Best Jigsaw

Lists of Best Jigsaw

Jigsaws are strong machines used to cut contours, forms, and bevels into a range of materials, including fiberglass, metal, and wood. Many serious DIYers rely on the tool because it can produce exact cuts that other power saws can’t. Jigsaws, like other power tools, come in a range of styles to accommodate different homeowners’ needs and tastes.

The jigsaw, an electric saw with a blade that plunges vertically, is frequently overlooked. True, it can be a little challenging to master and isn’t as strong or quick as a circular saw. But knowledgeable carpenters, woodworkers, metalworkers, and even do-it-yourselfers know to grab one of these powerful instruments to make a variety of cutting tasks a breeze.

Best Jigsaw

Well, in this article, I’ll be listing the best jigsaw you should be considering for your project. Note that this is not a sponsored post, all the jigsaws listed below are based on the top-performing ones in today’s industrial market and as experienced by users.

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Best Jigsaw

The followings listed below are the lists of best Jigsaw you should be considering:

  • BLACK+DECKER 5.0-Amp Jigsaw
  • Ryobi PBLJS01B jigsaw
  • Milwaukee D-Handle Jigsaw
  • RIGID R8832B Jigsaw
  • Bosch Variable-Speed Jigsaw
  • Milwaukee 2737B-20 Jigsaw
  • BLACK+DECKER 20-Volt MAX Jigsaw

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BLACK+DECKER 5.0-Amp Jigsaw

BLACK+DECKER 5.0-Amp Jigsaw

This BLACK+DECKER corded jigsaw has a five-amp motor that can produce up to 3,000 strokes per minute (SPM). Moreover, the tool has an adjustable saw orbit that enables homeowners to change the orbital setting of the blade to regulate the aggressiveness and precision of each cut. The jigsaw also has special settings and a beveling shoe for cutting angles in any direction.

Customers expressed their satisfaction with the jigsaw’s usability and praised elements like its tool-free blade changing and ergonomic handle. Other favorable reviews praised the jigsaw’s high-caliber performance at a reasonable cost. Negative reviews complained about the jigsaw’s lack of a trigger lock, which stops the blade from moving while engaged.

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Ryobi PBLJS01B jigsaw

Ryobi PBLJS01B jigsaw

Since there are so many Ryobi 18-volt batteries accessible, many people already have one in their toolbox, which some DIYers would view negatively. A bare tool can be purchased for less money and won’t accumulate extra chargers. The Ryobi PBLJS01B is one of the most reasonably priced brushless jigsaws available; as a result, the digital motor within is more effective at drawing energy from the battery and can operate for approximately 80% longer on a single lithium-ion battery.

It should accommodate a variety of users because the handle is roomier than the other beginner saws we tested. The high-end speed of 3,400 strokes per minute is fairly close to the fastest tools evaluated, and the 1-inch stroke length equals the priciest saws in our test group. Also, DIYers will probably value the fact that the tool stands upright on its battery rather than resting on its side, which could result in the blade scratching surfaces.

The Ryboi appeared swift and nimble during the cut tests, but when set to maximum orbital, it had a significant amount of chip out at 90 degrees. Also, it was harder to detect the cut line since sawdust appeared to collect exactly at the blade.

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Milwaukee D-Handle Jigsaw

Milwaukee D-Handle Jigsaw

With a single charge, this Milwaukee jigsaw can provide results that last for a long time and employs an intelligent battery that collaborates with the tool and its charger to prevent overload. Moreover, a brushless motor is used in this tool, extending battery life and enhancing product longevity by adjusting speed and power output in response to load needs. The jigsaw also provides customizable cuts thanks to its variable speed settings.

Good comments centered on the power output of the jigsaw, which users claimed made it simple to use and accurate. The jigsaw’s battery, which is compatible with Milwaukee’s Fuel range of equipment, received more positive reviews. Customers who expressed concern that the jigsaw they had purchased was a refurbished item contributed the majority of the negative evaluations.

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RIGID R8832B Jigsaw

RIGID R8832B Jigsaw

Although the Ridgid R8832B’s specifications are quite comparable to those of the Ryobi, its 3,500 strokes per minute speed makes it slightly quicker. Yet despite having some chips out, this saw tore through the test materials in accordance with that number. For making non-decorative cuts, such as completing the inside corner of a 90-degree cut started with a circular saw, that speed is very helpful. It appeared as though nothing could stop this saw at both 90 and 45 degrees.

The Ridgid’s Line Start option, which functions as a soft or slower start, is one very great feature. This allows the blade’s teeth to incise the material and form the cut line before the saw rips at top speed. Although the saw is a little heavy, there isn’t much to dislike about this design.

