t exactly disperse the heat as evenly as our top picks, it does add to the atmosphere. (40,000 BTUs, as opposed to 48,000). Instead of blasting heat out of the top of the heater and redirecting it downward, this variant traps the heat inside a vertical glass tube. (Where the people are).

Whether you’re standing or sitting, the centrally located heat source gives a comfortable, even level of warmth. Additionally, it’s very interesting to see the flame dance inside the glass tube. The HLDS01-GTxx shares the same broad availability and dependable customer service from AZ Patio Heaters as its mushroom-topped counterpart, the HLDS01-WCGT.

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Arlmont & Co. Triplett Propane Patio Heater

Arlmont & Co. Triplett Propane Patio Heater

Throughout the testing period, this stylish, propane-powered patio heater exhibited outstanding performance. The tester says, “The materials feel like they will last a long time.” This patio heater radiates a respectable quantity of heat all around it and has a very upscale appearance. It has wheels, straps for the propane tank, an automated tip-over shut-off, and a fitting cover.

Just press the ignition button to start the heater, and flames will appear in the innermost confined tube immediately, according to the tester. Even at a distance of four feet, the test participant could still feel the heat coming from the tower, which radiates heat from all directions.

Overall, the setup was simple, but the person who tested it had trouble getting the screws to line up with the pre-drilled holes. then ultimately had to drill the holes to allow for the screws, and then utilized a step ladder to get to the top of the tower. Choose a different patio heater from our list if you want a simple installation that requires no additional tools.

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Cambridge CCL031-BR

Cambridge CCL031-BR

On the basis of appearance alone, the Cambridge propane patio heater stands out in this category. It has a glass tube structure comparable to the Hiland type and is the shortest, standing at only 6 feet tall. The device feels more durable than some of its rivals, and the mesh guard covering the heating body remained in place as it was being moved and tested.

It is lightweight, portable, and will require less storage space in the summer. As you might expect from a 34,000 BTU heater, this freestanding patio heater didn’t perform as well as some of the others. This heater, which costs $447, is only worthwhile if you value appearance, durability, and size over performance and heat production.

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Some other best outdoor patio heaters

Hampton Bay 48000 BTU Stainless Steel Patio Heater

Sunjoy Avanti Outdoor Portable Propane Heater

Frontgate Commercial Patio Heater

Thermo Tiki Outdoor Propane Patio Heater

Living Accents Pyramid Stainless Steel Patio Heater

EnerG+ Infrared Electric Patio Heater

Dr. Infrared Outdoor Patio Heater

East Oak Patio Heater

Briza Infrared Patio Heater

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Patio heaters FAQs

What is the most efficient type of outdoor heater?

Forced Air Heat. The majority of outdoor heaters emit infrared heat. Infrared heat only warms what it directly contacts, making it perfect for windy conditions. As a result, the heat produced is far more effective because it is not lost to the surrounding air.

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Do outdoor patio heaters really work?

Patio heaters are a reliable way to provide warmth in any outdoor space. They warm outdoor areas like decks, terraces, patios, gardens, and porches using radiant heat.

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Where should you not use a patio heater?

Outdoor propane heaters and portable patio heaters are acceptable for outdoor use, but they should never be used indoors or in enclosed places.

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Which is a better fire pit or a patio heater?

Firepits produce a small circle of warmth that is perfect for toasting munchies and warming freezing hands. Instead, think about a patio heater if you require a large area of warmth. Fire pits require extra caution, just like any live fire, so use your best judgment. Leaping sparks may be mitigated by mesh covers.

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Which type of heater uses less electricity?

The cost of operating one of these electric heaters is roughly one-third that of a heat pump. They function similarly to a refrigerator or air conditioners.

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How do I choose an outdoor heater?

The number of BTUs required to heat your patio will depend on its size. (Heat is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs). Using the options on the left rail of the patio heaters page, you can shop by BTU. Remember that watts are the unit of measurement for electric heat.

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Why buy a patio heater?

Outdoor heaters make it possible to entertain guests, work outside, or simply relax with a glass of something seasonal in the fresh air. They can be used to warm up a tiny shed, a large patio, or any other outdoor space. A gas heater or an electric infrared heater are both options.

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Why do people use patio heaters?

You want to make the most of your favorite area in the house when the weather is cool. A nice patio heater can help with that. The money spent on patio heaters is worthwhile. Patio heaters give you the ability to manage the heat for a nice ambiance outside rather than utilizing cumbersome space heaters, live fire, or multiple firepits.

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How can I make my patio heater more efficient?

Energy-saving Tip: To help the heat spread and reduce the need for consistent high heat output, set up your outside ceiling fans to rotate clockwise in the winter when using patio heaters for your outdoor customers.

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Which is hotter gas or electric patio heater?

These heaters do provide a lot more heat thanks to the natural gas’s combustion. They work well in larger spaces because they can quickly heat the area around them. If you want to heat up a sizable space or utilize the heater in really chilly climates, you should go with a gas patio heater.

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What is the best form of heater?

If you need to heat a space rapidly, radiant heaters are better. A convection heater, on the other hand, is a great option if you want to heat an entire room in your house. Combination heaters are hard to beat if you want a warmer that can withstand frequent usage and damage.

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How powerful should a patio heater be?

It is typical to need a greater wattage heater, typically between 2000W and 2970W, if you are trying to heat a large area with many people. On the other hand, the much lower energy output is required in a small area with plenty of people, preferably about 1500W.

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That is all for this article, where we listed and discussed the best outdoor patio heaters you should be considering during the summertime. I hope it was helpful. If so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading: see you around!