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Bosch Variable-Speed Jigsaw

Bosch Variable-Speed Jigsaw

This BOSCH jigsaw’s distinctive barrel-grip design makes it precise, manageable, and excellent for cutting soft metal and wood. The jigsaw easily produces perfect cuts thanks to a handy tool-free blade replacement system and a strong, seven-amp engine. A four-setting orbital adjuster on the jigsaw also enables users to switch between gentle and vigorous cutting.

Customers who were happy with the product gushed about how powerful it was and how easily it sliced through various materials. The barrel grip of the jigsaw, which many consumers claimed was uncomfortable and challenging to handle, was the main focus of negative reviews.

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Milwaukee 2737B-20 Jigsaw

Milwaukee 2737B-20 Jigsaw

Before adding the battery, the Milwaukee 2737B-20 weighs more than 4.5 pounds and is almost 12 inches long, but it’s a powerful saw with both brown and brains. Thanks to the innovation of electronics, the brushless saw has a power equivalent to a 7-amp corded tool and cuts faster than every corded saw in our test group. This allows the blade to spin at 3,500 strokes per minute at a full 1-inch depth, enabling the saw to efficiently cut through virtually any material all day long.

The variable speed dial has a useful feature that assists the user in aligning the start of a cut, lowering the speed to concentrate on accuracy without having the tool bounce around; it then senses the load and automatically adjusts the cutting speed. The saw cut fast and forcefully during our tests, almost pushing itself through the work. Also, it had excellent blade visibility. Warning: Although both lefties and righties can easily reach the power switch, it does require a 1-second hold to turn off the power, which takes some getting used to.

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The blade, battery, and charger for this battery-operated jigsaw are included, giving you all the equipment, you need to finish your upcoming project. Using its variable-speed trigger and bevel shoe, which enables users to produce 45-degree cuts in both directions, this cordless jigsaw delivers personalized cutting. Also, the jigsaw’s built-in dust blower aids in keeping your workspace tidy.

Customers praised the product’s effectiveness and power at a reasonable price, and positive evaluations tended to focus on the product’s good value. Several unfavorable reviews bemoaned the jigsaw’s battery, with some claiming it couldn’t retain a charge and others lamenting that it stopped working after only a little period of use.

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Some Other Lists of Best Jigsaw

The followings are some other lists of best jigsaws you should be considering:

DEWALT 20-Volt Max XR Jigsaw

Makita 4329K Top Handle Jig Saw

Bosch Barrel-Grip Jigsaw Kit JS572EBK

PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw 6.0-Amp (PCE345)



Jigsaw FAQs

Which is the better jigsaw?

Nowadays, the best jigsaw you can buy is the DeWalt DCS334B. The DeWalt DCS334B is a jigsaw that is mostly made of metal and metal alloys, as opposed to other jigsaws in this guide which are mostly made of plastic components. It was only 0.1 pounds heavier than most of its rivals despite having a better build quality.

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What to look for when buying a jigsaw?

Here are a few questions to answer when buying a jigsaw.

  • How Many Strokes Per Minute?
  • How Many Amps?
  • Corded or Cordless?
  • What Is the Stroke Length?
  • Straight or Orbital Cutting Action?
  • T-Shank or U-Shank Blades?
  • Any Extras?

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What is the difference between an orbital jigsaw and a regular jigsaw?

An orbital action unit powers its blade in an elliptical cycle, in contrast to a regular jigsaw, which merely moves its blade up and down. This indicates that it slightly slides the blade forward on the upstroke and slightly backward on the downstroke.

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What are the two main types of the jigsaw?

Below are the Common Types of jigsaws

  • Straight-Reciprocating Jigsaws. The first type is straight-reciprocating jigsaws.
  • Orbital-Reciprocating Jigsaws. The second type is orbital-reciprocating jigsaws, which have a slightly forward motion to their blade stroke.
  • Scroll saws. Another type is table-top jigsaws, called scroll saws.

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What is the hardest jigsaw?

A domestic jigsaw typically uses 350 to 700 watts of power; however, a professional jigsaw can use up to 1500 watts of power. A jigsaw’s power, however, cannot be less than 700 watts. It is advised to consider both power and the maximum cutting depth.

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What is the best wattage for a jigsaw?

Jigsaws have a small blade that is joined to the tool’s body by a spring-loaded clamp at the front and are best used to cut forms and curves in wood.

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What is a jigsaw best used for?

Jigsaws are most effective for cutting hardwood up to 3/4 in. thick and softwood no thicker than 1-1/2 in. When cutting curves in heavier boards, jigsaw blades frequently flex, leaving a beveled edge as opposed to a square one.

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How thick can a jigsaw cut?

The jigsaw may be used to cut a range of materials, including wood, particleboard, plywood, plastic, metal, and even ceramic tile, in both straight and curved directions. It’s also secure and simple to operate, which is why new DIYers frequently purchase it as their first power saw.

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That is all for this article, where the lists of best jigsaws are been discussed. I hope it was helpful, if so, kindly share it with others. Thanks for reading, see you around!